Girlfriend FNF
Girlfriend FNF 3 timmar sedan
my mom just yelled at me for getting an 84 on a 50 question test wbu?
k. k.
k. k. 3 timmar sedan
Fuck me... I was eating during the basement scene...
Dino Dipsy
Dino Dipsy 3 timmar sedan
The first dish looked like someone's dog shit
Lakhan Gajjelli
Lakhan Gajjelli 3 timmar sedan
Vikas is best indian chef all the best
kana neesh
kana neesh 3 timmar sedan
The added sound effects when chef shuffles food around on the plate.
La Shawn Jordan
La Shawn Jordan 3 timmar sedan
how can you have a drink of alcohol when you’re a chief😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡shame on linon 🗑
alex šindelář
alex šindelář 3 timmar sedan
Martin's a dickhead
Madeleine Price
Madeleine Price 3 timmar sedan
I felt so bad when he tried the calamari because the lady said she really liked it so I was hoping he’d be pleasantly surprised and like it but instead it’s like, nope 😅🥲
Izza Bell
Izza Bell 3 timmar sedan
Man I am hooked. And BTW your posts are super funny
Emma Clough
Emma Clough 3 timmar sedan
the cameraman for this show is a badass
juzt_avg Gayming
juzt_avg Gayming 3 timmar sedan
pov: ur looking for comments about the waiter steven
Roronoa Zuri
Roronoa Zuri 3 timmar sedan
One of the most egoistic,annoying and crazy owner ever in Kitchen Nightmare
L-Engine Official
L-Engine Official 3 timmar sedan
How come the head chef's jaw is always like :o
Sadaf Shaheen
Sadaf Shaheen 3 timmar sedan
voice is slow
Davos 3 timmar sedan
"You're so full of fucking shit, you'd make a great politican" Beautiful insult
Andrew Maderer
Andrew Maderer 3 timmar sedan
Gordon: Same shit different town Also Gordon: Five years ago, I lost 30,000 tastebuds in the blink of an eye. And the world just FUCKIN’ WATCHED!
Christian Paul Buhian
Christian Paul Buhian 3 timmar sedan
"if that's lasagna, i'm the pope" i'm dead 🤣 -2021 Feb
Ashley Tippit
Ashley Tippit 3 timmar sedan
Uuuuuuuuuuuuggghhh!!!!!!!thats it, im never going to a restaraunt again!!
Derpyderp 3 timmar sedan
The one where Gordon was left angry and frustrated because he main target didn't stoop to his level with insults and get angry and personal back. David maybe a horrible boss but he was smart enough to see what Gordon was doing and he didn't bite.
Becc Apricity
Becc Apricity 3 timmar sedan
2:34 Lowkey expected him to whip out a red and blue capsule.
LD NATION 3 timmar sedan
Not a good chef
Redmonster 3 timmar sedan
I imagine all the politicians to be like David
Ben Silveston
Ben Silveston 3 timmar sedan
"How have I been lying to you Gordy?" Gordon (Gordy): "So, you have chosen death."
C 3 timmar sedan
I would’ve called the police. Those owners are fucking insane! Who acts like that??!!
AkaliA Ø
AkaliA Ø 3 timmar sedan
Thank you once again for awesome episodes!!!
Test Test
Test Test 3 timmar sedan
Yeah David, Gordon was totally incorrect about Canadian lobster being not the same as Maine lobster 😂😂
spinDecoy 3 timmar sedan
Oh this is the Hermanus Americanus my assuss episode!
yhauron 3 timmar sedan
This episode proves that Gordon is completely willing to help any restaurant, provided the owners are willing to listen
Wavy Salty
Wavy Salty 3 timmar sedan
All of that food looks pretty good to me
Dylan Bourque
Dylan Bourque 4 timmar sedan
"I think the problem is that he (a middle aged european master chef) has never tasted a classic pizza before"
coffee jelly
coffee jelly 4 timmar sedan
Hello Now say it back.
Suchismitha Kolluru
Suchismitha Kolluru 4 timmar sedan
Chelsea seafood shack The Black Pearl is now closed, following a failed relocation from the East Village and a completely brutalizing attempt by Gordon Ramsay to "save it," via his Kitchen Nightmares show. The Black Pearl space is being taken over by MePa dive classic The Hog Pit, of course.
