Manuqtix Manuqtix
Manuqtix Manuqtix 15 timmar sedan
How long will it last 😂
Cap'n Slipp
Cap'n Slipp 15 timmar sedan
China’s roadways look like my Cities: Skylines cities.
Frank Baird
Frank Baird 15 timmar sedan
Is everyone OK?! What happened to the car? Best,
Vicary 16 timmar sedan
Audi big time looser company
Vicary 16 timmar sedan
Everyone loves Tesla
Haven Peck
Haven Peck 16 timmar sedan
Did he draw a dix
Neo2266 16 timmar sedan
Better call Trump!
Mr Da Vinci
Mr Da Vinci 16 timmar sedan
Camera guy sucks
Badescu Andi
Badescu Andi 16 timmar sedan
What You think about top gear new show?
Doctor_9 16 timmar sedan
The cinematography, narration and overall atmosphere of this reminds me so much of the good old days. I'm so glad they're still going, it's the kind of thing I like to watch.
Pramesh Dhakal
Pramesh Dhakal 16 timmar sedan
1:04 Well that was some drawing right there.
Bernd Arndt
Bernd Arndt 16 timmar sedan
How did he miss that the car has a hand break before he started to drive?
POL AND 16 timmar sedan
Rimac wow
Seniplat Gaming
Seniplat Gaming 16 timmar sedan
I never even knew it had a Celebration Mode! Elon is a genius.
Badescu Andi
Badescu Andi 16 timmar sedan
Try to rewiev the new Dacia Logan
Badescu Andi
Badescu Andi 16 timmar sedan
I miss old top gear show s say hello from Romania 🇷🇴🇷🇴
Özgür 16 timmar sedan
all done with western money.
townstar1 16 timmar sedan
Top Gear to Rimac: Hello, here´s Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson on the phone. Rimac: Hello, what´s happening? Top Gear: Can you build a new concept one for us? Rimac: ..........
Andrew McKenzie
Andrew McKenzie 16 timmar sedan
No city is complete without a bust of Kim Jong Clarkson!
Azuwlaa 16 timmar sedan
1:03 man of culture.
Vlad Odobleja
Vlad Odobleja 16 timmar sedan
"I will draw something nice" He literally draws a dick :)))
mt wight
mt wight 16 timmar sedan
Good thing the Special Forces guy didn't push Jeremy into an icy pool this time.
Throwiez 16 timmar sedan
Oh. That’s the punchline? I was still waiting then the outro played 😂
Vengance Studio
Vengance Studio 16 timmar sedan
big and obnoxious ..... this Tesla was designed for Clarkson
Invertedinfo 16 timmar sedan
Well… those wars in the Middle East really showing it’s fruits…tony blair and little bush.. there thought process let’s take down 2 buildings (3 that day) and f***up Iraq for you know who…that’s why you’re doomed
Timurs Sņetkovs
Timurs Sņetkovs 16 timmar sedan
Audi is outdated. They don't do engines anymore.
Niska Magnusson
Niska Magnusson 17 timmar sedan
anyone else want to play this with me? you'll be funding it of course.
G 12
G 12 17 timmar sedan
Can someone tell me Which episode is this
StevieB8363 17 timmar sedan
"If I pull this lever twice, I get a bong." ^^^ Now you're talking! Elon is sharing the joy of legalised weed!
ebling mis
ebling mis 17 timmar sedan
who the hell is "Ricardo Hammand-eh"
McR07 17 timmar sedan
_Ammon, you he-deot!_
MRecke7 17 timmar sedan
damn american... what's so difficult to understand that you can't drive w/o a licence
LENGEND khan 17 timmar sedan
Balji 17 timmar sedan
1:05 Sorry, I hate my mind, Grandpa! 😁😁
David Handley
David Handley 17 timmar sedan
Two and a half minutes of silliness. Love it!
Richard Capricho
Richard Capricho 17 timmar sedan
How I missed the Good Old but Gold TopGear...
E A 17 timmar sedan
this feels like gta 6 trailer
Military Gamer83
Military Gamer83 17 timmar sedan
What gets me is on TV when a crash happens the cameras turn off or away but if it happens on a Dash Cam the police want it for evidence to see how it happens.
STNB One 17 timmar sedan
I would like to see that
Philip Freeman
Philip Freeman 17 timmar sedan
Those batteries REALLY burn .
Graham Walkingshaw
Graham Walkingshaw 17 timmar sedan
Taking car advice from someone that can't drive 🤦
Graham Walkingshaw
Graham Walkingshaw 17 timmar sedan
Should he be driving he seems to crash the cars alot
Jimjim 17 timmar sedan
Даниил Степанов
Даниил Степанов 17 timmar sedan
Fun Fact about Samsung - Samsung already have a car/automobile line/brand. Even a Truck Brand. Light car line - based on Renault car line, if i not mistaken. And yes - they already have EV-vehicles.
Hal 9000
Hal 9000 17 timmar sedan
It’s ok until it’s starts storming & becomes a coffin.
EDC 17 timmar sedan
i died when the first thing jeremy does when pulling out the sketch pad, a 61 year old man, is draw a penis.
Taikina 17 timmar sedan
"how hard it can be?" -Jeremy clarkson
Victor Tarimo
Victor Tarimo 17 timmar sedan
China is not just taking over , it have already did man
Matt Bolt
Matt Bolt 17 timmar sedan
They keep over-enunciating to the point that they sound like parodies of themselves. That's partly why it isn't as good.
RightPushBack 17 timmar sedan
america is doomed too
Omar Sen
Omar Sen 17 timmar sedan
Fuck electronic cars tho
Among Us
Among Us 17 timmar sedan
'Cause baby, there ain't no mountain high enough...Ain't no valley low enough!
RightPushBack 17 timmar sedan
keep buying chinese ....lol
Amateur Driver
Amateur Driver 18 timmar sedan
That was fun!
annabanna666 18 timmar sedan
na fucked that i dont care how fast it is if it has no manual gearbox with clutch ill never ever ever buy one ever
Muhammad Adnan
Muhammad Adnan 18 timmar sedan
Fake Video
Le Typ
Le Typ 18 timmar sedan
0:03 ... anyone noticed the license plate?! 🤣
mdb123 18 timmar sedan
Sixty years ago, they predicted self-driving cars would be a reality. So they were right after all.
Bax Bax
Bax Bax 18 timmar sedan
Umm, more practical? Since when was white leather practical?
Johan Johansson
Johan Johansson 18 timmar sedan
100% true...
N M 18 timmar sedan
great car. you can pick up the kids from school faster that an Audi R8. Not to mention that with an Audi R8 you cannot pick up the kids from school at all! :D
Aj Ferreira
Aj Ferreira 18 timmar sedan
“Or I could turn it into a scratch pad and draw...” *draws penis*
Jamie lee Griffiths
Jamie lee Griffiths 18 timmar sedan
Jeremy looked like he wanted to shoot himself talking to the lawyers 🤣😂💀
direzza1 18 timmar sedan
WTF. Ok next time it can fly.
Silver Moonlight
Silver Moonlight 18 timmar sedan
He drew a knob
Max M. K
Max M. K 18 timmar sedan
The west paid for this by shopping in all this discount stores. Buying and buying...... the 🇺🇸is falling apart. Let's build more walmart stores to keep the masses happy.
XRP Money
XRP Money 18 timmar sedan
The price is ludicrous but at least the roof stayed on this one.
Religion is Poisonous
Religion is Poisonous 18 timmar sedan
I’ll give it 5 years, just like the Chinese glass bridge 🤣🤣🤣