Astro Bot
Astro Bot 6 timmar sedan
Really Sportsnet, that’s the title you’re going with? What about the part where Konecny puts Crosby in a headlock and drives Crosby’s head toward the ice? It’s like Sportsnet’s social media person watched the first 10 seconds of the video and thought, “I got my title”.
Nathan Flannery
Nathan Flannery 6 timmar sedan
That dang-it on Subban isn't as bad as the one you missed a couple weeks ago where one went of Blues' goalie Husso's head from behind the goal-line as well.
This Guy
This Guy 6 timmar sedan
Props for nyr standing up to the goon squad Leafs needed to do same thing to bruins in years past that's why I loved Kadri getting even for baby Marner and grandpa Marleau
Nick Platt
Nick Platt 6 timmar sedan
Where’s the outrage for this? oh right. It’s not Tom Wilson so no one cares
Alexandra Woof!
Alexandra Woof! 6 timmar sedan
Rangers still suck!! no playoffs for you!!! its the tony deangelo cvrse!!!!
Kali Crawford
Kali Crawford 6 timmar sedan
As a pens fan this is one reason I love hockey. So sorry for your loss TJ.
Alexandra Woof!
Alexandra Woof! 6 timmar sedan
all wilson did was fight back against panarin its not wilsons favlt he is big and panarin is small sorry and im not a caps fan
David Tessier
David Tessier 6 timmar sedan
Lost all respect for Tom Wilson
Ali Siddiqui
Ali Siddiqui 6 timmar sedan
My god that Rangers coach has beautiful eyes
This Guy
This Guy 6 timmar sedan
This is what I meant the other day by gotta use the Kadri technique to get even when the league does nothing lol
viperswhip 6 timmar sedan
Guys get slammed to the ice in fights all the time with or without the helmet on, stop harping on that. Punching a guy in the back of the head? Ya, that can be suspended.
DiezelBurner 6 timmar sedan
This is exaclty what hockey needs. For all that want clarity this is what Sean Avery had to say and I agree 100% www.markerzone.com/news/index.php?40465&fbclid=IwAR2D_QIadCVbgBEZ4Ty-Wr7KZGHk5--ps_usYKBNlnMKZnW357_NKz4kHqg
Skylar Mckay
Skylar Mckay 6 timmar sedan
People are so soft. All you guys calling bloody murder. But was cheering on kassian when he ragdolled tkachuck. What was the answer. Matthew you know have to fight him. What did panarin think was gonna happen jumping on his back. Don't like the train stay off the tracks.
Karl Seed
Karl Seed 6 timmar sedan
I've often wondered why someone doesn't just whack someone with their stick in situations like these? It'll give the desired affect and they won't do it again!
J.P. Menger
J.P. Menger 6 timmar sedan
Seeing little kids suffocating themselves with cloths of obedience really makes me sad.
Ban Uni
Ban Uni 6 timmar sedan
If you wanna cry about the 5k fine blame the NHLPA. 5k is MAX fine as negotiated in CBA..... Guys get tossed to geround wrestling with each other quite often. Panarins helmet coming off.... And his 11.5m salary have nothing to do with whether or not Wilson should have been suspended
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan 6 timmar sedan
Sounds like NHL is asking for some vigilante justice. My guess would be taking out Wilson’s’ knees. Sucks but when the League won’t do anything, and team has no options.... it’s what I’d expect.
This Guy
This Guy 6 timmar sedan
The leagues poor officiating and poor record with suspensions for dirty hits is why I loved when Kadri got even twice with dirty bruins. One elbowed Marner in the face when he was still a wee lad and then next year tried to push grandpa Marleau into the stantion at the end of the bench. Kadri got even while the league did nothing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ same thing will eventually happen to Wilson
андрей фесенко
андрей фесенко 6 timmar sedan
Правильно Кирилл! Будь таким как Паша пусть вратарь и защита срут от страха при виде тебя!
Славик Славский
Славик Славский 6 timmar sedan
Alex Eeds
Alex Eeds 6 timmar sedan
Looks like Panarin jumped on the back of a pissed off bull and got what he wanted. As for what Wilson did to Buchnevich, the cross check to the ice was bad, but the punch to the shoulder...come on..weak.
Christian Stokes
Christian Stokes 6 timmar sedan
At first I thought the announcer said it was his 18th year in the league lol I was about to say...
Cергей Сутугин
Cергей Сутугин 6 timmar sedan
Ну ,что творит Кирюха!!!
Megan Joelyn
Megan Joelyn 6 timmar sedan
What happened with Tom Wilson makes me question why I follow this sport...then I watch this and I remember! Very cool!
