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8:58 I would have broke my arm doing that.
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Benjamin Spates 12 timmar sedan
Ah I love myself a dodge mustang
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The video with the guy giving a man his jacket with a wad of cash is definitely fake lol but everything else was good
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Yo you just offended a lot of gearheads
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Damn I have blue/green eyes it leans more near the blue side which makes a nice color but I wish it was slightly more of a lighter blue so the green can be seen better.
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Just imagine, if you will, MSM only reporting on positive stories like these.
VienerSchnitzel 12 timmar sedan
My mom is crippled because of a random boulder flying onto a road and hitting her directly in the head.
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a good example for all we can learn from this video thank you
Mimi Vids - Strange and Unique
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Tusj 13 timmar sedan
Ok.. All are very Cool Cars (Except one or two..) But, with all that Power and Speed these Cars have.. hmm.. It really means nothing if the Car then look like Sh*t.. So, wich one You also think Look the Best too...?? (I know wich one I would choose, do You.. Cos, it really need's to look good standing or at slow speed too..???)
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These are all great. However, I don't understand how an over the top wedding proposal is a 'good deed'.
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When people are ready to start terrorism and watch this video... They'll probably give themseleves up even before starting their terrorist conquest
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Katie Russell
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These videos remind me so much of what happened 3 years ago on christmas eve my house got robbed they took almost everything but the church my school and the stores all did stuff for us and since I didn't have my meds bc they stole that to but it was hard for me and my family but when they did that I felt like people cared I'm 15 but with depression and anxiety and a learning disability it makes things hard for me I've been in hospitals half my life from getting hurt being sick 24/7 but I'm just so happy that there's people out there that does amazing stuff like this💕 sorry for talkin so much i can't stop when I'm happy
Wu Nina
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The pufferfish: *Swims for one second* The narrator:ITS sAYinG ThANk yOu
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Clarification: Colorblind glasses don’t actually show colorblind people the actual colors, it just helps them differentiate the colors that look similar to them
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I cried
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Jd Clifford 13 timmar sedan
When you film your act of kindness and post it on social media, is it truly done for the sake of being kind? Not a chance.
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Jeder Mensch der Tieren zums Spaß oder aus Geld Gier Schmerz oder grausames antut gehört gefoltert und getötet
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To live to 105
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Dolphins often beach themselves when trying to get food or when a loved one of them dies They try to beach themselves when one other dies :(
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i really thought i could go through that video without crying but the last one killed me
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@t go to the moon for help animals
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Lemme get this right... The group on the boat stop a shark getting their meal? That's kinda peek... They didn't save the turtle, they just denied a lunch for another animal 🤣🤣
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Another One
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These are common sense, normal, compassionate actions ... or, they used to be. I must say, the examples involving police appear to be dangerously void of actual safety. Some seem staged.
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Juan Carlos Onofre 14 timmar sedan
Don t we have wide screen for a reason stupid
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Lucky people are always different.
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