West Coast Customs X Faze Clan
Luna 2 timmar sedan
Great drone work omg 👌🏼
Vernon Edwards
Vernon Edwards 6 timmar sedan
“ West Coast Customs👌🏽🔥💣💯 “ No other shop can compare!!!
Big Smalls
Big Smalls 7 timmar sedan
What happened
Agi Prabu
Agi Prabu 9 timmar sedan
Love to see that aerial. So amazing. Awesome.
Merz Squad Productions
Merz Squad Productions 10 timmar sedan
The snorkel makes it look dumb. Other than that it looks killer. Like a fkn shark
Rozay 13 timmar sedan
That was hard 🔥
John Smith
John Smith 13 timmar sedan
Bunch of ricers ruined the car
Nathan wondim
Nathan wondim 13 timmar sedan
JUst wow
iheanacho chidozie
iheanacho chidozie 19 timmar sedan
Terrific 👌 😎👽
Ashy Larry
Ashy Larry 20 timmar sedan
Who do I talk to about getting the “old” tires? Drove from dealership to custom shop; plenty of thread left.
LessBrands 21 timme sedan
They are about to design bullet trains
Alfred Olivares
Alfred Olivares 23 timmar sedan
Dope views
White hammer
White hammer Dag sedan
Well that’s one way to ruin a quality European car. Paint it the same colour a Toyota comes in and trash the interior lol
Derian Andres Garrido Rodriguez
Derian Andres Garrido Rodriguez Dag sedan
Man put leather on a tesla is like wtf
661 FPV
661 FPV Dag sedan
Nice work on the cinewhoop! And good sound work too!
alex font
alex font Dag sedan
Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter Dag sedan
Imagine crashing this drone into a car
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega Dag sedan
Looks just like every "Custom Shop" I worked at......... TO MANY CHEIFS, NOT ENOUGH INDIANS!!!!!!
808 Music
808 Music Dag sedan
social distancing is a must...🤦
K Thayer
K Thayer Dag sedan
So what really did happen? Somebody learnt how to fly a drone? So what! Clickbait!
Waqar Ghulam
Waqar Ghulam Dag sedan
Musa is a freaking genius
Mohit M4
Mohit M4 Dag sedan
Crazy shoot 👍🏻😎🇮🇳
Ikraam Gafoor
Ikraam Gafoor Dag sedan
The drone skills stole the show, it wouldn't have mattered where he was flying 🤣
Aahaan Tanna
Aahaan Tanna Dag sedan
So wut happened
Full Plate
Full Plate Dag sedan
Whoever flew that drone did a crazy job 🔥🔥
MO GAINS Dag sedan
So creative and clean with the editing. One love from beautiful Trinidad and Tobago ❤️👍🏼👊🏼👊🏼🇹🇹.
Jack Daniel O
Jack Daniel O Dag sedan
self Dag sedan
ruined, in my opinion.
toffeeboy72 Dag sedan
Looks fuckin awesome! 👌
Amar Gaikwad
Amar Gaikwad Dag sedan
Optimus prime
Yass Max
Yass Max Dag sedan
Glad Dump
Glad Dump 2 dagar sedan
Best drone rider video on point 🤌🏻🤌🏻👌🏼
TheLionGod 2 dagar sedan
you got a drone pilot
Lemuel Delmonte
Lemuel Delmonte 2 dagar sedan
This car is crazzzy!! 😱
Sandeep Gill
Sandeep Gill 2 dagar sedan
Fucking sick camera work
kitty ling
kitty ling 2 dagar sedan
im so happy, here, ill flip u off
Epic Shout Outs
Epic Shout Outs 2 dagar sedan
So what happened?
