Wesley McNeese
Wesley McNeese 23 timmar sedan
What happens to the old battery when it's time for a new one?
Msd Tpt
Msd Tpt Dag sedan
Good for China and Bad for the so called world's powerful countries.
M B Dag sedan
Most entertaining car reviewer in the world - Clarkson! I’d love to see it driven off-road on a steep incline over undulations. Will it slide back down in wet weather with all the battery weight?
San Dag sedan
So what you are saying it, it is slower then a Plaid Model S. Meh..
electron0002 Dag sedan
Reminds me of the final destination..lol
iziegsx Dag sedan
Tesla Model S Plaid Plus has entered the chat...
YEJ W Dag sedan
When is this coming out
Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes Dag sedan
More power !
dont-want-no-wrench Dag sedan
ok half-a-romeo is pretty good
Lilly White
Lilly White Dag sedan
This is China 🇨🇳👍
Lilly White
Lilly White Dag sedan
There is a pit on the road not far from my home. No one has repaired it for about 5 years, and it has been reported several times. My car passes through this pit almost every day, especially when it is getting bigger and bigger😓😓😓 I live the town not much change since I moved in, but roads are not getting better, getting worsened ☹️😒I don’t know what is UK government doing???
TheTekknician Dag sedan
Naturally the "bustiest" lawyer had to sit up front.
Gabriel Giannattasio
Gabriel Giannattasio Dag sedan
So much drama for a car slower than Model S Plaid
Andy Lord
Andy Lord Dag sedan
As a guy with a bigger than average dink, it can totally be too big. Like, I don't have a giant porn sized peen, it's a bit bigger than average. I've had several partners say no, too big. With my current partner, I'm restricted in some positions because it's "too deep". When I was much younger it took 3 tries to take my highschool gf's virginity. Other than some misplaced bragging rights, there's no good reason to want a big dink.
puneeth TITAN
puneeth TITAN Dag sedan
It me or she looks like captain marvel
W Dag sedan
I made the same mistake with a john Deere riding mower.
Bhawna Mehta
Bhawna Mehta Dag sedan
Chinese are inspirational. Very hard working. India should learn from them instead of hating them.
Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper Dag sedan
oh, poor Jimny :-D
Ishtiaque Khan
Ishtiaque Khan Dag sedan
He's the David Attenborough of cars
Charles Kline
Charles Kline Dag sedan
Holy shit that Rimac is fast
H4144 Dag sedan
I'm very close to coming out. 🤨
Vicosmoïse Dag sedan
That car/boat is a giant brake 😆
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname Dag sedan
What Model was the Blue ohne with on roof cockpit?
Andrew Granda
Andrew Granda Dag sedan
You know this whole segment started out with , "Why isnt there a jet engine floaty car? I mean how hard can it be...?"🤣 🤣 🤣
Gone 4 good
Gone 4 good Dag sedan
Doesn't this remind you about another high powered floatation device they've done in the past? 🤣🤣🤣
Flying KubiX
Flying KubiX Dag sedan
Czy są tu jacyś Polacy?
Charles Kline
Charles Kline Dag sedan
These guys are funny as hell
Young Freezy
Young Freezy Dag sedan
What episode is this from??
Charles Kline
Charles Kline Dag sedan
Wow I never seen anything so fast 😂🤣
Matthew Meditz
Matthew Meditz Dag sedan
Lol hammond stays the same
Redd Bloxx
Redd Bloxx Dag sedan
Fun fact: Rimac is a Croatian company.
Carlos CEO of REDLINEQUICKSHIFT - youtube Channel
Carlos CEO of REDLINEQUICKSHIFT - youtube Channel Dag sedan
05:06 best part
Avetho Plays
Avetho Plays Dag sedan
I'm just looking at that hull and internally crying at its drag profile. Then there's the fact the jet engine is pointing its thrust downwards at the water itself, pushing the water away from the back of the boat causing a vacuum effect that is increasing the drag, then there's the fact the jet engine is blasting its thrust out the back as thrust rather than being a turboshaft and driving a propeller which would use that power far more effectively, in fact the large military vessels that used to use jet engines and hydrofoils to go at higher speeds like 50 knots used engines with their peak thrust as static thrust (high bypass like a 747 turbofan), not an engine designed to reach peak thrust at very high airspeeds (low bypass like an F-22 afterburning turbofan), there's a reason they use afterburners or water injection on launch, its to boost the thrust to allow for rapid takeoff. Oh no, I just realized this, I'm starting to sound like James May at the end there, listing everything wrong with the car XD
Bigred130 Dag sedan
China🤣? I'd rather ride a horse
Mark K
Mark K Dag sedan
“Last of the Summer Wine” with vehicles. Someone must have noticed this. Not a criticism- Great show.
Aranbious Dag sedan
"It costs 1.15 million" tesla roadster and plaid model s: buy us instead
SaucelessBones Dag sedan
Today we are cooking cristam meth
CLIPPED Dag sedan
Funniest thing was when Clarkson asked how many male sheep does he need for 80 female sheep. The answer 2. 1 male sheep will impregnate 40 female sheep 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
askel douglas
askel douglas Dag sedan
100% I agree we are . I tell you as a British black man , Britain is too slow ,they got to wake up I tell ,they cannot see the future . Forget 10 downing street .London could be booming and now would be out of work ,i am tell you .i was homeless twice live on the street of London with just the clothes on my back years a go .but what i learn it will blow your mind .but i keep quiet .i only like talking to real people.
Jason Creech
Jason Creech Dag sedan
Such an enjoyable show to watch. No one will compare to you three.
stratman Dag sedan
you see Abbys all over the place when in france....it's terrifying.....especially when she's heading your way, overtaking in a blind corner in the south of france....believe me i've been there.....
RoseOfHizaki Dag sedan
The clutch on the Renault must have been so hot after being driven like that, that it probably burnt a hole through the bottom of the car.
Soh Suzuki
Soh Suzuki Dag sedan
They are come back!! I was waiting for this time. I looking forward to their adventure. I love Jeremy, James and Hammond.😁 Thanks for The Ground Tour and Amazon's staff!!
DisabledTurtle7 Dag sedan
The rimac sounds like a printer
JagFan1 Dag sedan
You'll give BLM more ideas this way.
Mr Swollentip
Mr Swollentip Dag sedan
Cannot wait to see this ! Best show in history ! No questions asked as Jeremy would say
Damian Dag sedan
Suzuki jimny 😂
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza Dag sedan
That EV hyper car looks worth it. Imagine crashing and burning and still making video in 2021 about cars.
Jonathan Burrows
Jonathan Burrows Dag sedan
He was about to draw a di** then he caught himself on 😆
Papa C
Papa C Dag sedan
well done guys a nice bit of science it proves why Orangutans havnt taken over world because thay dont understand drag and fluid dynamics. id be happy design somethink for you if you make Hamster drive/fly it.
Lew H
Lew H Dag sedan
what's Abbey's instagram?
Kingdom Cat
Kingdom Cat Dag sedan
Bex is HOT 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in case no one noticed