BlockGuy 13 timmar sedan
If you ever find a clip of gordon simply enjoing his food, please sent it to me.. -_-
JustBrunoTV 14 timmar sedan
Person who runs this is a legend 💯
carrotjuice. 14 timmar sedan
are we just gonna ignore the fact that the meme "finally, some good fucking food" is included in this?
Wyatt FL!P
Wyatt FL!P 14 timmar sedan
Dont ever try to pull the wool over chef Ramsays'll get clapped
jackishere 14 timmar sedan
29:50 "Time to take a 360" lmfao im dead
catfightfriday 14 timmar sedan
Give the editor a raise
Divyakant Verma
Divyakant Verma 14 timmar sedan
The owner drinking on the bar while the restaurant fucks up is similar to the situation rn. Government doing nothing and covid everywhere.
Kevin Gaitan
Kevin Gaitan 14 timmar sedan
bruh who the hell made the title
bre 14 timmar sedan
Whn the impostor is sus
bre 14 timmar sedan
Leo Kindbom
Leo Kindbom 14 timmar sedan
ring ding ding ding ding ding ding dindgndigdnidbg
bre 14 timmar sedan
dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun bam bam
I am bitten
I am bitten 14 timmar sedan
Shush the sheesh
JustForLaughs 14 timmar sedan
Bruh what happened to these titles 😭😭
imfresh22 14 timmar sedan
food do be bussin though
Beata Paolicchi
Beata Paolicchi 14 timmar sedan
Gordon jest doskonaly, obrotny, zdolny i. utentowany.
Jordan Jimenez
Jordan Jimenez 14 timmar sedan
I never figured how all those different restaurant owner NEVER thought of maybe juste changing the menu or the decor etc... just HOW!
Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes 14 timmar sedan
No seasoning on the collard greens, i dont believe that
Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes 14 timmar sedan
No seasoning on the collard greens, i dont believe that
MaXotic -_-
MaXotic -_- 14 timmar sedan
I don’t think they knew what it meant when they came up with the title
Dylan Vallières
Dylan Vallières 14 timmar sedan
When Gordon Ramsey spit the food or look disgusted, get ready for a hell of a roller coster.
caleb 14 timmar sedan
• Nxghtcore X •
• Nxghtcore X • 14 timmar sedan
I certainly wasn’t expecting that title but im all here for it
• Nxghtcore X •
• Nxghtcore X • 14 timmar sedan
Durr T
Durr T 14 timmar sedan
Who tf is running this channel
Onyx 14 timmar sedan
She really tried to act like it was bad 14:53
Stag 14 timmar sedan
Man the okra looked even more disgusting than the chitlins lol
caleb 14 timmar sedan
3:00 straight up bussin
Maddy Bear
Maddy Bear 14 timmar sedan
man oh man, I love the dude that is naming and posting these videos
AnimeToonS HD
AnimeToonS HD 14 timmar sedan
I like the way the blonde haired woman laughs about it
HIDCX 999 14 timmar sedan
no this aint it bro
Robert A
Robert A 14 timmar sedan
“A lot of celebrities have eaten my food and said it was fantastic.” Bro, the only celebrity who ate your food was Gordon Ramsay, and he said it was shit.
Sajil V Y
Sajil V Y 14 timmar sedan
Bar is always busy and they can't pay the bills.
mariogamefreak1 14 timmar sedan
It’s actually funnier when he finds the food good.
Alphonse365 14 timmar sedan
Seeing the lack of cleaning or concern with the food and he still eats just make me respect him for putting himself on risk in order to proove a point.
Alonda Maisonette
Alonda Maisonette 14 timmar sedan
I just love him such an amazing dude. Gets right to the point nothing more nothing less😂😂😂😂😂
Ji Ya
Ji Ya 14 timmar sedan
They still open ?
Cale Gregori
Cale Gregori 14 timmar sedan
Wait what was that first waitress’s name again?
Nelson Vinsha
Nelson Vinsha 14 timmar sedan
Im dead when gordon made the pj joke.. Pathetic joke steakhouse xD
Russell Harrison
Russell Harrison 14 timmar sedan
All these grown men acting like babies
ESSENCE 14 timmar sedan
This series beeeeeeen bussin. SHEEEEEEEEESH
David S
David S 14 timmar sedan
Who tf runs this page😂😂😂
Scoot 14 timmar sedan
That second waiter with the moustache look like Paul Rudd in character.
