The Truth About my Son
Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates
Nether 5461
Nether 5461 2 timmar sedan
This is squirrel got talent
• Lily Opiana • quit
• Lily Opiana • quit 2 timmar sedan
L Lee
L Lee 2 timmar sedan
Mr beast: pathetic
Juustin Kanava
Juustin Kanava 2 timmar sedan
I Like how he used child labour
ben10peanut 2 timmar sedan
The third person that opened it it was so funny 😂
Jett Rink
Jett Rink 2 timmar sedan
Hey your victims are Joe Biden supporters.
D ROC 2 timmar sedan
You should of made your robot mimic the kicking technique of professional kickers.... would of been so much better.
rushi butley
rushi butley 2 timmar sedan
Was thus goal achieved?
Baxter Teagle
Baxter Teagle 2 timmar sedan
I am autistic myself and you making this video helps me explain it to other people
codeHawk official
codeHawk official 2 timmar sedan
Hamster Cult
Hamster Cult 2 timmar sedan
My science teacher went to the same university but she graduated in 2000 and you graduated i n 2004
PHYSICS 4 U 3 timmar sedan
Where can I find this music (From 3:41 to 4:03) ? Anyone?
Mr Alpaca
Mr Alpaca 3 timmar sedan
Victorious Gaming
Victorious Gaming 3 timmar sedan
Mark we need 4.0
Riker Koempel
Riker Koempel 3 timmar sedan
No one noticed the shirt in the very last scene??
AshYam 3 timmar sedan
it's like hydraulics but with sound
Will Walch
Will Walch 3 timmar sedan
8:17 sheeeeeesh
kuch lyheng
kuch lyheng 3 timmar sedan
Hi 8year
Carter the best fornite player
Carter the best fornite player 3 timmar sedan
mark Rober barin iq 9999
Amer Hak
Amer Hak 4 timmar sedan
-AstroFloofX- 4 timmar sedan
your son is a special and loving person :) I think people with autism are just the best they can be very funny and very nice, etc ♥︎
Sonya World
Sonya World 4 timmar sedan
Mind blowing 👍
RenoFred RenoFred
RenoFred RenoFred 4 timmar sedan
Mark, You should be using Carolina ReaperChili Powder! Not glitter.
Ian White
Ian White 4 timmar sedan
You should put it up this year as well to see how they do
Ryan-man 4 timmar sedan
Way to go guy's!
Kitty cat
Kitty cat 4 timmar sedan
Why does he only make 12 vids a year
Prodawg 2 timmar sedan
Because he cares about quality and has a life
Nate Yee
Nate Yee 4 timmar sedan
dinner with Mark and Mr.Beast would be awesome, I would ask them if we could become friends for life.
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 4 timmar sedan
As a person with kidney and heart problems low the sodium levels and I'll switch to a plant based diet. Literally 1 pattie from beyond meat is will over 500mg of sodium.
Fox Fairy Art AJ
Fox Fairy Art AJ 4 timmar sedan
omg im tearing up and even one thumbs down on this video makes me disappointed and mad.
Train the Lame
Train the Lame 4 timmar sedan
Me knowing that there are only 7.5B people in the world: big brain
Mr. meteor
Mr. meteor 4 timmar sedan
16:20 yeet
Prejudiced Pizza
Prejudiced Pizza 4 timmar sedan
You. Are. A. Hero. Hats off to everyone that was involved in the process of stopping these b*st*rds.
Tan D.
Tan D. 4 timmar sedan
After the 84 yard the assistant just fell to the ground , so hilarious!
Canadian CSW Media
Canadian CSW Media 4 timmar sedan
Wait so does anyone know what the Devils Toothpaste recipe is or is it forever a mystery?
Ellen 4 timmar sedan
I want the egg cracker!!!