Wael Altalaa
Wael Altalaa 4 timmar sedan
Before: reduce brightness, dim colors After, increase brightness,vivid colors, add glow to all objects
Em 4 timmar sedan
He needs to try school food
Syeikh Annuwar
Syeikh Annuwar 4 timmar sedan
Sometimes we need to think outside of the box. During my experience as a Headwaiter, I used to bring my team to dine at other restaurants just to let them experience the food n services. This will open up their minds to give better at their workplace
Strawsalmon 4868
Strawsalmon 4868 4 timmar sedan
I like ramsay never yells at the waiter/waitress
Dark Seeker
Dark Seeker 4 timmar sedan
The last one really made me smile. Warmed my heart
pheno. mena
pheno. mena 4 timmar sedan
Does anyone know the news on the restaurant?? Is it still open? Under new management?
Roronoa Zuri
Roronoa Zuri 4 timmar sedan
Meanwhile the CC: 3:11 While the two owner died in the car....😂
Fishingrich 1Playz
Fishingrich 1Playz 4 timmar sedan
That crust is no puffed and also Gordon Ramsay is no food inspector Kyle he is a food inspector
PapaNoahh 4 timmar sedan
Gordon: "this food could kill peple" Camera team: *proceeds to film people eating the food*
TitusVI 4 timmar sedan
I love this show but whenever i see the guests sending back food i know that they are paid to act as visitors and to send food back and be very critical. It kind of shows how thus whole show is build on made up drama.
GD Neo42
GD Neo42 4 timmar sedan
yesssssss i love this series
Lupin.M 4 timmar sedan
How many time youtube want to recommend this video to me ... . SEcycle: YES
The Senate
The Senate 4 timmar sedan
gordon ramsay is the number one reason why we have a food storage
Icy Flux
Icy Flux 4 timmar sedan
Gordon is cool
Spencer Downey
Spencer Downey 4 timmar sedan
Akira's wife was just absolutely laying into him while talking with Gordon, that was rough
Cejnar 4 timmar sedan
poor lobsters
Hannah Diana
Hannah Diana 4 timmar sedan
I hate people like David
ItzDampSandwich 4 timmar sedan
david 5aneeth
stale cheeto
stale cheeto 4 timmar sedan
gordon: this lobster is canadian?? f*ck off!
Sang SokSerey OFFICIAL
Sang SokSerey OFFICIAL 4 timmar sedan
The Mushroom is sadder than the customer xD
Vuk 4 timmar sedan
"This show will never get old"!
Alex Obando
Alex Obando 4 timmar sedan
The US version of Kitchen Nightmares is way better than the UK version....
mr. knows all
mr. knows all 4 timmar sedan
Hes talking about weakness when he is already weak Btw:the manager cryin like"i want my old lazy work bakc"
Shane 4 timmar sedan
David has his head so far up his own arse, I don't know how the other two owners even remotely get along with him.
Connor Hall
Connor Hall 4 timmar sedan
Frenchman and Australian working together. Wonder what’s gonna happen?
Sara Davis
Sara Davis 4 timmar sedan
He really stuck the boot in David and made him look ridiculous in front of the whole damn world I love Ramsey !
lamemaan 4 timmar sedan
sad that this show ended. i wonder why so many restaurants closed after filming :-/
Rage_x 4 timmar sedan
If someone with Gordon’s credentials came to my restaurant and tore me a new one, I would open ears and listen
CheerioTraveler 4 timmar sedan
A fucking burger
Mominaodiji 4 timmar sedan
I love finally knowing the rest of the words in these arguments now that it's being released uncensored!
Japipay 4 timmar sedan
I'd feel so pressured if I was the girl. Like wtf, we just got engaged and we're gonna get married?!?!! And I would just walk out
Aydn Luy
Aydn Luy 4 timmar sedan
I loooovvveee Gordon Ramsay ❤️❤️❤️
Kat M
Kat M 4 timmar sedan
All i have to say is 'SALMONELLA'
AIM 4 timmar sedan
Is there anyone else that wish for a new season of this? It is so amazing! :O
G 3
G 3 4 timmar sedan
Steven looks like a mix of Shawn Mendes and Conan Gray
A X 4 timmar sedan
3:23 Jesus Christ. That is perfection 🤤🤤🤤🧁🧁🧁😍😍😍😍
balakrishna shetty
balakrishna shetty 4 timmar sedan
Just casually waiting for Justinyt's comment to blow up