Outriders Review
AWR- ohi
AWR- ohi 5 timmar sedan
Another great movie
Misael Delacruz
Misael Delacruz 5 timmar sedan
is this a troll video? wtf is 2nd
Big Jack Gameplays
Big Jack Gameplays 5 timmar sedan
I'm sorry Eric, but you're not Martin Luther King!
Dua Lupa
Dua Lupa 5 timmar sedan
Jason statham being jason statham in all his movies, and we loved it.
BaLLHands87 5 timmar sedan
When the bag of coke gets stuck on his head in crank lmao
WafflesAsThePuncake 5 timmar sedan
Typhon was confirmed to have no civilian presence...within the first couple minutes of the Titanfall 2 campaign
Mercyre 5 timmar sedan
IGN never run short of dead space nerds lol
Eoarzah Vanguard
Eoarzah Vanguard 5 timmar sedan
00:38 It's your f*cking fault!
Shea Vague
Shea Vague 5 timmar sedan
Who are you? Ya mum
luciole tan
luciole tan 5 timmar sedan
juri player quite bad
Nero Red
Nero Red 5 timmar sedan
The Transporter 👍
Kingslayer WWE
Kingslayer WWE 5 timmar sedan
Yes! Only way to play sone classic games! Glad their staying since Playstation isn't backwards compatible
Koku 5 timmar sedan
Meh. Aquafina or whatever her name is kinda killed it.
Joshua Mohlman
Joshua Mohlman 5 timmar sedan
The airplane scene in “Fate of the Furious” made me want to hire Jason Statham as a babysitter ngl
ZakMilz 5 timmar sedan
Cant wait to get chased by a creepy man agian
Danicus Prime
Danicus Prime 5 timmar sedan
Well that was underwhelming
Shea Vague
Shea Vague 5 timmar sedan
Scrolling down down down
King OfGames
King OfGames 5 timmar sedan
Who are you: Shang-chi:👊🏼✋🏼🤛🏼
TheInfamousDope 5 timmar sedan
How can you not talk about the time he banged Amy Smart in public in Crank?
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Dubs
The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Dubs 5 timmar sedan
How do people call wandavision the first mcu tv show and ignore all those other shows?
Nhek Zero
Nhek Zero 5 timmar sedan
David Mills: What's in the box!?
mar terstegen
mar terstegen 5 timmar sedan
William Petersen
William Petersen 5 timmar sedan
Nintendo switch has been around for 25 years?
Vaux 5 timmar sedan
sieht gut aus
MOVG 5 timmar sedan
Should make an acceleracers or world race game with the realms
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson 5 timmar sedan
Interesting take on one sentence from a whole interview. Stay relevant IGN. Stay relevant.
Anjo Suicida
Anjo Suicida 5 timmar sedan
0st <3
RandommNinja 5 timmar sedan
Having listened to the entirety of the interview, this is some horrifically unethical and intentionally distorted reporting on what Ed Brubaker said.
SHEMZILLER 5 timmar sedan
The machanic made me love him no homo 😉
Thomas Casillo
Thomas Casillo 5 timmar sedan
Friday we'll be the last time we see this gorgeous woman on the Daily Fix y'all. Let's enjoy this week while it lasts.
The List of Jericho
The List of Jericho 5 timmar sedan
Every scene he was in in the movie Spy.
Venice The hedgehog
Venice The hedgehog 5 timmar sedan
When was this
Dan Garcia
Dan Garcia 5 timmar sedan
Gaslighting much?
E1even 12
E1even 12 5 timmar sedan
She better spit some quality viper one liners
Karan Surve
Karan Surve 5 timmar sedan
SEcycle recommending it after 9 years😅👍
Cooper G Farrant
Cooper G Farrant 5 timmar sedan
The ending is mind blowing
kardell kazuya
kardell kazuya 5 timmar sedan
Jason Statham should do more comedy SPY is really amazing
TheBumBoy 5 timmar sedan
just make titanfall 3
help me get better
help me get better 5 timmar sedan
"Who are you?" *cool pose* Marvel Studios COOL POSER 9/3/21
Only You
Only You 5 timmar sedan
Consumer won finally against sony!!
Old Snake
Old Snake 5 timmar sedan
When you though Power Rangers was going to be a decent fight game but the team are just potheads...
Fabian Trenche
Fabian Trenche 5 timmar sedan
No Sandman? Come on
Teazy 301
Teazy 301 5 timmar sedan
Hopefully this game is better than this person's aim sheeeeeeeeeesh
taffy roosevelt
taffy roosevelt 5 timmar sedan
Kaarvo 5 timmar sedan
Senshi_ Senpai617
Senshi_ Senpai617 5 timmar sedan
Finally a tribute to Jason amazing love it 😀
Jay _
Jay _ 5 timmar sedan
It's shang not shung lol
Akeem Lawanson
Akeem Lawanson 5 timmar sedan
it's not pronounced the way it's spelled. You can look up the proper pronunciation.
viraltang 5 timmar sedan
Place your bets on all the extra story nuggets this is gonna have an maybe setups for future games.
Darnell Coleman
Darnell Coleman 5 timmar sedan
David T
David T 5 timmar sedan
Came a long ways from parasailing by grappling hooking a car going down the road. Bravo! Mí gusta comrade.
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen 5 timmar sedan
To be fair Brubaker did come up with the Winter Soldier concept but he used a character in Bucky who was created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon and is owned by Marvel/Disney.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 5 timmar sedan
2:01 yeet
Eden Nguyen
Eden Nguyen 5 timmar sedan
Might as well some reference to Jack Cooper and BT
Macblink Skylight
Macblink Skylight 5 timmar sedan
Annoying aspect ratio
Yash Kothalkar
Yash Kothalkar 5 timmar sedan
Glen McLauchlan
Glen McLauchlan 5 timmar sedan
Thats Dreamcast or Xbox360 actually, maybe snes or master system close 2nd
Le Doughnut
Le Doughnut 5 timmar sedan
Is nobody talking about rampart helping her
GorillaGuy10 5 timmar sedan
Why tf did the animation get so bad from 5:43 to to 6:08 lol
Flying Passion
Flying Passion 5 timmar sedan
Release date?
Shaurya Kumar Gautam
Shaurya Kumar Gautam 5 timmar sedan
He should sue and create a precedent so that other creators aren't taken advantage of. On the other hand if he does that Disney will squash him like a bug.
Mizu No Oto
Mizu No Oto 5 timmar sedan
0:06 Michelangelo: Goofiest Runner Michelangelo: Fastest Runner
Kritshaurya Bhambu
Kritshaurya Bhambu 5 timmar sedan
His real identity is Jung and he works at a car rental and lives with his colleague Kimchi.
ChaChai's Life
ChaChai's Life 5 timmar sedan
Wait!!! They gave him shadow clone jutsu? Lol
Akshay Kumar Brahma
Akshay Kumar Brahma 5 timmar sedan
Big fan
Brandon Weidner
Brandon Weidner 5 timmar sedan
1:34-1:37 is what's gonna sell this movie
Orlando Bustamante
Orlando Bustamante 5 timmar sedan
So it's basically danny the dog
Howitzer XO
Howitzer XO 5 timmar sedan
Yooo I’m up in here!
J L 5 timmar sedan
SoFi Alj9ure
SoFi Alj9ure 5 timmar sedan
2st 🤣🤣😂