qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 20 timmar sedan
Dayuuum, One minute highlight for a full 12rd fight? LMFAOOOO I bet it was a snoozer. 😂😂
MrVybz 20 timmar sedan
Who else came here to see tap after the Anthony Dirrell announcement 👊🏾 | Kyrone strong but I’m just not seeing anything special that would bother Dirrell
Gary Harrison
Gary Harrison 20 timmar sedan
This could be the biggest win for Tyson Fury? What shit are the commentators chatting obviously never heard of Wladimir Klitschko.
Alex Alaniz
Alex Alaniz 20 timmar sedan
20:10 look at punch count
asianaxeman 20 timmar sedan
Harry Moore
Harry Moore 21 timme sedan
How did I not know this fight happened?
Eric Darnell
Eric Darnell 21 timme sedan
I can’t see the loaded glove from a mile away it’s only one cheating fury run it back without the loaded gloves
Kyle Ogle
Kyle Ogle 21 timme sedan
Announcer: Sips coffee: "BIG RIGHT HAND!" Takes a piss. Looks down. "BIG RIGHT HAND!!" See Wilder on TV. "BIG RIGHT HAND!" Wilder demolishes air. "BIIIGG RIGHT HANDDD!" "Wilder jabbing with a left BIG RIGHT HAND followed by a right BIG RIGHT HAND!" Making love to his wife. "BIG RIGHT HAND!!!!"
Leonard Charles
Leonard Charles 21 timme sedan
Wilder is full of shi.t! . How was his leg weak? What other "little things" is he talking about? Either he was fit to take the fight or not and if he wasnt, how was he given clearance to fight? He can't fight! Those are the other "little things" he must be talking about because he said he was one hundred percent going into the fight. Obviously, he wasnt talking about his boxing ability. 😄😄😄
Jessie Whitlock
Jessie Whitlock 21 timme sedan
Good fight
Luis Barrera
Luis Barrera 21 timme sedan
Came here a day before canelos fight with him and seeing this canelo will surely destroy this guy😂
Conflict Ortiz
Conflict Ortiz 21 timme sedan
Why didn't they count that as a knock down
Exceptional Pleb
Exceptional Pleb 21 timme sedan
Maori Chileancho
Maori Chileancho 22 timmar sedan
Holly shit ! .. if this the best he can do..... CANELO WILL HAVE A DAY IN THE PARK! (WE ALL KNOW)
Exceptional Pleb
Exceptional Pleb 22 timmar sedan
Fury got up like the Undertaker back in the day
Jordan Thornton
Jordan Thornton 22 timmar sedan
Aye I still got respect for Browne hope he learned from the loss so he can be much better this is boxing good fight to both of em aye it goes down like that sometimes in boxing but aye it’s what makes champions it what makes greatness
John merick Manlapit
John merick Manlapit 22 timmar sedan
I thought it will be 2nd round ko to be this short
jose perez
jose perez 22 timmar sedan
Ortiz is one of my favorite fighters! He is o be of the best! He is not afraid to go to fight
saul el niño
saul el niño 22 timmar sedan
Este estilo son como los del canelo,pakiao y tranfor les pegarian,una pelea entre paquiao y tranford estaria genial👌🏻
shadowbanned 22 timmar sedan
Leo would beat Ryan garcia
Mikhail Hearns
Mikhail Hearns 22 timmar sedan
That right hand jab followed by the straight left to the body is lethal
John Zoccano
John Zoccano 22 timmar sedan
What a fucking disgrace regarding the judges scorecards. If you believe them, Santiago wasnt in the fight...Broner the stoner did NOT land one punch in the first round but got the round on all three judges scorecards. FIX.
David Wright
David Wright 23 timmar sedan
Porter knows that boxing is an entertainment sport people pays to see doesnt he? Fighters like Mayweather and him who run and dont engage unless they have to are making boxing boring as hell and will kill pay per view. Imagine Broner V Mayweather!
My Take
My Take 23 timmar sedan
I like how fury called DW on his bs about his hollyweird shit haha. Wilder said he had another "an alter ego"..
My Take
My Take 22 timmar sedan
Few things I saw tho, fury was so scared of that right hand that he hit wilder with a combo then grabbed him. Rounds 1-5, the ref looks like he was helping wilder.
MrDirtylittlesecret 23 timmar sedan
I appreciate this upload, my left earphone appreciates the audio to
MrDirtylittlesecret 23 timmar sedan
This was a masterclass. Big Wilder fan. But he got his ass beat.
CNC ENTERPRISE 23 timmar sedan
This fight represent the traditional ? Would u fight Mike Tyson for a million$$... D. Davis: shoot il fight anthony dirrell for less
Rice Cake
Rice Cake 23 timmar sedan
Terrible competition
Rice Cake
Rice Cake 23 timmar sedan
Ruiz is such a pussy clearly didn’t want to fight
michael johnson
michael johnson 23 timmar sedan
Helenius I been following him since about he 1st started ....he has had some good wins ...along with loss that he should had won to the French HW ..and to Washington.. he should beat both and would in rematch... I see repeat win over Kownacki......Adam is what you call a brick fighter he can stand across the street you can throw a brick hit him ..Adam gets mad if you miss him with shot.. Povkein wins by KO with Whyte in return..
Kyle Ivan Villanueva
Kyle Ivan Villanueva 23 timmar sedan
broner the sore loser HAHAHA cry baby
tHE KD5 Dag sedan
Bro why are Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard fighting bro, they should focus on basketball.
Haddingtonian GCP
Haddingtonian GCP Dag sedan
Didn't even know AB is out of retirement!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 20 timmar sedan
Broner landed 98 out of 438 punches and Santiago landed 207 out of 697, and Broner won the fight (?)
