MrHorror1971 21 timme sedan
The queens gone A.i
Baron Frederick
Baron Frederick 21 timme sedan
never thought id ever see a guardian video with more likes than dislikes
Peter Pehi
Peter Pehi 21 timme sedan
AlpacaGamerNoo 21 timme sedan
He walks in the store like nothing happend
HayatSevinceGüzel 21 timme sedan
I want merry, but i dont find a Man
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Manuqtix Manuqtix 21 timme sedan
Undisciplined girl That's what all this is
Joshua Oglesby
Joshua Oglesby 21 timme sedan
Kenz300 x
Kenz300 x 21 timme sedan
Covid is real. Wear a mask. Get vaccinated when it is offered.
Mysterious Clown
Mysterious Clown 21 timme sedan
If this man is Neymar he would rolling back to Brazil
SolosoloAfaluko 21 timme sedan
Presenter has terrible plastic surgery!!
Saoirse HasLongLegs
Saoirse HasLongLegs 21 timme sedan
She was a young girl who was indoctriinated,she made a mistake,she never killed anyone.
Bogdan Gourskii
Bogdan Gourskii 21 timme sedan
I've seen enough. I'm satisfied.
Noah LEITH 21 timme sedan
Thank F**k
Coral Casas
Coral Casas 21 timme sedan
Pp£ L,p
Lea G
Lea G 21 timme sedan
Fkin correct
Errorist 21 timme sedan
I mean, why yall disliking pure facts that she's spittin?
A Koskinen
A Koskinen 21 timme sedan
Trevor Giddings
Trevor Giddings 21 timme sedan
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha By Gum, Begone, Begum ha ha ha ha ha ha.
kassie gilbert
kassie gilbert 21 timme sedan
she is a child.
Aaron Cohen
Aaron Cohen 21 timme sedan
Go OUT and save the NHS by not having a nervous breakdown.
D-777 21 timme sedan
Why did it even get as far as the Supreme court?!
x FlushestMean93 x
x FlushestMean93 x 21 timme sedan
She’s safer over there trust me
Aesthetic Athlete
Aesthetic Athlete 21 timme sedan
Let her back!!! Leave her alone!!!!
Sho-kun 21 timme sedan
That was an ultra instinct russian sneeze.
INDIA & WORLD 21 timme sedan
Why does it look like the gorilla baby is smarter than the little boy.
Gavinwtf 21 timme sedan
This is the president guys.
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder 21 timme sedan
The Trumps Will End Up Being Drone Bombed Soon By Donalds Terrorist or Cartel Enemies. the worlds fastest drone is the DRL Racing X, 163mph average (179.6mph Actual) and 0-100mph in under 2 seconds. weighing 800g and cannot be seen under 2ft off the ground, or heard until it is 400 feet away (2.4 seconds). the DRL can be converted to fly remotely from any smart phone 1000 miles away as long as both are on the same cell phone network. and the DRL can Carry EXP-1 the worlds most explosive plastic.
whzpoor 21 timme sedan
Due to COVID i think we can all relate to this.
Darth Vaper
Darth Vaper 21 timme sedan
jay cam
jay cam 21 timme sedan
She's a disgrace!!!!!!!
Dugnutt Binnie
Dugnutt Binnie 21 timme sedan
I passed a Mosque in Bolton today at 13:05. My estimation would be around 150 men, the majority of which had no masks, were leaving all at once, talking, laughing. I wondered then how many should be together in a place of worship at this time, so I looked when I got home. Churches were 30 people but I couldn't find an amount for other religions. I was reluctant to ask the question as I may be considered a racist. Truth be told I thought it was nice at first as we don't get that many in Churches anymore.
Emanuell L
Emanuell L 21 timme sedan
That is awesome, i smiled the whole video :)
Mark david
Mark david 21 timme sedan
How come prince Charles was allowed to drive 200 miles to see his father while we will get arrested for doing something like this. Oh wait because they are royalty.
Gary Jones
Gary Jones 21 timme sedan
Quite right.
Please permit me to speak oh great one
Please permit me to speak oh great one 21 timme sedan
If you want to see her back in the country then just vote labour.
Misty Skies
Misty Skies 21 timme sedan
Oh Matty Matty what would that public school teacher be thinking now, money isn't everything you poor thing, have a vaccine that'll sort you out :)
I hang myself
I hang myself 21 timme sedan
I love this guy on the left
ryan Crawford
ryan Crawford 21 timme sedan
These men need bore me
Dave Pangolin
Dave Pangolin 21 timme sedan
trouble is .... she is let back in then its a green light to these lefty worm lawyers to open the floodgates. No doubt as a child on departure she should have a chance of redemption but as i say .... LAWYERS
Audrey Simmonds
Audrey Simmonds 21 timme sedan
Correct result !
Kevin Burrow
Kevin Burrow 21 timme sedan
I don't like being talked at in that tone of voice.