TakeARideWithMe 14 timmar sedan
I still laugh at these like I'm seeing them for the first time..
Wonder Boy
Wonder Boy 14 timmar sedan
Whoever made the title deserves a raise😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
Uni 14 timmar sedan
Frozen meat is digusting i mean not the like the fresh meat where you put it in the freezer but just frozen meat is degusting
Themostidiodicpersonontheplanet Y
Themostidiodicpersonontheplanet Y 14 timmar sedan
5:19 chef ramsey was really upset😁
دخی قاسم پور
دخی قاسم پور 14 timmar sedan
Did anyone realise the server and john relationship..?!!😉😉😎
Robert Halbert
Robert Halbert 14 timmar sedan
No way the owner wasnt drunk when he first met ramsay
ThatChonkyFonky 14 timmar sedan
Whoever runs this account i love you
lucy lynn
lucy lynn 14 timmar sedan
"I'm a great chef. People come here just for me" "How's everything?" "HORRIBLE." LMAO
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch 14 timmar sedan
It seems like only the pastry chefs don’t fuck everything up
Jarred Hamilton
Jarred Hamilton 14 timmar sedan
I’m actually curious as to who runs this account
nicolia m
nicolia m 14 timmar sedan
misty lewis
misty lewis 14 timmar sedan
Nowadays Michelin stars are handed out like STD’s in a whorehouse.
Elliot Marty
Elliot Marty 14 timmar sedan
Shoutout to whoever came up with the title, description, and pinned comment
M Dug
M Dug 14 timmar sedan
Great couple.
Purp 14 timmar sedan
AMI bad af even the chef's aren't At there skills
Ro_EpicBot 14 timmar sedan
*Gordon Ramsay approves the food is bussin*
Ellie Buttimoree
Ellie Buttimoree 14 timmar sedan
Ugh that’s disgusting he’s brilliant😂😭
Jasmine Warden
Jasmine Warden 14 timmar sedan
You want to know whats torture when you hungry and theirs no food in your house and you watch Gordon Ramsay kitchen nightmares
M Nathan
M Nathan 14 timmar sedan
The wife talks so much crap but she too is an absolute douche based on how disrespectful she was towards her customers.
user225 14 timmar sedan
Typical mummas boy
theone dk
theone dk 14 timmar sedan
Imagine waiting for an hour when ur hungry
Emmy 14 timmar sedan
ArChaotic 14 timmar sedan
I didn't see him find Plastic in the food though.... False title? But hell... I still enjoyed the video 😁
Cardolan 14 timmar sedan
Who tf is running this channel? Change that god forsaken title please
Big Froge
Big Froge 14 timmar sedan
they need to fire this cringey zoomer social media manager holy fuck
khalilah 14 timmar sedan
does anyone know which episode this was??
Jack McCauley
Jack McCauley 14 timmar sedan
“I love the jasmine rice. He has to love the jasmine rice.” Lmao it’s just rice. How do you fuck that up
hstewar 14 timmar sedan
The waitress Sonja is adorable but man is she a ditz!
ZerØ 14 timmar sedan
I love whoever makes these titles
No B
No B 14 timmar sedan
Whoever works for this channel is a g
wgtow 14 timmar sedan
I was born in 93 no clue what this title means
here's my opinion • 75 years ago
here's my opinion • 75 years ago 14 timmar sedan
He's Gordon Ramsay a successful business man.. AND you're Alan an unsuccessful business man...please listen when someone who has more experience or is more successful than you is giving you advice
Troll Troll
Troll Troll 14 timmar sedan
That food wasn’t BUSSSIN
Arthur Hu
Arthur Hu 14 timmar sedan
I feel like at this point the person who manages the channel is just searching up “cool tiktok trends”
WC818 14 timmar sedan
Amy is just so damn pretty
eyevin cast
eyevin cast 14 timmar sedan
The common theme.........ZERO accountability from everyone
Kian 14 timmar sedan
Gordon said what now
Sai Ashish
Sai Ashish 14 timmar sedan
The chef looks 5 years old and 55years old at the same time
WL FL 14 timmar sedan
Sounds about right
Manisha 14 timmar sedan
"PJ STEAKHOUSE" "PJ STEAKHOUSE" "Pathetic joke that's what it stands for" 😂😂😂
Papi Small Legs
Papi Small Legs 14 timmar sedan
3:07 the way the waitress smiled over at them bc she knew they were amazing is so wholesome 🥺🥺