The unknown
The unknown 2 minuter sedan
I want the chicken
The Atom
The Atom 26 minuter sedan
i like the lamb
The Atom
The Atom 29 minuter sedan
Andy Gaire
Andy Gaire 2 timmar sedan
i hate this guy,
Your_Math_Teacher 4 timmar sedan
i never thought i would see JJ and Jade from Little Mix in the same place..ever!
รpнყภx N̷i̷n̷j̷a̷
รpнყภx N̷i̷n̷j̷a̷ 6 timmar sedan
0:38 you can see in his eyes dying
N. A
N. A 8 timmar sedan
It’s beautiful
2 Cups
2 Cups 8 timmar sedan
jade is so bad
Athena Bucci
Athena Bucci 11 timmar sedan
I wish the Canadian Netflix would stream the British version. We only have the Canadian one.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 15 timmar sedan
Jade's accent is low-key attractive
Linxy Wun
Linxy Wun 16 timmar sedan
This is annoying for me because I literally just made chocolate cake tonight and I managed to stop thinking about it but now it's stuck in my head like a broken record and now I want to eat the whole thing 😂
Angela Whiteside
Angela Whiteside 17 timmar sedan
Lol imagine serving that in a restaurant. 🤣
BillieEilish Edits
BillieEilish Edits 18 timmar sedan
KSI should start a cooking show xD
epsleon 20 timmar sedan
Rasta Carrot and he didn't name it "Jahrot"?
_Soyaa_ Boon_
_Soyaa_ Boon_ 21 timme sedan
2:02 KSI watching his cake slowly bleed lmaooo
Kez 22 timmar sedan
I feel the need to eat everything all these cakes pretended to be, and then the cake itself. ❤️ YUM-ME!
Taishi Hideyoshi
Taishi Hideyoshi 23 timmar sedan
Someone tell me what season this is. I will watch it since Jade is on there.
Zigzag Lychee
Zigzag Lychee Dag sedan
It was honestly a travesty when Hermine was eliminated, she was incredible throughout the series
King_of_Gaming Dag sedan
Now little mix and ksi need to make song
Culture Edits
Culture Edits Dag sedan
Jide is a beast everywhere😁😁
RKD Dag sedan
Is that sir Theodore the 3rd 2nd son
Amber Carpenter
Amber Carpenter Dag sedan
I died with the vegan comments.
Bluskyツ Dag sedan
2:00 Ksi.exe has stopped working
Jeff Jeff
Jeff Jeff Dag sedan
Most viewed video on the channel wow
Autumn Hastings
Autumn Hastings Dag sedan
I didn't expect to laugh! This is awesome!
LittleMix 4Life
LittleMix 4Life Dag sedan
yaaassss jade!!! 👸
Erin Hudson
Erin Hudson Dag sedan
Lee Mack: can't turn off the beater machine. Leaves said beater machine on the floor while it's still going. 😂
Erin Hudson
Erin Hudson Dag sedan
The moonwalk got me 😂😂
asian dolce latte
asian dolce latte 2 dagar sedan
0:25 omg is that james mcavoy i am gonna need to watch this 😭
Ann Other
Ann Other 2 dagar sedan
Teri and Aisling could be sisters but there must be nearly 40 years between them!
clare A
clare A 2 dagar sedan
I don’t really like him but he is funny
Natalya Rosenthal
Natalya Rosenthal 2 dagar sedan
"kiss Simon immediately" OMFG THAT IS JUST PERFECT
Amber Carpenter
Amber Carpenter 2 dagar sedan
I sooooo wish we fans here in the 🇺🇸 could watch these bake off specials. This is hilarious!
tanmoy aj
tanmoy aj 2 dagar sedan
No matter what u say our fatneek is the sweetest to be around!!!
ZOCCOK 2 dagar sedan
Everyone is leaving KSI hanging
ZOCCOK 2 dagar sedan
Did the fight resolve all that sexual tension
sophie 2 dagar sedan
i would die for val
Jordan Fats
Jordan Fats 2 dagar sedan
This was pretty jokes
Zenvo F1
Zenvo F1 2 dagar sedan
Best part about JJ he has no clue what he’s doing
blah f
blah f 2 dagar sedan
Anyone know this t-shirt is from? Love it
RizzyRozay 2 dagar sedan
“Chill like ‘Chill out’?”
studiowendy15 2 dagar sedan
I've watched this episode so many times - one of the best - but am so glad this clipped popped up right now, just when I needed to restore my faith in humanity. (Also just realised how awesome Ovie could've been as Sandi's replacement...)
kevin anatta
kevin anatta 2 dagar sedan
mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf 3 dagar sedan
i gotta take this...raymond blanc's on the phone. didnt even ring did it!
alex 3 dagar sedan
This is cut so weirdly
rubah 3 dagar sedan
Thats where jj learnt the fake handshake, and then he did it in the Sidemen vs 10 year olds :D
Yanick Gemo
Yanick Gemo 3 dagar sedan
Jonatan Gustafsson
Jonatan Gustafsson 3 dagar sedan
Joe: "I'm gonna recreate an archaeological dig!" *creates fossils and pyramids* Me: "THAT IS PALEONTOLOGY AND EGYPTOLOGY YOU DONUT!" Don't get mad, I'm joking a bit. Egyptology is closer to actual archaeology than paleontology.😄
Gabe Delaney
Gabe Delaney 3 dagar sedan
Kiss Simon Immediately
Arghya Roy
Arghya Roy 3 dagar sedan
all those views,95% only for KSI
Ann Other
Ann Other 3 dagar sedan
Came here TO loaf
Sari Manne
Sari Manne 3 dagar sedan
I need Anne Marie, jade, ski, jameela Jamil, Michael sheen, and David Mitchell to be on one episode Together
Olivia //
Olivia // 3 dagar sedan
Jade is bloody hilarious😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dagar sedan
Quote of the day : KSI what does that stand for? "Kiss Simon Immediately"
Sell Out
Sell Out 3 dagar sedan
Every time Jade speaks I get reminded that she's British
Omandu HUisLife
Omandu HUisLife 3 dagar sedan
Love Dizzie🤩🥰
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 4 dagar sedan
This will be in everyone’s recommended
Manuela Mulcahy
Manuela Mulcahy 4 dagar sedan
Anne-Marie is just fun to watch.....always in good Spirits
Noel 4 dagar sedan
they left jj's shake hangin
cloud stalker
cloud stalker 4 dagar sedan
It was a bit wet lol
French Beats Official
French Beats Official 4 dagar sedan
next year put Phil and Ethan on it that would be class 😆😆😆
Tanishk Singh
Tanishk Singh 4 dagar sedan
even he knows ksimon
Ann Other
Ann Other 4 dagar sedan
At least show the judging!
naisha khan
naisha khan 4 dagar sedan
she looks like jodie comer
Firsty Lasty
Firsty Lasty 4 dagar sedan
2:01 Holy talking mannequin.
Molly Wackrow
Molly Wackrow 4 dagar sedan
Wheres the disaster?
Pen 666
Pen 666 4 dagar sedan
Ooof! Prue was proper unimpressed with him come judgement time, eh?? 😯😳
Michael. 4 dagar sedan
her eyes are so blue :0
Nation Bants
Nation Bants 4 dagar sedan
they stole the jokes from reddit pls someone copyright this
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 dagar sedan
3:05 “Em so sovi em a flat mawn dis meringue hos gat me a bricking powynt, ay neveer sought id si de dey”
Zomb Oss
Zomb Oss 20 timmar sedan
Al Yee
Al Yee Dag sedan
Bruh I-😂😂😂😂
Cristian Damian
Cristian Damian Dag sedan
M&W 4 dagar sedan
It's fine, it's not like it was cooked fully anyway 😅😂
Nasir Hussain
Nasir Hussain 4 dagar sedan
She was a bit to exited
Jodie 5 dagar sedan
Flo and Liam on the flirting game today.
Random Trivia
Random Trivia 5 dagar sedan
@3:34, the little laugh😂
Molly Wackrow
Molly Wackrow 5 dagar sedan
Shes got the same vibe as Drew Barrymore
Fine Addition
Fine Addition 5 dagar sedan
They really were "Let's all wear something with flowers and not tell Jamie-Lee and Saoirse."
B007 5 dagar sedan
Still can't pronounce flour properly.
Паша Сордонов
Паша Сордонов 5 dagar sedan
cool video
little puzzle
little puzzle 5 dagar sedan
they are different!!!
little puzzle
little puzzle 5 dagar sedan
iced bun is like a white hot dog bread roll with sweet icing!!!