Shark vs. GoPro
8 dagar sedan
The Truth About my Son
3 månader sedan
Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates
Chocolate's games
Chocolate's games 19 timmar sedan
me vibing to the PVZ music
Cubic Pro Max
Cubic Pro Max 19 timmar sedan
Omg i live in Edmonton ( where the University of Alberta is )
Geno 19 timmar sedan
this was the perfect video, everyone watched it. my dad watched it my mom watched it everyone watched this video
Dxb Bred
Dxb Bred 19 timmar sedan
Shark's just trying to get it's 15 minutes of fame
Haleigh Pelletier
Haleigh Pelletier 19 timmar sedan
No wonder his jokes ore like dad jokes
Porter Chesebro
Porter Chesebro 19 timmar sedan
We “decided” to come back up. THEY ARE LITERALLY RUNNING OUT OF AIR.
Grayson Morehouse
Grayson Morehouse 19 timmar sedan
1000$$$ sent
Enchanted Fox
Enchanted Fox 19 timmar sedan
You are awesome!!!! Your like a modern day Robin Hood.
Skywurs 19 timmar sedan
Why is science actually fun now
Edwin Floreshernandez
Edwin Floreshernandez 19 timmar sedan
Where does he get these ideas
LDiablo 19 timmar sedan
He’s fricking Sherlock homes
WilloG916 19 timmar sedan
30?lol.. its not that rigged.
Christian Betancurt
Christian Betancurt 19 timmar sedan
Lmao notice how it says 51 billion but we are only 7 billion
Kyle Kemp
Kyle Kemp 19 timmar sedan
Imagine Mark Rober being your science teacher
Scott Nope
Scott Nope 19 timmar sedan
"it's a scarce resource." How big is your house and TVs?
Doris Perez
Doris Perez 19 timmar sedan
I love it
Shobana A
Shobana A 19 timmar sedan
James 20 timmar sedan
yeah it did
MFG Noah
MFG Noah 20 timmar sedan
Demi Green
Demi Green 20 timmar sedan
Gk Hnkjb
Ethan The Gamer
Ethan The Gamer 20 timmar sedan
8:48 this was almost perfect
GUX512 20 timmar sedan
Me: sand is solid Mark: yesn’t
Logan hodge
Logan hodge 20 timmar sedan
my teacher said she could do this and are hands got stuck
Logan hodge
Logan hodge 20 timmar sedan
i love this guys vids
Evxr 20 timmar sedan
balls in ezone
Fear the Shadow
Fear the Shadow 20 timmar sedan
Mark Rober Predicted the pandemic
MrFortnite 20 timmar sedan
At 5:03 it’s like he says to 20 kids do you guys want eggs for breakfast
suspectisresistant 20 timmar sedan
you and chrisfix can be brothers
some random dude who likes ants
some random dude who likes ants 20 timmar sedan
adam landau
adam landau 20 timmar sedan
Who cleans all this?! Rofl
miguel cash
miguel cash 20 timmar sedan
hamza shakir
hamza shakir 20 timmar sedan
Those lemons look perfect to me
Kayla Raffa
Kayla Raffa 20 timmar sedan
What do you do this mark
Kevin Quintero
Kevin Quintero 20 timmar sedan
and i am broke
Marcsalloum fun
Marcsalloum fun 20 timmar sedan
Your sun's smile made my day and my day sucked and if u see this tell ur sun we support him and hope for him the best
Kevin Quintero
Kevin Quintero 20 timmar sedan
and i will not have the things to make stuff
Big Pig
Big Pig 20 timmar sedan
I’m still waiting for 2021’s version.