Joseph Doyle
Joseph Doyle 6 timmar sedan
This is one of the reasons I refuse to follow hockey/sports...lowbrow behaviour...by men getting paid at least oh 800 grand a year or more. Get real and get a real job and contribute something to society. Oh wait will all the lowbrow comments come at me all at once?
Sébastien Laporte
Sébastien Laporte 6 timmar sedan
Because this is how Hockey should be played. You have To play the sport To understand that it is a contact sport and sometime players can snap. Wilson is a hero for bringing back à bit of manlyness.
Kevin Munguia
Kevin Munguia 6 timmar sedan
just cross check him to the chops... would be fined and punished less than what the rangers were for criticizing the league LOL fkn joke
HBG Quick Whiskey
HBG Quick Whiskey 6 timmar sedan
If Wilson stays in the NHL I’m done with this sport
Fegalin Colegne
Fegalin Colegne 6 timmar sedan
lets go wilson rip assssssss
Irishhaf 6 timmar sedan
Stupid thing about this, he will do something stupid in the playoffs and get hammered for it because they couldnt muster up the spine to sit him for a game or two. so enjoy his escape now Caps fans, he will be sat in the playoffs when you need him.
This Guy
This Guy 6 timmar sedan
What's with Crosby and Wilson driving guys face first into the ice??
Dr Fear & Co.
Dr Fear & Co. 6 timmar sedan
FYI punches to the back of the head in the UFC are not allowed.
Kathy Sellinger
Kathy Sellinger 6 timmar sedan
Tom Wilson is a piece of S**t.
sbsbrettle 6 timmar sedan
you better stop saying panarins name like that 😡
Kamil Piwowarczyk
Kamil Piwowarczyk 6 timmar sedan
Hey look brain damage, make it a highlight
DeputySRGaming 6 timmar sedan
Lol he didn't get a 5k fine. Wow
garzie snipes
garzie snipes 6 timmar sedan
also he pulled panarins helmet off and ragdoll threw him
Mathieu Belliveau
Mathieu Belliveau 6 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who noticed Wilson's stick is behind Buchnievich neck. I'm not a doctor but the weight wich Wilson slammed the back of his neck...he is lucky it didn't kill him.. or break his neck. No one seems to mention that
Dan Ingram
Dan Ingram 6 timmar sedan
NHL do you job and protect your players your investments you allowing this is a disgrace feel bad for all the players injured because of him over the years
Jared Martin
Jared Martin 6 timmar sedan
I wouldn’t defend Wilson if I was his teammate... let him get what’s coming to him
olli gammadrill
olli gammadrill 7 timmar sedan
Tom didn't punch Buchnevich in the face. That was Buchnevich's shoulder.
Yura Z.
Yura Z. 7 timmar sedan
рейнджеры молодцы, по очкам проиграли, но ощущение, что соперник физически мощнее.
DinnerBells 7 timmar sedan
Just waiting for someone to fill Wilson's face in...
Evan Newlander
Evan Newlander 7 timmar sedan
I’m not a huge Reaves fan but this video makes him a national treasure
MyTurtlenamesThis 7 timmar sedan
If they suspended Tom Wilson, none of this would’ve happened. That just goes to show George Parros isn’t fit for his job.
Gelis K
Gelis K 7 timmar sedan
Good for Crosby
W Alexander
W Alexander 7 timmar sedan
Wilson has anger issues. Why you heff to be mad. It's just game
Игорь Федотов
Игорь Федотов 7 timmar sedan
Поставили бревно Нестерова на большинство и сразу голешник.. красавцы
Stephen Burke
Stephen Burke 7 timmar sedan
He should be out as long as Panarin is.
killa TJ
killa TJ 7 timmar sedan
Nothing connected
ken e
ken e 7 timmar sedan
What if they were black and not white? The reactions would’ve been entirely different to this fight. Double standards at its best: white privilege strikes again, no pun intended.
Geoff Euverman
Geoff Euverman 7 timmar sedan
Can Habs look any more sloppy.
Chris Caputo
Chris Caputo 7 timmar sedan
I'll post the same comment I made on the video clip of this...
