Pop Smoke - Coupe (Audio)
Amin JrPayne
Amin JrPayne 9 sekunder sedan
You not the only listen in August
Anibal Lopez
Anibal Lopez 4 minuter sedan
Summer of Wooo!!💙❤️ all facts no cap!!
Nancy Perez
Nancy Perez 6 minuter sedan
Pop would have never agreed to this 😔
Sandra Apodaca
Sandra Apodaca 7 minuter sedan
Love this. Dua Lipa has introduced me to so many hip hop stars. She is awesome. Beautiful to boot.
ismael lima
ismael lima 7 minuter sedan
Sagar Acharya
Sagar Acharya 20 minuter sedan
No word
Basma Kassimi
Basma Kassimi 21 minut sedan
Her entrance I’m just in love
Vitor Gomes
Vitor Gomes 21 minut sedan
This whole thing sucks, it's just milking the last drop of money that they can get from him
Alpha Bah
Alpha Bah 21 minut sedan
ismael lima
ismael lima 23 minuter sedan
Cutie On 120fps
Cutie On 120fps 24 minuter sedan
I love how they made a pop smoke ghost on the seat at the table
AHMED•YT /فري فاير
AHMED•YT /فري فاير 25 minuter sedan
Agnès MHD
Agnès MHD 30 minuter sedan
Are you dead
Erica Crook
Erica Crook 35 minuter sedan
I think Smoke would be happy with this song he loved his Latin Ladies💃 so Lipa fit well plus she killed it!
POP MUSIC 38 minuter sedan
Francesse Saintlouis
Francesse Saintlouis 39 minuter sedan
😭😭😭Fav Song Never Die Zoe ❤️🙏🏻
Doğan Dağ
Doğan Dağ 41 minut sedan
Dua's dance styles always original ! She know how it works!
Adarsh Anilkumar.
Adarsh Anilkumar. 44 minuter sedan
this makes me think pop is still around
Boubakar Barry
Boubakar Barry 44 minuter sedan
Pop would never make a song like this if he was alive
Aristides Arauz
Aristides Arauz 46 minuter sedan
231 Standup
231 Standup 49 minuter sedan
Pop smoke wouldnt dare make his videos like this yall trippin frfr the industry just doing anything now it’s a nice song but the video does not match it 🙄
Melik 49 minuter sedan
Ali Nos
Ali Nos 50 minuter sedan
Worst song of the project easy
Jeremy syrat
Jeremy syrat 51 minut sedan
2:30 2:36 2:43 did anyone else notice the duplicate dua lipa
Sarah Ejaz
Sarah Ejaz 45 minuter sedan
Yes , those are animations........... I guess
O que tá rolando?
O que tá rolando? 53 minuter sedan
Eu não sei porque Nicki não pode estar nesse clipe quando claramente ela poderia ter saído do quadro como sempre faz kk
Mohammde Zaou
Mohammde Zaou 56 minuter sedan
hell _
hell _ Timme sedan
I am sure is the voice of that guy with the same pop smoke's voice.
vishwas mishra
vishwas mishra Timme sedan
Stop making music mate you are ass at it
Hamm Dawg
Hamm Dawg Timme sedan
Chris brown and pop smoke 🖤
Games Spil
Games Spil Timme sedan
Crysis Nex
Crysis Nex Timme sedan
Pop smoke LEGEND W💫💫💙 but fuck Dua Lipa.
Karam Rajeh
Karam Rajeh Timme sedan
Tell lie vision atleast the mainstream media
Tierra Robinson
Tierra Robinson Timme sedan
Ohhhhh yesss right up my allyyyyy 💙💙💙💙
Zarkkann Timme sedan
Sergheyg Torri
Sergheyg Torri Timme sedan
Aloiza E
Aloiza E Timme sedan
Ktoś z Polski?😒❤️
Arianika Maraj
Arianika Maraj Timme sedan
I still wanna know how do they make the voice but anyway enjoying the song💓
Pharmalife Timme sedan
Amazing 🤩
aidil izhan
aidil izhan Timme sedan
Dua with bang is the cutesttt!!!
Selly Timme sedan
The song is awful, the only good part is dua’s verse. I wish i would only be her song.
Felix zizou
Felix zizou Timme sedan
team kanye 4ever
Obano Joseph
Obano Joseph Timme sedan
My best song in the album
Senam jamal
Senam jamal Timme sedan
bah3rd Timme sedan
I'm an upcoming artist trying to become something with my music. My goal is 1000 followers.
X dead
X dead Timme sedan
1:50 wait?? What the f**k is that?
Craze Beats
Craze Beats Timme sedan
Que Clássico, obra de arte!!!
Marco Spinelli Jr.
Marco Spinelli Jr. Timme sedan
Pop smoke coming from then smoke of ashes in the throne for the music video Long live Pop Smoke 💫💫💫💨💨💨
Ryan Vanderheyden
Ryan Vanderheyden Timme sedan
This is one of the most underrated songs of all time. The real no soon as this song come on they be thinking bout they favorite girl. . .
Elijah Tieties
Elijah Tieties 2 timmar sedan
Its lit🔥🔥!!!
Fatima Pervaiz
Fatima Pervaiz 2 timmar sedan
That castle be looking like Hogwarts from the outside
Cheyenne Hoskins
Cheyenne Hoskins 2 timmar sedan
chris brown and pop smoke make life chage
Ck Annoi
Ck Annoi 2 timmar sedan
I love you tjay
Sanderson San
Sanderson San 2 timmar sedan
352 $hootah
352 $hootah 2 timmar sedan
This went to my playlist instantly
Sugui 2 timmar sedan
Ali Ziam
Ali Ziam 2 timmar sedan
Bet you replayed this many times
Noah Triumph
Noah Triumph 2 timmar sedan
This is HIT i like it so much 💖
Radu Ignuța
Radu Ignuța 2 timmar sedan
✨Ellfise_UwU✨ 2 timmar sedan
Dua Lipa and pop smoke ? No, sorry but not i don't like dua lipa's music...
pink princess
pink princess 2 timmar sedan
Pop would of been abs LEGENDARY in this vid...
farid benghida
farid benghida 2 timmar sedan
Whey 🚀🚀🚀
Arthur Huygen-Thomas
Arthur Huygen-Thomas 2 timmar sedan
powerful gang
powerful gang 2 timmar sedan
Merci beaucoup pop smoke rip king of NYC ❤️❤️❤️💫🕊️
Keisha Kewley
Keisha Kewley 2 timmar sedan
Culture vulture again 🙄
Alessandro Bartolocci
Alessandro Bartolocci 2 timmar sedan
Pop smoke is forever 💫💫💫⭐️
Skaymaureyz Art
Skaymaureyz Art 2 timmar sedan
One of My favorites from #FAITH
asba7 waasba7a
asba7 waasba7a 2 timmar sedan
RIP pop
Albanian Rap
Albanian Rap 3 timmar sedan
very underrated for the artist performing it🔥
Ahmed Niazi
Ahmed Niazi 3 timmar sedan
1:38 😍
Elvis Huice
Elvis Huice 3 timmar sedan
Stevenson David
Stevenson David 3 timmar sedan
Crazy song
N J 3 timmar sedan
Abdoulaye Bah
Abdoulaye Bah 3 timmar sedan
Ahmed Niazi
Ahmed Niazi 3 timmar sedan
Caroline •_•
Caroline •_• 3 timmar sedan
wait didn’t he died
怡媚 2 timmar sedan
All of the songs was recorded before his death. They released it so his family will have finance support
Rhys The Baller
Rhys The Baller 3 timmar sedan
Donda incoming…