Gordon's Guide To Bacon
Ace Holtzie
Ace Holtzie 7 timmar sedan
He mentioned pittsburgh!! Woohoo! Go pittsburgh! 😜
Linda Chize
Linda Chize 7 timmar sedan
Traveller Ninja
Traveller Ninja 7 timmar sedan
Nice long strokes.. My dirty mind can't 🤣
Karan Shah
Karan Shah 7 timmar sedan
Why is nobody wearing masks?
Looking In With Victor B
Looking In With Victor B 7 timmar sedan
She really has her father's showmanship.
Waksap Arin
Waksap Arin 7 timmar sedan
Lovely family....nice...gordon....cameback to malaysia and cook rendang...
Bob Costas
Bob Costas 7 timmar sedan
Is she married?
37-0 7 timmar sedan
"A fuckin pigeon"
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 8 timmar sedan
Ate spam tonight!! 😆🤭👍👍👍
S1nner 8 timmar sedan
"If you can't use a rice cooker, then you're not asian." - S1nner_
Ken Q
Ken Q 8 timmar sedan
the owner looked like that one kid in school where he lies about stuff that he has just so that you can go to his house
Daniel Biggins
Daniel Biggins 8 timmar sedan
I'm this close to plastering my walls with posters of Gordon Ramsey, I'm like a super fan now, someone needs to stop me.
Hannah Frost
Hannah Frost 8 timmar sedan
He's like "God bless America,Fuck off fly"🤣😂😂
meghraj sahu
meghraj sahu 8 timmar sedan
Indian food are best in the world. He don't cook food properly. His food are not cooked deep inside
zachary Benhenni
zachary Benhenni 8 timmar sedan
I just love how offended Ramsay is at 4:02😂😂😂😂😂
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia 8 timmar sedan
I was really caught off guard when it went from cooking to a competition with a Hamster for sperm count.
Biak Skull
Biak Skull 8 timmar sedan
"Ah, theres hope" "we bought that" fucking lmao
Terra 8 timmar sedan
How far in advance are these videos prepared? Also I am so going to be recreating that tartine.
NOLA Natsu
NOLA Natsu 8 timmar sedan
This must be something he recorded a while back because tilly is an adult now
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro
Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro 8 timmar sedan
Me: Is that canned food? Thats absolutly dreadful!!! 😡😡🤢🤢🤢
descendency 8 timmar sedan
My guide to making mushrooms taste good. Step 1. Get mushrooms. Step 2. Get a pan. Step 3. Be Gordon Ramsay.
Ricky Mills
Ricky Mills 8 timmar sedan
I can't even eat lobster, but that dish looks delicious.
Chris Eliason
Chris Eliason 8 timmar sedan
Staff meal! Floor chicken for you!
Griff The Jiff
Griff The Jiff 8 timmar sedan
Two Damn Lemons!!!
Omar Josue Arreola Nuñez
Omar Josue Arreola Nuñez 8 timmar sedan
Come mere u pitty cow, the egg is f***ing RAW!
Morgan Dulaney
Morgan Dulaney 8 timmar sedan
How do these people stay open? I know a Taco Bell that failed their health inspection because they had a bag of lettuce that was 12 hours out of date. This guy should have his store shut down and the freezer cleaned by a bio-hazard team!
caravann26 8 timmar sedan
The hand thing for checking meat temp works unless you have carpel tunnel from being a cheif chin nose cheek is probably better
spine chill
spine chill 8 timmar sedan
is this the real gordon ramsay ??????
HHF 3i
HHF 3i 8 timmar sedan
Mechelle Olson
Mechelle Olson 8 timmar sedan
ibox 8 timmar sedan
**Bird flying peacefully** Gordon: What is that? Bird: Oh shoot! Gonna fly so fast. Don't want to be a meal.
Nin Trương tivi
Nin Trương tivi 8 timmar sedan
Rất mong nhiều món ăn Việt Nam được giới thiệu với bạn bè quốc tế
Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson 8 timmar sedan
How did you fit that slider in your mouth, let me see that Gordon?
Martin ONeill
Martin ONeill 8 timmar sedan
I half convinced you have the conviction of a serial killer... you monster... of a chef...of your victims...who work for you... I’m confused now
Antonio Coronado
Antonio Coronado 8 timmar sedan
What a nice and calm person, he must have his own show
Kilo Yang
Kilo Yang 8 timmar sedan
Surprised he don't bitch and complain about his own cooking.
Forbeszy's Gaming & Paintball
Forbeszy's Gaming & Paintball 8 timmar sedan
Didn’t know that Steve-o was Vegetarian
Soma In Germany
Soma In Germany 8 timmar sedan
amazing. I followed your recipe, it was yummy.
The Konq
The Konq 8 timmar sedan
I had a micro pig when i was little, his name was Sir Ham
The Konq
The Konq 8 timmar sedan
Im aware they are not micro pigs, they are potbelly pigs
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson 8 timmar sedan
Gordon: recovering drug addicts/alcoholics must go to AA or NA daily. Dr. Paul Dawson
Misty Rivers
Misty Rivers 8 timmar sedan
This is a noble goal of this chef helping people noong will ever dare to get out of their comfort zone this way.