4200time B
4200time B 2 dagar sedan
Could be the coolest looking place to work ive ever seen .
chuckswhip 2 dagar sedan
Isaiah Sam
Isaiah Sam 2 dagar sedan
But why does it look like they downgraded the size? It looks so dope
Steven90cv 2 dagar sedan
Wst really big boss tuning custom waw 😍
derek correia
derek correia 2 dagar sedan
Amazing ! Drop the mic 🎤 drone footage
Kyle Harbaugh
Kyle Harbaugh 2 dagar sedan
Thanks!! @level_fpv
Harwood Acoustics
Harwood Acoustics 2 dagar sedan
Looking good Boyz! Xx
Tabs H
Tabs H 2 dagar sedan
Whoever flew the drone has got some mad skills 👏
Kyle Harbaugh
Kyle Harbaugh 2 dagar sedan
Thanks!! @level_fpv
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos 2 dagar sedan
Arbaz khan
Arbaz khan 2 dagar sedan
I clicked coz I thought JB came for a refund
Matt 2 dagar sedan
Dude wants to be a hick so bad
Jo Oooo
Jo Oooo 2 dagar sedan
2:40 RIP too the MAMBA!!
Zack Slater
Zack Slater 2 dagar sedan
So can Mike Dean do the soundtrack from now on?
The Garage
The Garage 2 dagar sedan
There are 70 hating douchebags that disliked this?????
walter campos
walter campos 2 dagar sedan
OK.... WCC the best of the best
Jas B
Jas B 2 dagar sedan
Hella sick g
Farbod Farmand
Farbod Farmand 2 dagar sedan
nicely done!
Sookle's World
Sookle's World 2 dagar sedan
That's huge 😮
Rich G.
Rich G. 2 dagar sedan
This video was so satisfying 👌🏻
Huma. 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful !
m r
m r 2 dagar sedan
Nothing. Absolutely Nothing happened. As usual! 🤣
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 2 dagar sedan
I remember when Ryan's GPA gave him $5k to start up his little business
Davey May
Davey May 2 dagar sedan
MD BD 2 dagar sedan
The guy flying the drone is a legend 👌
Bjgssnvcdgjkly 3 timmar sedan
Kyle Harbaugh
Kyle Harbaugh 2 dagar sedan
Thanks!! More cool shoots to come! Pilot @level_fpv company @levelaerials
Alan Rufino García Gutierrez
Alan Rufino García Gutierrez 2 dagar sedan
I would change everything in my life just for working in that shop. it's amazing.
Forrest Bondurant
Forrest Bondurant 2 dagar sedan
Very cool video.
Thomas Rybacki
Thomas Rybacki 2 dagar sedan
I hope they became more humble since their tv show. Pay your employees right.
trap kudah honcho
trap kudah honcho 2 dagar sedan
I wish I was working there, I really love West Coast Customs.
Derk Stigter
Derk Stigter 2 dagar sedan
This is so insane, wanna go there so bad
Thatguywithnopancreas 2 dagar sedan
Thatguywithnopancreas 2 dagar sedan
Sameer Ramdeen
Sameer Ramdeen 2 dagar sedan
Who lever was flying what seemed to be a drone had some legendary skills
Jungle Mogley
Jungle Mogley 2 dagar sedan
What happened... got a headache from the footage...
AKwithabeamonit 2 dagar sedan
was that BIG DANE
THUNDERFLASH AG 2 dagar sedan
I never realised or knew that their west coast customs was so damn big They got space for everything and it's so modern and amazing
ash philip
ash philip 2 dagar sedan
Dope Material with the drone. Can't wait to see the new facility of WCC!
Marshall Moos
Marshall Moos 2 dagar sedan
Hi where is Ish looks like he's not with you anymore ?
Markus Vaara
Markus Vaara 2 dagar sedan
Tämä on hieno video. Dronen lennättäjä on myös todella taitava.
PAPAmoustapha dione
PAPAmoustapha dione 2 dagar sedan
G Morabito
G Morabito 2 dagar sedan
When new Netflix WestCoast?
G Morabito
G Morabito 2 dagar sedan
Pretty Company very nice!🤩
Cowatzel 2 dagar sedan
Oh wow
Ance Mathew
Ance Mathew 2 dagar sedan
Looks like the toyshop on fast and furious
lil Nrαw
lil Nrαw 2 dagar sedan
- Андрюха самый лучший оператор. - Чо за Андрюха? - Дрон погоняло.