Chris Caputo
Chris Caputo 7 timmar sedan
I've been a Caps fan basically since birth, and have never been as happy in my life as when we won the Cup. I've always defended Tom Wilson... "he's just a big guy, he doesn't realize that he can't make the same hits as other guys", "he just needs to adjust the way he plays a bit"... no more. I will not defend his actions anymore. This is completely unacceptable. I am ashamed of my previous defense of him. He just punched a guy in the back of the head that was lying prone on the ice... for NO REASON. Looking back, I can no longer defend any of his other hits or questionable moments and I am disgusted with his behavior. It's not just this play or this moment that brought upon my realization, but also reading the comments by fans of other teams, rewatching his plays with less of a biased lens, and the fact that he was voted the second dirtiest player in the league by his fellow players. It breaks my heart because I recognize that he was an integral part of why we won the Cup in the first place. Does that mean that as a team we weren't good enough to win without a man physically injuring our opponents so they couldn't compete? Heartbreaking. I'm still a fan of a good, clean fight and don't want to remove that element from the sport. But that's not what Tom Wilson does. This level of violence rarely has implications just within the sport. I fear for those in his life. You look at him and you get the feeling that he could snap at any moment. He needs to take a good, long look at his actions, his choices, and his life. He also needs to get some sort of anger management counseling. The level of rage, condescension, and disrespect he shows his fellow human beings is more than troubling. As has been mentioned, he is a good player, which makes his poor choices even sadder. I'll forever be a Caps fan, but Tom Wilson is an old container of chicken hidden in the back of the fridge. I can no longer ignore the stench and it's starting to rot all of the vegetables in the crisper drawer. Come on Tom. Be better.
mymom leftnut
mymom leftnut 7 timmar sedan
As I person who don't watch hockey I was wondering is there safety stuff for the skates making so people don't get cut by them
Patrick White
Patrick White 7 timmar sedan
Someone hit Tom like 6 times in the face with a stick. Anyone that does that to someone on the ground needs to get a wake up call, like a fresh set of teeth.
Andrey 7 timmar sedan
what happened?
jamal seyers
jamal seyers 7 timmar sedan
Ottawa senators fan over here. That was a disgusting first hit from wilson. It could have broken the rangers neck or worse. For a big physical player it's scary that he's too stupid to not drop all of his body weight on someones neck
Ben Melnyk
Ben Melnyk 7 timmar sedan
Wilson is such a clown
garzie snipes
garzie snipes 7 timmar sedan
someone shoulda called the police on tom wilson
Alfredito Chiquito
Alfredito Chiquito 7 timmar sedan
The goat of Los Angeles hockey 🇸🇮 🐐
Tim Heinrich
Tim Heinrich 7 timmar sedan
Where's the crosscheck? Come-on Sportsnet. Stop parroting lies.
Jimmy Braum
Jimmy Braum 7 timmar sedan
Shame the Pens couldn't keep him. His replacement was an utter bust, and left thr pens hurting.
Reggie Dunlop
Reggie Dunlop 7 timmar sedan
"Not Poodle!"......
Terry's Twig Reviews
Terry's Twig Reviews 7 timmar sedan
John McDonald
John McDonald 7 timmar sedan
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. The LORD looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God. They are all gone aside, they are all together become filthy: there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not upon the LORD. (Psalms 14:1-4)
Aidan W
Aidan W 7 timmar sedan
And now the Rangers got fined 250k for criticizing the lack of suspension
Joshua Lloyd
Joshua Lloyd 7 timmar sedan
I'mma get a 1 day contact to ragdoll Wilson. But I'd probably get a sentence.
Bluemiska Baackstab
Bluemiska Baackstab 7 timmar sedan
all players are right handed
Collin Adams
Collin Adams 7 timmar sedan
Don't be a cry baby NYR
Collin Adams
Collin Adams 7 timmar sedan
What the hell did Mantha do NYR? You're after Tom not Mantha who just got there
William Chapman
William Chapman 7 timmar sedan
All you crybabies must never have played hockey before
Barb Luna
Barb Luna 7 timmar sedan
This is NHL not UFC.
Ramon Garcia
Ramon Garcia 7 timmar sedan
I know its Hockey but that was such a bonehead decision from Tom Wilson. Probably one of the biggest, most intimidating goons in the game. Wow, that was such violence!!!!!
G Money905
G Money905 7 timmar sedan
Who here after Tom Wilson got hit with the fine?
John 1721
John 1721 7 timmar sedan
Anybody that thinks it's ok what Wilson did, are brain dead
Jim Fewer
Jim Fewer 7 timmar sedan
Wilson should have been suspended and fined
Lane 7 timmar sedan
I dont care, this was awesome.
Nancy Burgio
Nancy Burgio 7 timmar sedan
He is a definite warrior, never took a night off . I enjoyed watching him play, Thanks Mr Bakas
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 7 timmar sedan
And this they suspended him for. Clear that they just don’t want players having opinions these days
Childish Gennady
Childish Gennady 7 timmar sedan
Ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo