Stewart Wallwork
Stewart Wallwork 15 timmar sedan
Media very quiet on this
Alternative Facts
Alternative Facts 15 timmar sedan
Aid agencies should find them somewhere to live instead of trying to lecture a nation that has gone out of the way and hosted over 1 million refugees. Instead of thanking Bangladesh everyone should just STFU because the world doesn't see anyone else doing anything
Manos Seferidis
Manos Seferidis 15 timmar sedan
Now imagine if they just opened their borders to foreign investment. Then there would be plenty of jobs.
Ádhamh Ó Conchobhair
Ádhamh Ó Conchobhair 15 timmar sedan
You can tell what they did with the title🤣
Gino Dini
Gino Dini 15 timmar sedan
No doubt Smith Trading Services is very good, I invested $5,000 and cashed out $14,700 after
Norm Baker
Norm Baker 15 timmar sedan
Since the US has a problem of constantly attacking other countries, Its good that someone stands up to them.
therover65 15 timmar sedan
Don’t worry USA is coming to help. Just Wait...
Suman Barman
Suman Barman 15 timmar sedan
God please save us from this pandemic. Because the government of is currupted .only rich people save from this pandemic.poor people don't have any option only god can save them. 🇮🇳 😢
TORIQUL ISLAM 15 timmar sedan
If you want remidicir(Corona Medicine) or oxygen, Contact with Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and china. We have plenty of Oxygen and Medicine. Best of luck India 🇮🇳, hope for best. Lier Modi👹 brings your Acche din( Ram Rajotto) I think modi himself Ravan😂
Vendetta 15 timmar sedan
This is terrible. Next will be a shortage grave sites..
Mimzy Jinx
Mimzy Jinx 15 timmar sedan
It means systemic racism is a myth. Anyone saying that Floyd died because he was black is a race baiter and a grifter. You are very selective in your statistics regarding the black community and police interactions. That why BLM gets many more black lives lost then it saves. That's what makes them race baiters, grifters, and a hate group.
Gia Wou
Gia Wou 15 timmar sedan
The cost of Chauvin not guilty is too costly so US government now can not not cover him crime like they did in the past.
Seerat Zahra
Seerat Zahra 15 timmar sedan
I am unable to fathom how they are brainwashed these little kids say a lot of things that they themselves don’t even understand they say it as they are taught all the parents should stop sending their children to madrasas
TABz Qureshi
TABz Qureshi 15 timmar sedan
Glad to learn this !
David Reynoso
David Reynoso 15 timmar sedan
Putin is a mad man
British empire No 1 fan
British empire No 1 fan 15 timmar sedan
India needs to spend more money on they’re healthcare system and not on space programs
BANMC B 15 timmar sedan
Allha save all Indian form bangladesh
Amar Sharif
Amar Sharif 15 timmar sedan
May God protect the poor and vulnerable
mark baker
mark baker 15 timmar sedan
Bahut acha .. aisa hi bolega gussa aadmi . 3 log aaj hi mohalle me mare hain. Itne log mar rahe hai jinki ginti karo to roz ka 7000 niklega kam se kam.
chino Mndza
chino Mndza 15 timmar sedan
surprised the protesters didnt choose downtown or anywhere with a footlocker and louis vuitton
Kiefer Talley
Kiefer Talley 15 timmar sedan
Bugz Bunny: I dare you to cross the line.. Yosemite Sam: Imma stepping!
Munawar L
Munawar L 15 timmar sedan
Dohbi government needs to facilitate free gomutra. Why isn’t Pakistan exporting free gomutra from Punjab.
MD Jasim
MD Jasim 15 timmar sedan
I am request you report for the police then police for the Parliament support Sheikh Haseena
jesbsnrn 15 timmar sedan
so painful to watch. so painful
Munawar L
Munawar L 15 timmar sedan
Isn’t gomutra suppose to cure ?? Where are all the hoax and hate spreaders
Philip Scott
Philip Scott 15 timmar sedan
Rhodisia was the bread basket of southern Africa Zimbabwe the bust bowel.
Roseanne AUSSIE Park-Chaeyoung
Roseanne AUSSIE Park-Chaeyoung 15 timmar sedan
Mexican here, I catched COVID-19 during December last year, it was hard!!
Tahir Razzaq
Tahir Razzaq 15 timmar sedan
Ya throw money on more Rifales it will certainly help dying people.
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 15 timmar sedan
Don't totk to in Somalia even you are the work TV this country have a lot year civil war so don't show as a lot promlem in somali
Joseph Ho
Joseph Ho 15 timmar sedan
Everyone seems to forget it’s the western world who has moved their factories to China.
