A Winton
A Winton Timme sedan
First • 15 years ago
First • 15 years ago Timme sedan
Nice CGI 👍
A Winton
A Winton Timme sedan
asifbhoy Timme sedan
Great job. Can anyone explain, the drone looks slightly tilted left, is this due to some kind of air pushing it or just a camera angle? Or may be it just my feeling.
Agustin Humaran
Agustin Humaran Timme sedan
Congratulations scientists you got it.
milind Thorat
milind Thorat Timme sedan
Modulo Algoritmo
Modulo Algoritmo Timme sedan
Was this filmed in Area 51 too? What a nice red filter.
Riccardo Vacchi
Riccardo Vacchi Timme sedan
Vincent Asatru
Vincent Asatru Timme sedan
Well, the landing was a bit hard, or? Great achievement!
Michael Theoret
Michael Theoret Timme sedan
Well done Team ! Heroes making history , congratulations !
Andrew Nevarez
Andrew Nevarez Timme sedan
I wonder whats the answer to the most pertinent question in academia today - what gender is it? Maybe the super nova was a reveal party.
Ron Tencati
Ron Tencati Timme sedan
Oh, the things I have seen!
Reza Asgharzadeh
Reza Asgharzadeh Timme sedan
scam all! No Mars landing, etc. Hollywoodstrunt 100%. Fool stupid people with space travel. Does not hurt!
Aaron S
Aaron S Timme sedan
Feels a bit lackluster considering we delivered multiple rovers and satellites to an entirely alien planet. No doubt this is amazing technology, but nowhere near as challenging or risky as landing on Mars in the first place
Brian Cameron
Brian Cameron Timme sedan
God speed little ingenuity
Thɑт Spοk
Thɑт Spοk Timme sedan
Cool, it seems to have teleportation abilities. Since this video contains science, it is no doubt in violation of YT's Terms of Agreement.
Terry Daniels
Terry Daniels Timme sedan
You know to them that looks like a UFO.
Sam Seb
Sam Seb Timme sedan
Imagine Window cracked due to Astronaut playing with Fidget Spinner.. 😂😂
adel othman
adel othman Timme sedan
Amazing.. Nasa can you improve that this video is not fake?
Michael Sparks
Michael Sparks Timme sedan
Absolutely Epic! So Proud of my country and Nasa!
Matías Junco
Matías Junco 2 timmar sedan
Amazing. I would have appreciated some camera shots above the horizon from Ingenuity, not just looking straight below. We would love to see pictures of Perseverance as well.
Mickey Jaymz
Mickey Jaymz 2 timmar sedan
The device was made in our image. We sent it to that planet with instructions to multiply and inhabit.
guluta alan
guluta alan 2 timmar sedan
Great! But why the duration here is 25 seconds and on the altimeter data is 39 seconds ?
João Vítor
João Vítor 2 timmar sedan
5 years later, SEcycle recommends me this
Tim Kozlowski
Tim Kozlowski 2 timmar sedan
Can't wait for it to fly and take pictures.
Сергей Маркелов
Сергей Маркелов 2 timmar sedan
Хочу эмигрировать на Марс! Там порядок и чистота! Коптер взлетел - и ни одной пылинки не поднял. А у нас в Екатеринбурге весь песок и гранитный отсев, что за зиму на дороги навозили, высох и лежит на обочинах и его носит ветром везде! Чувство такое, что живем в холодной пыльной пустыне. Дышим этим г-ном каждый год с апреля по июль, задыхаемся. Окно откроешь - рыжая пыль и на подоконнике, и на полу, везде... Ждем, когда дожди смоют с улиц всю эту дрянь и можно будет снова дышать. А на Марсе хорошо - в песчаной пустыне пыли от коптера нет. Голливуд заполонен дебилами. Очередная лажа от ФейкНасаГолливуд!!! Включаем голову.
Steven Denton
Steven Denton 2 timmar sedan
Stan Blade
Stan Blade 2 timmar sedan
Brought tears in my eyes...
Jake Meyer
Jake Meyer 2 timmar sedan
The invasion of Barsoom has finally begun...
Bob Morgan
Bob Morgan 2 timmar sedan
I can barely make a wireless camera stream from my garage! This technology is outstanding!!
mike Kalynowski
mike Kalynowski 2 timmar sedan
Isn't there a camera on the drone. So we can see more images a lot faster that the turttle rover.
Jorge Luis Huertas
Jorge Luis Huertas 2 timmar sedan
Muchas dudas para mi miro que no levanto polvo y cayo como si desplomo rapido al suelo tampoco iso polvo
金田直子 2 timmar sedan
Congratulatons on the successful takeoff and landing of a Mars helicopter .consultation to all of you from japan .
Phillip Bailey
Phillip Bailey 2 timmar sedan
Gary Easdale
Gary Easdale 2 timmar sedan
Looks like a perfect condition for test flying. Amazing work folk's 🥂🍾🖐️
Yukiko _
Yukiko _ 2 timmar sedan
That landing is scary, i hope they will make sure the helicopter land smoothly for the next flights
Matt gaming
Matt gaming 2 timmar sedan
Cant stop seeing these. Its just. Unbelievable what they are doing. Good damn job!!!! Go go go!!!
Медведь Медведь
Медведь Медведь 2 timmar sedan
They couldn’t turn their helmets could they?
