Gảy Long
Gảy Long 21 timme sedan
No one should be above the law , Joe Biden said, what a hypocrite, his son Hunter must be above the law.
Dylan Backlund
Dylan Backlund 21 timme sedan
Can Biden be impeached on the basis he said using Executive orders were for dictators and he is now using more of them than toilet paper? The other day BLM even tweeted he was worse than Trump about something so come on.
Robin Song
Robin Song 21 timme sedan
It power greed Pelosi thinks she's president.
CECILIA B 21 timme sedan
Boy i'll give tucker this, when fox is failing in ratings he sure knows how to bring it back with his lies and BS. America doesnt need this at all, but who cares. Money is way way way more important then any human beings. Right tucker?
Michael Martocci
Michael Martocci 21 timme sedan
U will see civil war the dems are starting for their anti- American acts it's so obvious
Marty Cloyd
Marty Cloyd 21 timme sedan
The liver spotted demon needs to go
Marvin Whyte
Marvin Whyte 21 timme sedan
That’s Lebron typical response, emotionalism, never mind about the fact or evidence, he over sensationalism then he speaks nothing to the reality on the ground, every time lebron speaks about these issues he’s always coming ill informed just pure emotionalism.
Cherry Bieber
Cherry Bieber 21 timme sedan
🙄 You just can't make this stuff up! 🙄
Crus Harold
Crus Harold 21 timme sedan
The only racism that is allowed in the US is racism against whites.
DARLENE HEBERT 21 timme sedan
Jeannie Giumarra
Jeannie Giumarra 21 timme sedan
Mr. James, God told me your next!!!! You will eat your words, Read Proverbs 18. You are rich but it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than a camel to go thru an eye if a camel. Repent!!!!!
J C 21 timme sedan
More homeless moving across the boarder
Bob & Ann
Bob & Ann 21 timme sedan
The problem comes to us from Government. Government borrowed money. Career Politicians. Politically appointed Judges for life. Solutions are simple. Reduce corruption in Government with Real Term Limits. One Term and that is it. Republic of Genoa survived for 600 years with One Year Terms. Abolish qualified immunity for government. Abolish Government right to prosecute with out a victim. a law or collective cannot be a victim. Abolish Executive and legislative appointment of judges for life. Benjamin Franklin recommended the Scottish model which had licensed lawyers vote on judges for a term. Abolish the Government right to Borrow money, charge the treasury to create a debt to equity coupon on current debt that can only be spent in local economy. Abolish direct taxation of income returning governments to lawful indirect taxation. This will be possible after the coming revolution the corrupt governments are ensuring. I doubt we will ever get rid of the belief in government, but we can reduce it's corruption with these 6 solutions.
Karen Schultz
Karen Schultz 21 timme sedan
Taxpayers are paying for your education after we paid for our education through the sweat of working. Very unfair!! Very, very predjudice. Inequality on our way to communism!!
Shawn Dejong
Shawn Dejong 21 timme sedan
Chauvin was guilty, no if's and's or but's. That said the member of congress (Maxine Waters) has created a possible (with precedence) escape route for the officer charged. She has completely and single-handedly destroyed the case against the accused. For that reason alone, she should be tried as an accomplice at the very least removed from office.
Lindsay Brandt
Lindsay Brandt 21 timme sedan
I have not seen any proof whatsoever of racism being structural. None. Nada. And we don't hold people accountable for crimes of the past they didn't commit. If we are doing that, then I've got news for people of color: they are going to be on trial, too, because they have demons in their past as a people as well. Every ethnic group does.
Barbara Lynn Joy
Barbara Lynn Joy 21 timme sedan
Exactly why we only speak Russian, English and Spanish in our home. I want my grandson to have options in 20 yrs after the USA falls
E J 21 timme sedan
Biden is destroying Americas values! He's a demonic Trojan horse!
C M 21 timme sedan
Thank you very much Ted Cruz, and the other person who is helping to take care this great nation.
Sickofthelies 21 timme sedan
Summer of protest?...Summer of riots....
Oh Canada
Oh Canada 21 timme sedan
It’s going to come down to when there’s a call for police assistance, police are going to ask for races involved just for their protection, and send officers to the scene of the same race. Just wait.
Bruce Taylor
Bruce Taylor 21 timme sedan
LeBron James is a basketball player not a Rhodes scholar. Why credit him with any degree of analytical intelligence?