Bishbashboshboshbosh 21 timme sedan
Right now she's crying into her Union Jack pillow. Hard cheese, love.
stoneybridger 21 timme sedan
Can see the comments section isn't pruned to reflect the guardian's out of touch narrative like the newspaper. Nobody wants her back, why won't some western hating middle eastern country take her? not Iran though, you can't go walking about iran in those clothes without getting 10 years in jail.
Son of Wessex
Son of Wessex 21 timme sedan
Love how the Guardian says she 'fled' Britain to join IS. What exactly was she fleeing from in the UK that was better in Syria, besides being able to lop off somebody's head for not being 'haram?
Beefy Burrito
Beefy Burrito 21 timme sedan
*Insert transformers theme here*
TheBladerunner1975 21 timme sedan
at last the uk is not a soft touch anymore
Moscow California
Moscow California 21 timme sedan
🤣🤣🤣🤣 как обосрали
Richa Wazlett
Richa Wazlett 21 timme sedan
0.12 f off
Graham Holt
Graham Holt 21 timme sedan
about time
OvermarsDaria 21 timme sedan
I personally give an Oscar for best actor to Geoffrey Rush for the movie : Deception 2014 I think he was outstanding.
Decimus Septimus Tutelus
Decimus Septimus Tutelus 21 timme sedan
What virus? No vaccine for teachers or police and no school checks, is this so there WILL be another wave and lockdown?
Jane Basson
Jane Basson 21 timme sedan
Could Obama’s be colder and any more a luff!!
Xarai 21 timme sedan
thats quite literally NOT what the whale was doing. ugh hate clickbait titles
kenji calixtro
kenji calixtro 21 timme sedan
J Chan
J Chan 21 timme sedan
This is the correct decision not only because it will deter others from thinking that they can participate in terrorism overseas without repercussion, but also because through pledging allegiance to another regime she had in effect renounced her commitments to the UK.
Misty Skies
Misty Skies 21 timme sedan
Look into my eye, not around my eye but in my eye - and see the lie, lie, lie (x) (x)= vacant look = porky pie lies
MultipleUselessness 21 timme sedan
If they're hinting at it, it's going to happen. In a couple months when lockdowns are set to be easing they'll come back and say, "It's not our fault, we told you but you didn't listen and we have to lockdown again!" regardless of the facts, blaming the public.
ayo aye
ayo aye 21 timme sedan
I hope that she grows an unshaveable moustache.
Tanner Brooks
Tanner Brooks 21 timme sedan
Buying Bitcoin will Empower Water
Buying Bitcoin will Empower Water 21 timme sedan
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda 21 timme sedan
Oh no, anyways im getting ready for my A-level mocks what are you guys getting up to?
Scott King
Scott King 21 timme sedan
allowing this girl back would have been a grave mistake .
DRONE HDTV 21 timme sedan
I question how many children she bared yet died. why how and what. sniffy to me she should stay out of uk
Mike 21 timme sedan
There is no point getting a vacine if your still locked down. Absolute perthetic I'm due for mine in march but I see no point as I'll still be locked down and in march will we see the goal post moved further away. Its all about control and living under dictatorship. We need this tory party out starting with the local elections. Drain the swamp.
Nicole Marsh
Nicole Marsh 21 timme sedan
The vaccine doesn't prevent you from spreading the virus to other people who haven't had it yet. The point is to prevent you from getting severe illness (because your immune system is already prepared for an infection). Hope this helps.
Random Guy
Random Guy 21 timme sedan
Great news
LGH 21 timme sedan
Don't care + ratio'd
Wayne Dullaghan
Wayne Dullaghan 21 timme sedan
Taking advice from the woman who shot jfk
Wayne Dullaghan
Wayne Dullaghan 21 timme sedan
After treating harries wife with racism she has nothing to say
Jahed Miah
Jahed Miah 21 timme sedan
Why are they still discussing this? Even a 3yr old child would make the decision to not let her back in.
Colin Smettem
Colin Smettem 21 timme sedan
PAW741 21 timme sedan
You flee to Syria to fight against YOUR own country...and you wanna come back? wow
Lee Murray
Lee Murray 21 timme sedan
The best news I’ve heard in a while!
Dazza170 21 timme sedan
specky little rat.
mikoloe 21 timme sedan
The biden empire
Rabie Abd El-Samad
Rabie Abd El-Samad 21 timme sedan
Completely fair, Thank you Lord Reed
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill 21 timme sedan
Excellent well done Supreme Court. 👍🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Mark Power
Mark Power 21 timme sedan
Only .36 secs long cause the Queen had to log off and get it her daily game of Call of Duty
Mike Sanderson
Mike Sanderson 21 timme sedan
Eff off you patronising sods.
Henry Gallardo
Henry Gallardo 21 timme sedan
Ben Shapiro did not even get destroyed. As he simply stated “frankly I find this whole thing a waste of time” showing he has no interest in this interview/debate, giving no effort to continue.
Armata Man
Armata Man 21 timme sedan