Me stillme
Me stillme 8 timmar sedan
10:10 I know in companion that won't fly, but that looks perfect to me... 😄
Ella Lewis
Ella Lewis 8 timmar sedan
how do you even mess up salmon that bad, its so easy to cook man just fry it
Jon Jon
Jon Jon 8 timmar sedan
if it has more then 3 ingredients, its no longer easy.
Ricky Mills
Ricky Mills 8 timmar sedan
$400 a week before taxes?! That's literally $10/hr for a 40 hour week, which I highly doubt a chef works less than. Fuck that guy who cheaps his employees.
{Kurogiri} 8 timmar sedan
I have no idea how to make good dishes but then i saw him- and my mom is not happy that im cooking-
《HiniYami》 9 timmar sedan
What very concerned me the most was the guy at the last restaurant check, he's using his phone while it's their working time.. ;-; what is wrong with that guy? He even said the lobster will taste good even if it's dead.
Ri Ri House
Ri Ri House 9 timmar sedan
Thật sự bún riêu việt nam số 1 haha
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 9 timmar sedan
This one is easy people, get on it.
A RANDOM POTATO 9 timmar sedan
Gordon: *casually using a pork chop as the United States* Fly: heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy Gordon: f*k off fly, I’m in the middle of something
Robert Rutter
Robert Rutter 9 timmar sedan
Imagine dying and having people believe you are haunting their business.
QueenieGraceMarin 9 timmar sedan
It's my Dream to have battle cook with you Chef Gordon Ramsay.. Love watching all you videos 😍🇵🇭 you Inspired me a lot Chef in cooking ❤️
Nick Basquez
Nick Basquez 9 timmar sedan
No one else noticed the hair on the chicken when they were seasoning and then again when the chicken was being put in the pan.😁
Vargarv 9 timmar sedan
he say so much GOOD GIRL, like if she is a dog hahaha
Arthur Wells
Arthur Wells 9 timmar sedan
Me thinking this was discovery channel 😐👍
Brittany Powers
Brittany Powers 9 timmar sedan
Never thought I'd see Ramsay turn into Paula Deen, yes chef Paula Ramsey your egg resembling "potato or egg salad" full of butter is ready 🙆 bet it tasted good anyway though lol
Single Tub
Single Tub 9 timmar sedan
I love french food
Budi Arto
Budi Arto 9 timmar sedan
Hmm. Sajidah halilintar
Nothing Fancy by Tanya Gray
Nothing Fancy by Tanya Gray 9 timmar sedan
"Morels, so hard to find in the wild.." 😳 as we eat a plate full for supper in Iowa.
John Dwyer
John Dwyer 9 timmar sedan
Now I want to cook a salmon
Lisa Spikes
Lisa Spikes 9 timmar sedan
“Sammy is going to hurt him!” 🤣😆😂🤣😆😂 I’ve never actually seen Gordon fight, but I imagine he’s nothing to mess with. Sammy wouldn’t have a chance.
The Dog Of Wisdom
The Dog Of Wisdom 8 timmar sedan
Gordon Ramsay is actually a black belt in karate and can box, and according to a Quora interview, he said that if he was not a Chef he would want to be a Navy Seal. So yeah, Gordon can handle himself lol.
adeelthegame 9 timmar sedan
Did anyone notice that Gordon’s fridge was empty?
Man Town
Man Town 9 timmar sedan
So many peeps in kitchen nightmares killed the animal for a bad dish in the restaurant
Josiah Vidal
Josiah Vidal 9 timmar sedan
Love how he says "YOUR DISGUSTING" to everyone but when it comes to food he says "beautiful "
Văn Dụ Triệu
Văn Dụ Triệu 9 timmar sedan
TH3_ K1NG 9 timmar sedan
Atul starts taking the fish away Gordon : Are you taking the fish? Atul : Yes, I'm taking the piss
Single Tub
Single Tub 9 timmar sedan
I love gordan ramsy videos like so much drama love them.
Eur Up
Eur Up 9 timmar sedan
I love how gordon talks shit to everyone who deserves it
Mrinalini 9 timmar sedan
Bc who the fuck chose this didi tera dewar diwana music as BG? It's atrocious.
dianne perkins
dianne perkins 9 timmar sedan
You have helped me be a much better cook,thank you.
Lynzy Risingsun
Lynzy Risingsun 9 timmar sedan
I wonder if the girl still works for Gordon Ramsey? Anyone know?
Redsheep Playz
Redsheep Playz 9 timmar sedan
Ya know hitler is vegan so said this to vegan teacher if she attacks you again.
Chryen50 9 timmar sedan
Some1 give the full ep plsss
Mini Neji
Mini Neji 9 timmar sedan
Edp445: 1:45
Easy recipes
Easy recipes 9 timmar sedan
Привет Гордон, отлично готовишь. Сколько времени нужно мне чтоб научится готовить как ты?
lutfi ramly
lutfi ramly 9 timmar sedan
5:37 f*#k why is he scared that is dangerous
C_ Farther
C_ Farther 9 timmar sedan
So, he has these beautiful pigs that are pets in his yard, he watches them get killed and never a tear when they are hung up with their throats slit, blood all over the place, the pig is still alive, and he makes pork belly. No conscious this guy.
Jin-woo X granger • 10 years ago
Jin-woo X granger • 10 years ago 9 timmar sedan
Me: wondering of all these years Who is the cameraman