Lorenzo Beckmann
Lorenzo Beckmann 21 timme sedan
W = current King of all Globalist families. W's non/last interest is YOU, GENTLE VOTER
downtowntonywes 21 timme sedan
Lookin lean and mean Mr Trump
Greg Maupin
Greg Maupin 21 timme sedan
Biden basically wants to rule by edict not by the rule of law.
Tommy S
Tommy S 21 timme sedan
Plain and simple...... if an officer tells you to drop the weapon or put your hands up.... whatever .... you DO IT.
Jacob Dowell
Jacob Dowell 21 timme sedan
I swear. That chick needs to lay off the adderall lol. Aka legal meth
Lizzy C
Lizzy C 21 timme sedan
🤣 She's an IDIOT...
Louisianna321 21 timme sedan
See what happens when all you do is play with your balls?
Dave Weston
Dave Weston 21 timme sedan
At the Bill Gates of hell we are now!
Judha 12
Judha 12 21 timme sedan
Fox news cult tactics..
Defend The Police
Defend The Police 21 timme sedan
Two years ago when this footage was captured: "Let's file this one away for when we need to create a distraction.."
J J 21 timme sedan
Russia has 1000 times more nuclear mussels then us.
Will Slick
Will Slick 21 timme sedan
If Congress were a pair of jockey shorts AOC would be the skid mark !
Evan Dailey
Evan Dailey 21 timme sedan
AOC should be the new shorthand slang for the Dunning Kreuger effect...
Eunsung Lee
Eunsung Lee 21 timme sedan
I miss Kobe. Just saying.
Dick Long
Dick Long 21 timme sedan
I believe in the 1st amendment. Even if they say the most stupidest thing.
Secret Agent 411
Secret Agent 411 21 timme sedan
More obama BULLSHT.
Joyce Snapp
Joyce Snapp 21 timme sedan
Maybe color cop should handle their own color and till all white cops to stand down. If i need a cop to help me I don’t care what color he/she is I support all police and I will protect they from any one who try to hurt they. God made us all equal. God does not see us in color. We all are His children.
uburoimerdre 21 timme sedan
Ah, this woman should get all the crowd funded monies given to George Flyod and the other peoples families.
Joshua Tingle
Joshua Tingle 21 timme sedan
Lol air miles Ted says he’s inciting violence but says trump didn’t tell ppl to storm the capital
J C 21 timme sedan
interesting would he have the same perspective if HIS child was about to be stabbed? he also remains silent on the black on black crime in this country???? no change in his position on china? slave labor making his shoes???????????
jim katt
jim katt 21 timme sedan
Patriots BOYCOTT! The National Basketball Association, the MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for Biden/Harris and the Democrat party. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for the Biden, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible. Thank you. Democrat/Socialists party supporters, fund raisers. NBA/WNBA. MLB. Modelo Beer. Corona Beer. Sonic. Wendy's. US Bank. Coca-Cola products. State Farm Insurance. Progressive Insurance. The General Insurance. Best Buy. Wayfair. Kohls. Cigna. Delta Airlines. United Airlines. Microsoft. Home Depot. Vivint. Verizon. ESPN. CNN. MSNBC. NBC. ABC. CBS. TNT. TBS. TLC. PBS. OWN. Oxygen. Discovery Channel. Discovery Plus. Bloomberg. Facebook. Twitter. *Any companies advertising with the above. Boycott any products endorsed by leftist-- Snoop Dogg (who preformed a mock execution of President Trump.), Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal, Earvin Johnson, LeBron James. Pass this along.
Mr A
Mr A 21 timme sedan
These people don’t know what the F they’re even saying. Their mouths just move and they hope something profound will come out but nope, just this garbage 🖕🏼
Allseen 974
Allseen 974 21 timme sedan
Start arresting media personalities....
TraskTalker 21 timme sedan
I don't care much for materials and possessions and collectibles as I get older and realize how irrelevant they can be, but I will never sell the autographed Herschel Walker football card I have simply because the man is a true American who believes in what America is truly about.
iaintgonnaremember 21 timme sedan
It is problematic how the "woke" black people behind b/l/m think that other black people are to dumb and ignorant to think for themselves.
C. T.
C. T. 21 timme sedan
le bron needs to move to china or korea or where ever...