3C-01- Agastya Rusli
3C-01- Agastya Rusli 4 timmar sedan
i think i go to india i bring 10 people and raid one of the ofice if i can find one
g̴̖̽l̶̺͒i̶͈͘t̶͙̐c̸̲͐h̷̖̔ Videos
g̴̖̽l̶̺͒i̶͈͘t̶͙̐c̸̲͐h̷̖̔ Videos 5 timmar sedan
But the in the end the true reward is you had fun Well I mean you did get scammed but you had fun
Fred Zhang
Fred Zhang 5 timmar sedan
Mark rober: The goal is 1 million Also Mark Rober: The goal is 2 million
Fred Zhang
Fred Zhang 5 timmar sedan
Most of the people in the show I don't know
Jesslyn Felicia
Jesslyn Felicia 5 timmar sedan
My Friends dead because experiment shark
GemGaming 5 timmar sedan
I just love watching these 😂 This is the third video by you that Im watching on these
Koala boy Gaming
Koala boy Gaming 5 timmar sedan
14t time watching this video and it’s still entertaining!
Gaming with CW
Gaming with CW 5 timmar sedan
I just think this guy is just so awesome
That Baconz
That Baconz 5 timmar sedan
me to i have this i felel like im normal and not you and i try to be better tehn other ppl
Cale McLaughlin
Cale McLaughlin 5 timmar sedan
bonanawww 0:37
Randy Ordonez
Randy Ordonez 5 timmar sedan
I love what you do.
Cats_arethebest 5 timmar sedan
Ok so we have plant burgers and bbq. BUT WHERE ARE MY PLANT PIZZA ROLLS
David DJ Magic Nangle
David DJ Magic Nangle 5 timmar sedan
I can imagine Elon musk and mark rober being best friends
Tenley Sloboda
Tenley Sloboda 5 timmar sedan
Omg I love him so much🥰😍
RougeJet 3421
RougeJet 3421 5 timmar sedan
How far can u kick a todler?
Rodrigo Castillo
Rodrigo Castillo 5 timmar sedan
the angular momentum conservation of squirrels is straight up gold :)
Tenley Sloboda
Tenley Sloboda 5 timmar sedan
Yaaaaaaaaa not one of your best ideas mark 😐
Paula Croxford
Paula Croxford 5 timmar sedan
I like the music so I repeat it
David Leppek
David Leppek 5 timmar sedan
Thank you
Sml songz
Sml songz 5 timmar sedan
kitty cat farts
kitty cat farts 5 timmar sedan
Omg i lurnd dis in mu since class today for rell
Rapscally Shorts
Rapscally Shorts 5 timmar sedan
Yongyong Ji
Yongyong Ji 5 timmar sedan
Do A Gun
Chris Kroeker
Chris Kroeker 6 timmar sedan
Gelatin is made from connective tissues, such as skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones from pigs and cows. Watching this video with that in mind (especially because it’s red) is kind of gruesome.
David Iskowitz
David Iskowitz 6 timmar sedan
1:00 look at the donations counter
KERRIE STEINERT 6 timmar sedan
Shiuli Mukherjee
Shiuli Mukherjee 6 timmar sedan
18M now
Courtney Alexis
Courtney Alexis 6 timmar sedan
I sent this to my science teacher 😌
Jeremey Bohannon
Jeremey Bohannon 6 timmar sedan
Hey mark your son is like me the way that both of us have autism
Taleah Rogers
Taleah Rogers 6 timmar sedan
I can't watch th8s
360_YT09 6 timmar sedan
William is an and mark rober the collab we didn’t ask for but always wanted
sammie hilton
sammie hilton 6 timmar sedan
"what kind of mother*** would ship that" I blame the school system
J G 6 timmar sedan
15 k thumbs down, scammers every one of them hahaha
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat 6 timmar sedan
That's jive u trust someone and they dogged u out but I got him so that's awesome
daniel navarro
daniel navarro 6 timmar sedan
i guessed May 26 , 2006 on a friday and i didn't skip because i didn't know that you were gonna ask him another date
Kai-jin Ng
Kai-jin Ng 6 timmar sedan
0:11 the egg cracked perfectly with the music wow
Ezra talkington
Ezra talkington 6 timmar sedan
Is that the Santa cruise beach boardwalk
Brayden Munroe
Brayden Munroe 6 timmar sedan
I thought these comments were gonna be rude af