0168196250 15 timmar sedan
I am surprise the Indians are not blaming on China 🇨🇳 like the west do ! Bravo 👏🏻!
John Doe
John Doe 15 timmar sedan
The ones that know don't care and the ones that care don't know really touched me
Tanvir R
Tanvir R 15 timmar sedan
Sympathy from Bangladesh and parying for each poor souls ,🥺☹️ Please save your lives i feel sad .
thisisntmyrealname 15 timmar sedan
Being in the country illegally should disqualify them from ever having legal residency.
Sultan Jayte
Sultan Jayte 15 timmar sedan
How they can report kenyan journalist somali politics
Bint eve
Bint eve 15 timmar sedan
Heartbreaking, best wishes from Pak. Hope you bounce back soon.
自粛警察巡査 15 timmar sedan
ladies and gentlemen I am Japanese Do you know that the Olympics will be held in Japan this year? We have not taken any countermeasures against the coronavirus in Japan. The number of infected people is hidden and untreated. There are a lot of infected people who are not included in the statistics. Don't you think it's a dangerous act to host an Olympic Games in such a country? Japan is a very dangerous country. There are actually more than 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus. But the Japanese government is hiding it. Boycott the Tokyo Olympics to protect your country's athletes. There is also the problem of radioactivity leaked during the 2011 earthquake. There are health problems, but they are not reported. Nevertheless, the Japanese government deceived international organizations by saying, "It's safe." The radiation concentration at the venue where the Tokyo Olympics will be held exceeds the standard value. But it's been covered up. You should boycott the Tokyo Olympics to protect your country's athletes. Please ask the government of your country to boycott the Tokyo Olympics. If major countries such as the U.S. and Europe do not participate, the Olympics will surely be canceled due to broadcasting rights issues. Please Spread this post I don't want athletes in your country to get infected with the coronavirus. I pray for your health.
自粛警察巡査 15 timmar sedan
Please help us The Japanese government is disregarding people's lives in order to force the Olympics to be held. Coronavirus victims are kept in isolation facilities and left untreated PCR tests have been deliberately narrowed down and the number of infected people has been reported to be low. Don't you think it's a violation of human rights? Please impose sanctions on the Japanese government. The Japanese government prioritizes the Olympics over the lives of the people. please Pressure the Japanese government to cancel the Tokyo Olympics.
Maxamed qani
Maxamed qani 15 timmar sedan
I am thanking aljaziira and I would like all somali people are brothers and they need farmaajo
Yahya khalid
Yahya khalid 15 timmar sedan
Fuck9ff Al Jazeera.
Txabish Mor
Txabish Mor 15 timmar sedan
This is what happens when a illiterate man runs a country...... Feeling pity for poor indians
Shio 15 timmar sedan
Ugh biden sit down
50 M
50 M 15 timmar sedan
PM ignoring people CM ignoring Government servents negilegance No one Cares about Us! People are Diyng And Most of the deaths are Unregistered! Numbers are tooo Higher! As we compare to Government data
Aaron Monroe
Aaron Monroe 15 timmar sedan
Much love to India from Haiti. Inexcusable how the government still has a shortage to this day, they had over 1 year to prepare for a huge surge. So many qualified medical professionals of Indian descent in India and outside of India, where is the money going? This is unacceptable there needs to be inquiries in to officials.
monkey pants 696
monkey pants 696 15 timmar sedan
ffffffffff my hearts,broken
Sk Ahammod Hossain
Sk Ahammod Hossain 15 timmar sedan
It is a fake news. I am Bangladeshi. I hve home in bhasan char. It is safe, secure and beautiful place. Al jazeera spreads propaganda. They financed in terrorism and killing mission.. Raise voice to implement democracy in Qatar...
Shahram Mazkoory
Shahram Mazkoory 15 timmar sedan
it aint the Gulf region, its the Persian GULF. ADDRESS IT AS SUCH, GET IT RIGHT!!
christopher reid
christopher reid 15 timmar sedan
John 3.16-21
Sheldon Miranda
Sheldon Miranda 15 timmar sedan
China can build a hospital for in a matter of days. I'm sure the government can do something
Janice Johnson
Janice Johnson 15 timmar sedan
insha Allah Ameen , these peoples' Are Really Going Throught a Ruff Time. Many of Us Are Really Bested .Look How Some Familys' Are Living. May Allahakbar , Keep Them Strong And Well But i know its' not ease For Them And Thee Kids' Babys' Slay Safe And Strong. Peace And Blessings' 1 🛐🕉💖💚🕎🕊
Jane Bills
Jane Bills 15 timmar sedan
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
vy qwaint
vy qwaint 15 timmar sedan
@Chris M How do I start trading with Mr Oscar Washington
Chris M
Chris M 15 timmar sedan
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Conor Kenny
Conor Kenny 15 timmar sedan
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Michael David
Michael David 15 timmar sedan
I got sir Oscar Washington info, how good is she ?