Luca Taglialatela
Luca Taglialatela 2 timmar sedan
Congrats to everyone involved with this… you are building the future.
saimul Haque
saimul Haque 2 timmar sedan
ibfisher 2 timmar sedan
What??? Where's the dust blow back during throttle up????
Terry Zammit
Terry Zammit 2 timmar sedan
Does pink cherry carry these rockets?
Nakul sri
Nakul sri 2 timmar sedan
Arsh Bhardwaj
Arsh Bhardwaj 3 timmar sedan
shittiest video
Brant UGA
Brant UGA 3 timmar sedan
Nasa choose SpaceX for the moon mission because there better and cheaper
The Annoyed Mr Floyd
The Annoyed Mr Floyd 3 timmar sedan
I wish my mom could see this. I wish my grandparents could see this. I wish Carl Sagan could see this. 😢
Brant UGA
Brant UGA 3 timmar sedan
Blue Origin will never be at the same scale as SpaceX falcon 9 and Starship gooooo SpaceX
irrelevant 3 timmar sedan
SOMETHING FISHY, NO DUST??????????????????????????
pulsebright 3 timmar sedan
Thank you scientist for making good on our tax contribution and showing that when you live in a well organized economy there can be extra money for space exploration and scientific work. Thanx youall'
Enlightened Soul
Enlightened Soul 3 timmar sedan
That's a reaction when you are jealous
pulsebright 3 timmar sedan
Don't get me wrong...all these years I was waiting for a little guy with antenas popping up in front looking curiously at the objective of the camera...that would make my day... lol
Andrew READ
Andrew READ 3 timmar sedan
How come there was no dust from the prop wash?
SKM 3 timmar sedan
Kandaman 3 timmar sedan
Something about Blue Origin rockets especially its landing legs makes it look crude compared to SpaceX. Blue Origin probably needs a redesign of their rockets possibly their space capsule. They need to modernize their space rockets.
David Hill
David Hill 3 timmar sedan
It is easy to forget that all that happened 180 million miles away
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅ 3 timmar sedan
To think that to this very day there is a living person (Kane Tanaka) who was born the same year as the Wright Brothers 1903 Flight and she will likely be here to see an aircraft fly over martian terrain currently located about 165,119,940 miles/265,734,784 kilometers from Earth. From 120 feet/36.5M to Hundreds of Millions of Miles/Kilometers in 117 Years.
perrythe Upsetter
perrythe Upsetter 3 timmar sedan
Surely these comments can’t be real. Tell me there not please. Omg!
Naveen kumar V
Naveen kumar V 3 timmar sedan
Congratulations 👏👏 NASA Team
441rider 3 timmar sedan
Having built many coaxial rc heli's wonder how they got off the ground with no dust kick up. Also scale at 200ft? Lets see a high res photo of the jeep they left on the moon.
Anthony Cox
Anthony Cox 3 timmar sedan
Congratulations guys ,
Onli Mi
Onli Mi 3 timmar sedan
"Mumble...mumble...mumble...." "Ha, ha, ha!!" Clap, clap clap! Uhh... I didn't see much but some people in masks mumbling, laughing and clapping. But I guess I'll take their word for it that it was extraordinary!
Gary Crouse
Gary Crouse 3 timmar sedan
SMILE A MILE WIDE Well done folks WOW
jesus zamora
jesus zamora 3 timmar sedan
That little marvelous machine brought tears to my eyes, l waited to see something like this since was a kid 🙂
red rooster
red rooster 3 timmar sedan
Otaco Ashlee
Otaco Ashlee 3 timmar sedan
Not me watching this on the toilet
George Hanna
George Hanna 3 timmar sedan
Nice but can you bring it back in one peice?
PAL 725
PAL 725 3 timmar sedan
🤪😂 I am crying with joy in my heart. How awesome this was! 🥰
James Gerardi
James Gerardi 3 timmar sedan
Bravo, ladies and gentlemen of NASA!
Kenneth Drayton
Kenneth Drayton 3 timmar sedan
This is an extremely significant development. Our grandchildrens' grandchildren will look at this video with marvel to see how far they have gone beyond us... of course, this if we can manage not to destroy the Earth before they are born!
Retro Cat
Retro Cat 3 timmar sedan
Wait?! Is that what I think it is with that design!
56WagonWheel 3 timmar sedan
It’s pretty awesome to see this.
dayindayout 3 timmar sedan
First flight on another world.
Richard Faulkner
Richard Faulkner 3 timmar sedan
Another giant leap for mankind. [ insert standing ovation to all who made this possible ]
k cole
k cole 3 timmar sedan
fo with the annoying beatbox
zestydude87 3 timmar sedan
amazing! I wouldve thought it would kick up some dirt or dust when taking off...
Wolfe Mike 10
Wolfe Mike 10 4 timmar sedan
We give you the most expensive fidget spinner known to man
Matt Walter
Matt Walter 4 timmar sedan
This is the proof that there is gravity on Mars. I think.
Pete B
Pete B 2 timmar sedan
you think that Mars' gravity was uncertain until this?
Nordniedersachse 4 timmar sedan
This makes me proud as a human.
mojave stalker
mojave stalker 4 timmar sedan
100% CGI
Benim Hayatım
Benim Hayatım 4 timmar sedan