Rui Pires
Rui Pires 21 timme sedan
Why do we let people like Warren,Cortez,Biden(barely)& the rest of the clowns speak?
leslie sollinger
leslie sollinger 21 timme sedan
Left leaner r lying 🤥 to 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 don’t need a reason to do sooo Thanx 4 nothing Dumborats
marine ghost1
marine ghost1 21 timme sedan
Globalist only want one thing it’s more power.....greedy people want open borders move all manufacturing jobs to China so the elites can make more money.......nothing new here keep buying iPhones and shopping on Amazon let’s keep buying all those Chinese goods...
DG46 DG46
DG46 DG46 21 timme sedan
Jennifer Jarvis
Jennifer Jarvis 21 timme sedan
How the hell did we get here 😔
Michelle Cox
Michelle Cox 21 timme sedan
You three. Get in there and stop the Dems from ruining our country. Stop giving interviews and go do your job. We are falling behind very quickly. What we once knew is almost gone. The Dems have lost their minds and the American people is their collateral damage.
Travis Cypert
Travis Cypert 21 timme sedan
LMFAO 😂😂😂😂
Isaac saxton-knight
Isaac saxton-knight 21 timme sedan
It's sad to see how deluded he is.
Sandwich Breath
Sandwich Breath 21 timme sedan
Chauvin's conviction may well be vacated because of Maxine Waters. How ironic will that be, the verdict overturned because due process was derailed by someone criticizing the system for not working.
Maureen Jennings
Maureen Jennings 21 timme sedan
The white house is trying desperately to divide America...enough!! We are a melting pot of people of all races religions ..etc.. America has always opened its arms to all. There is no reason to instill fear and hate into people. .I refuse to participate in that!! I’m not racist ..I like everyone and I’m tired of being accused of being something I’m not. I also refuse to hate on others or use violence to prove my point...remember when someone accuses someone - one finger points at the person and 4 fingers point back at the accuser.
Dave Coyle
Dave Coyle 21 timme sedan
I would love for trump to run and win !! The lefts hysteria will be awesome to behold 😄!!
Mike Ockslong
Mike Ockslong 21 timme sedan
A slight sign of Hope
Trey Z
Trey Z 21 timme sedan
It usually should always go back to an individual’s parents and how someone was raised. If you are raised correctly by your parents your parents tell you to respect the police and do as you are told by a police officer. I respect the police and do what I am told when they tell me to do something. If he respected authority and done as he was told by a police officer this would never have happened.
Edward L.
Edward L. 21 timme sedan
Remember when we had 4 years of peace...with Trump?
Jayson Storm
Jayson Storm 21 timme sedan
We all know what this is, just look at how black folks in Columbus reacted even when a black woman's life was literally saved by a cop..... They still rioted because one died. This is a Supremacy terror movement and if it's not nipped in the bud immediately we are in for a much worse fight later on.
Eddie Preas
Eddie Preas 21 timme sedan
Hey Ted if you beg hard enough maybe the democrats will do what you want. Come on get ahead of these liberal communists, they do not care of you call them hypocrites and they don't mind if you roll your eyes.
No Comment
No Comment 21 timme sedan
Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see Pelosi in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on her. And you tell her she's not welcome anymore, anywhere.
Nigel Mcdonald
Nigel Mcdonald 21 timme sedan
The world would benefit greatly if AOC just stopped......
Uba Chukwudi
Uba Chukwudi 21 timme sedan
I hope he beats Warnock!
Polski Malonski
Polski Malonski 21 timme sedan
Demonrats are so racist..
grrinc 21 timme sedan
Poor lady, my heart goes out to her and the loved ones. Leftists truly are evil and a proven danger to ordinary decent folk. I hope true Americans one day wake up to their God given 2nd Amendment duty and take back the country from leftist filth.
INJESUS ITRUST 21 timme sedan
"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of who a man is overcome, of the same is he brought into bondage." 2 Peter 2:19
John Calise
John Calise 21 timme sedan
She should be in support of Biden's gun bill if she wants to see violence decrease in her city.
Allan Joles
Allan Joles 21 timme sedan
AOC is a total waste of skin.
Ruby Lim
Ruby Lim 21 timme sedan
Pelosi needs to be removed
GT LT 21 timme sedan
Yeah his opinion is worthless lmao
duwaine blake
duwaine blake 21 timme sedan
this old mans title is former gang member😁😁😂 when in the 1960s.. come on fox