Lee Jack
Lee Jack 15 timmar sedan
he has really made a good name for him self
Sol Patinaj Tarık
Sol Patinaj Tarık 15 timmar sedan
:D that obese dude just screamin and holdin a gun like a crib shotta good luck from turkey
Joseph Ho
Joseph Ho 15 timmar sedan
If US and China fight between each other on who is on top of climate change, the world will be saved. But if US and China continue to fight each other on who is the world power, the world will be finished!
traveller 1ah20
traveller 1ah20 15 timmar sedan
How about China burning everything including human beings
ibra grr
ibra grr 15 timmar sedan
ashulia village
ashulia village 15 timmar sedan
Ask them to leave Bangladesh and move to Qatar ! Many peoole in Bangladesh no house to live goverment Wasting money for them no use it's Republican our money not Qatar or aljajera money !
Tom Karlen
Tom Karlen 16 timmar sedan
You may get a sunburn if the weatherman is wrong,very dangerous
Fuad Jadue
Fuad Jadue 16 timmar sedan
Fuad Jadue
Fuad Jadue 16 timmar sedan
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 16 timmar sedan
Why don’t scientists invent a car that works with water or sun, scientists destroy for profit, hitler has scientists too
Michael Bilentschuk
Michael Bilentschuk 16 timmar sedan
Israel is an apartheid state
Wakkad Sound
Wakkad Sound 16 timmar sedan
Luzy rasiorchars ond cuntint pravodors pass mi aff.
Self-Education Methodology
Self-Education Methodology 16 timmar sedan
gts3004 16 timmar sedan
The only reason anyone would feel a necessity to ban this book is because you fear that the book is persuasive enough and makes a good argument to support its ideas
hassan mursal adan
hassan mursal adan 16 timmar sedan
Cbb always crzy wlh
Commies Are filth
Commies Are filth 16 timmar sedan
Amsterdams mayor is a c**t! We want more coffeeshops, twice as many window brothels like it used to be, random crazy people wandering around off their heads...in the 90s you knew what you were letting yourself in for if you went to the rld, now its all tame and sugar coated bulls**t
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 16 timmar sedan
You cant believe in climate change if our leaders have Nukes.
Jessica Gauche
Jessica Gauche 16 timmar sedan
How dangerous is all miscommunication in the media.🤦🏾‍♀️
Be Low Below
Be Low Below 15 timmar sedan
Intergenerationaly dangerous
jimn1023 16 timmar sedan
I fear that US DNA is such that compromise is a sign of weakness, the thought of no longer being the hegemon is heresy and the hawks will prevail. Obama pivoted east to try and contain China, Russia was sanctioned and vilified and agreements were dishonored, likewise Iran. The 2 administrations between them left openings for motivated alliances between Iran, Russia and China while in the South China Sea the US has done little more than be a major annoyance. Not to mention the impact the Bush administration had on feelings toward the US. Negative public opinion has done little to curb China and Russia's growth . Biden's tough talk, IMHO is forging even stronger bonds against "the forces against democracy".
K G 16 timmar sedan
What kind of human are we when we start punishing people that are different from our own beliefs. Defying all these human rights movements and a free world.
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 16 timmar sedan
The next invisible enemy to fear forever. This is a playbook alright.
Be Low Below
Be Low Below 15 timmar sedan
_no no no, that's not a pot of boiling water. That's your own personal jacuzzi_
nelia sparks
nelia sparks 16 timmar sedan
It’s more problematic in the Philippines. Condos being built everywhere the size of a chicken coop for millions of pesos.
Curious Girl
Curious Girl 16 timmar sedan
Jusko naman biden kinakalaban mo ang matigas na padir walang wala siya kay president PUTIN sisiw lang si Biden kay Putin. Gago biden wala pa siya pinag mamalaki kabago bago palang nakikibasag ulo na. Saan lupalop ba yan nakatira si biden haha ang utak nya nasa talampakan ng paa nya.
5____Percent 16 timmar sedan
1:35 please wear mask properly 🙏🏽
Leonardo BC
Leonardo BC 16 timmar sedan
Religion gatherings and voting killed them, don't blame anyone but themselves
ReaptheWhirlwind 16 timmar sedan
man ppl sure love killing each other
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 16 timmar sedan
Why believe in climate change when you live in a Wold ready for a nuclear warhead. Get ride of Nukes and we might believe you care about the world and the people. Science destroyed this world