Sayente Vanderham
Sayente Vanderham 20 timmar sedan
Not every farmer are bad
Techo Butt
Techo Butt 20 timmar sedan
Lovely ❤❤❤❤
Kevin Quintero
Kevin Quintero 20 timmar sedan
yooo mark pls sell that because i need it
Johanne Vermeer
Johanne Vermeer 20 timmar sedan
Carnival cuaght on 4k tho
Johanne Vermeer
Johanne Vermeer 20 timmar sedan
Think how much a carnival will hate this guy
George Mauricio
George Mauricio 20 timmar sedan
Every time I watch your videos I get the same “I wanna be like him when I grow up” feeling
Mohamed Elsayed
Mohamed Elsayed 20 timmar sedan
Urban Assassin
Urban Assassin 20 timmar sedan
10:51 Mark -“I want to thank bill and Melinda gates for partnering up with me” Me - ya they ain’t partnering up ever again lol
Ann Erickson
Ann Erickson 20 timmar sedan
Also you can throw a deadly card with a rubber band
Mock mick mike LOL
Mock mick mike LOL 21 timme sedan
lian derzi
lian derzi 21 timme sedan
your my favorite SEcycler
Yahli Dan
Yahli Dan 21 timme sedan
normal person when he doesn't know the answer to something: *searches it online* Mark Rober:
Some Music
Some Music 21 timme sedan
Theres only 7 billion people on earth
Dota Awesome Plays
Dota Awesome Plays 21 timme sedan
But the way he throws the fish tho
Stxrloops 21 timme sedan
So we not gonna talk about how they put urine in the water-
Josh Haycock13
Josh Haycock13 21 timme sedan
"if you have no skill, these games are for you." me: opens ears up ready to hear what I need to go on next time
Candice 21 timme sedan
If we could see everyones germs i would have no friends.. nothing would really change anyway
Toni's RC
Toni's RC 21 timme sedan
Neighbor: are you guys ok? "Yeah! We we're just trying out our water guns!" *akward silence*
CrazyFalcon 21 timme sedan
He gives me responsible Tony stark vibes
hexagon8899 21 timme sedan
my school did one on a school trip. i just did a parachute
Ryan Khosravi
Ryan Khosravi 21 timme sedan
Did anybody notice the Rick Astley singing never gonna give you up at 18:49? I think we got rick rolled
The Monster Jack
The Monster Jack 21 timme sedan
Plants vs zombie pool music
Creason the Gaming Creeper
Creason the Gaming Creeper 21 timme sedan
dangit, i wanted to know the devil's toothpaste mixture
Random Comments
Random Comments 21 timme sedan
you could tell that Lincoln was so not impressed but because it was going on youtube, he still was like “wow, that’s so cool!” reminds me of how you act when grandma buys you socks for Christmas.
Matthew Strand
Matthew Strand 21 timme sedan
why did gary open that package?
doggo 21 timme sedan
yo these are actually accurate unlike something else *cough cough elite dart cough*
W.E.A.P.O.N.R.Y 21 timme sedan
Matpat would be proud.
DGS Viewing
DGS Viewing 21 timme sedan
S Ca
S Ca 21 timme sedan
does this guy remind anyone of jesse waters?
Roplex Youtube
Roplex Youtube 21 timme sedan
Stefania Zepernick
Stefania Zepernick 21 timme sedan
after waching this im switching to plant based diet :)
Nick Newman
Nick Newman 22 timmar sedan
This gives me gta 5 vibes
James Romans
James Romans 22 timmar sedan
Watermelons matter
Cubinator73 22 timmar sedan
The next pandemic came from a developed country, so no reason to make undeveloped countries developed, it wouldn't stop pandemics from happening.
ʇǝǝɟ sᴉɥ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉƃuɐɥ ʎnƃ ǝɯos
ʇǝǝɟ sᴉɥ ɯoɹɟ ƃuᴉƃuɐɥ ʎnƃ ǝɯos 22 timmar sedan
hey mine craft
Prince Heaven
Prince Heaven 22 timmar sedan
Kimberly Cavey
Kimberly Cavey 22 timmar sedan
Weirdest title ever
Asveen Ramchurn
Asveen Ramchurn 22 timmar sedan
Toa Keru
Toa Keru 22 timmar sedan
Mark Rober making the Squirrel Olympics
AwkwardAlligator 22 timmar sedan
Marcos Kersul
Marcos Kersul 22 timmar sedan
9:24 the best one!!