James Lake
James Lake Dag sedan
Nate Dag sedan
Guy trying to act so tough
Sauce Dog
Sauce Dog Dag sedan
I want to see Gary Russell Jr. fight Naoya Inoue at 126lb.....
Khayyan Dixon
Khayyan Dixon Dag sedan
Davis doesn’t move his head it stays right on the line.... Dirrel is going to stop him
aSh drAvEn crOw
aSh drAvEn crOw Dag sedan
Pitbull Cruz is Manny Pacquiao's fighter.
oH yEaHyEaH
oH yEaHyEaH Dag sedan
Wilder vs Zelenoff 2 make it happen for the DBC world title, delusional boxing council, WBC could make yet another belt for that
Dave Caculba
Dave Caculba Dag sedan
how i miz the crowd booing these days.😄😄
The Grimwiz
The Grimwiz Dag sedan
The Gypsy King is the biggest heaviest and best boxer in the world right now.
Cam 2XX
Cam 2XX Dag sedan
Hernandez a beast he real slick and he move around the ring really good and I like the way he work off angles he gone be a beast in the future.
OliOMV Dag sedan
Yildrim clearly won this.
huttio srreu
huttio srreu Dag sedan
hilarious. People call Joyce slow, he's Speedy Gonzalez compared to Breazele.
Gospel Musicians
Gospel Musicians Dag sedan
Back again
The Slash
The Slash Dag sedan
Sorry but The commentary is pathetic 🤣🤣🤣..... Just listen to the commentary from 60s 70s 80s and 90s
Jeferchel Parocha
Jeferchel Parocha Dag sedan
Kieth the runner Thurman
Patrick Dubat
Patrick Dubat Dag sedan
VIve la FRance !! Monsieur Duhaupas c'est des gens comme vous qui me rendent fier d'être Français ! Le mec il a toutes les chances de perdre sur le papier et beeeen c pas grave avec panache il relève le défi d'aller se taper avec le mec qui cassait tout à ce moment là, quel courage, le mec me fait vibrer. tout le combat il avance, c'est pas reptile qui faut l'appeler c'est le char Leclerc. Faut vraiment se rendre compte de la paire de bal...ches qu'il faut pour monter sur le ring, le mec part à la guerre là. Au debut les commentateurs lache il a aucune chance de gagner patati patata au 4eme ils hallucinent à la fin c'est respect total !! C'est des mecs comme ça qu'il faut montrer aux jeunes pour qu'en France enfin on aime son pays... M. Duhaupas Merci, Merci, Merci... Vous êtes pour moi une fierté Française.
Kay JayP
Kay JayP Dag sedan
The referring in the fight was AWFUL
Anita Lu
Anita Lu Dag sedan
Broner got some dirty moves, Even referee told Manny: watch your head and I’ll watch him!
Anita Lu
Anita Lu Dag sedan
Manny is too quick for Broner. Good Fight!
Tone Durage
Tone Durage Dag sedan
Dominic Breazele should retire before he's hurt badly now.The young crop is too fast for him!
bruh? Dag sedan
I gave the it to Commey by one point but I can't argue with the result, great fight
Shinsuke Kojima
Shinsuke Kojima Dag sedan
ボロカスたたかれるほど悪いボクシングしてないと思う 一人だけ次元の違う井上と比較されるのは酷..
jesoni baleiwai
jesoni baleiwai Dag sedan
Manny fights well when he's bouncing
Eddie J
Eddie J Dag sedan
ang INGAY lang ni BUBOY ......easy lang kaya nga MAY TRAINING KAYO........MALILITO NYAN ANG BOKSINGERO...
Juan Vega
Juan Vega Dag sedan
If broner would’ve been humble then he would’ve been someone. He is ass
Joe Sanderson
Joe Sanderson Dag sedan
Who is the skank announceer that knows nothing?
Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek Dag sedan
I'm sick of seeing the special little few live there life with no restrictions while the rest of us are muzzled and lock up like dogs
TAOUFIK Aoulillay
TAOUFIK Aoulillay Dag sedan
Wbc: world boxing corruption.
Emmett North Jr
Emmett North Jr Dag sedan
A very good fight,i thought Keith may have been ahead to win the fight,this was a thinking man's fight,Emmett aka Emilio***
Rob Jones
Rob Jones Dag sedan
Wilder went full on tard with that outfit.
Frank Rosario
Frank Rosario Dag sedan
The only advise that Muhammad had for Gravil the whole fight was come on ronnie he's tired keep backing him up. No wonder Gravil lost .
Lah Bishop
Lah Bishop Dag sedan
I like how he wanna fight my friend X that’s funny
Frank Rosario
Frank Rosario Dag sedan
David vs. Canelo would be a war . David has deceptive speed and strikes like thor's hammer at an enemy in battle
Frank Rosario
Frank Rosario Dag sedan
Canelo's chin is like an anvil to the hammer, impervious to damage . Mighty fast fists and incredible defense. Canelo would beat David by decision.
Nelson grante
Nelson grante Dag sedan
The industrious sheep additionally press because coin uniquely influence apud a tan minute. gamy, responsible purpose
Maria Moonfang
Maria Moonfang Dag sedan
Broner is a desperate cheerleader 😌
Z. Sheff
Z. Sheff Dag sedan
28:40 Wilder was so tired I don’t think this guy even realized Fury was tasting his blood.
Big Cat
Big Cat Dag sedan
The moment when broner finally lets his hands go and misses like 60% of the punches.
kenneth Brimely Gurbuxani Bangco
kenneth Brimely Gurbuxani Bangco Dag sedan
This is Shows how Mikey Garcias power in lightweight Division was most Stronger and Delicate To Any Opponent That he Fight in Lightweight Division