Do You Expand With The Universe?
Why Gravity is NOT a Force
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
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Does Planet 9 Exist?
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"Why robots that bend are better" Bender: 😁
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Lee White-Graham 21 timme sedan
This explains why we are in chaos.....😬
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Very Informative video 😍 Intresting....thnq for d info👍
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Great Rant and bell has been rung! I got to your videos from an external search but I can see how the eye candy and title will get more clicks.
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This makes me want to live underground...
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This is baymax's great grandad
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“the math homework isn’t that confusing” the math homework:
Order of the Warlocks
Order of the Warlocks 21 timme sedan
you just taught a bunch of 8 year olds how to kill ants with water and a sandwich bag
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Wonder how HE knows?...........
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well i figured it would be a random set of three numbers that are either all positive, all negative, all + complex, - complex, etc. or some rule to the lines of that, like only integers/wholes/reals/complex etc. but you know I didn't get to ask him the questions or else I would have most certainly proposed -1,0,1 as my first triplet and then suddenly 2,1,3 to confirm that its a random order.
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🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂 too funny
TheMartian1105 21 timme sedan
well i figured it would be a random set of three numbers that are either all positive, all negative, all + complex, - complex, etc. or some rule to the lines of that , like only integers/wholes/reals/complex etc. but you know I didn't get to ask him the questions or else I would have most certainly proposed -1,0,1 as my first triplet.
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Can someone please explain this part 10:00
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I would only do it for £25 no less
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After 1 min I was lost. Still I was watching it to the end and want to google more about it. Well done Veritasum! :)
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What if you'd have two particles, far away in space-time but coupled by Quantum Entanglement: matched in all physical properties except for opposite spins. While one particle is next to you, you could start the time measurement and try to affect the other particle's spin by a light impulse/photon (idk if this is possible, just an idea). The Moment the affected particle changes its spin because of the photon hitting it (at this moment I somehow doubt that this is phisically possible haha), the particle next to you should immediately change its spin too, due to the Quantum Entanglement and you should be able to measure its spin-change and stop the needed time for that. Can someone tell me in how far this would work?
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What if someone on Mars, believing they had synchronized time were to set off light once they observed it on earth then immediately responded and noted the time, then compared it.
UnaccountableTv 21 timme sedan
Then it should be observed at different times if there is a distinction because it’s a response to a 1 way signal with a 1 way signal and if the observation time in half of what was expected or a different value you can use that to judge the disparity
UnaccountableTv 21 timme sedan
Someone on earth sent out light and mars responded and noted the time (edit)
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Hm... Rigid robot uses: Manufacturing, Building, warfare, secondary phases of colonization. Soft robot uses: Medicine, direct human contact usage, rescue, first phases of colonization.
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you know stuff gets interesting when he pulls out the scp illustrated music used is basically every video
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Bill, telling teachers that having kids show their work in math class is racist is a crisis.
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Maybe I'm dumb, but the problem appears to me to be that Schrodinger's though experiment applies quantum mechanics to a macro scale, which operates on an entirely different set of physical laws. In order for the thought experiment to be practically applied and tested, either the cat, box, and contraption must "descend" to the quantum level or the atom must "ascend" to the macro level. This may seem like a small gripe, and admittedly Ive devoted what amounts to a passing glance at this topic, but to my knowledge, neither can exist or interact with the other in this manner. This is important because on the quantum level, possibilty really is reality, which is why 1 and 0 can exist at the same time in the same place on that plane. However, in the macro world they cannot. Possiblity becomes choice here, where one or the other goes unrealized. I think Einsteins gripe was that the mixing of the two planes is impossible, due specifically to the limits of the macro. My understanding is that the only truly trans-planal (is that a word?) tool that we have that allows the measurement and manipulation of that plane is mathematics, coupled with our capabilty to grasp the abstract. Otherwise, the upper and lower planes are, while not entirely divorced of each other, divided by our physical size, which dictates how we interact with spacetime. Perhaps I'm being obtuse, and again I'm no expert, but that's what it seems like to me.
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Ayo 2:02 do be nuke town though
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Bill Gates doesn't have a license to practice medicine. Does that mean I can come on your youtube channel too?
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Thought you meant bend like Bender Rodriguez
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Why do you need a vacuum? Light has no mass so it doesn’t care bout vacuum or not
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Mars? We can’t leave the firmament-
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Because you dropped shity you fuckwit... Aerodynamics! Put the chain in the middle of the weight so it doesn't turn sideways!
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The human skin is already waterproof
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Awesome you rock dude
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bender agrees
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Aan deze militaire natte droom die volledig geheim en verboden ondezoek bevat ga je niet gelijk dood . Parkingson, Altzheimer, mad cow zijn door prion veroorzaakte ziektes die pas over 2 jaar zich breed gaan manifesteren. Nu snap je de Angst van overheden.
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Thank you for not giving me the Answer that I wanted to know since kindergarten, but rather helping me discover it ❤
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Dont fry this atom.
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Pandemic is notting more than the flu who's now allll disappeared 😜 and all the thing what linked to climate change ,, wel: that’s what you get Bill if you used weather tampering techniques so that the new world order will be able to starve millions of people and to control the rest ✌️
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Dazz Lit
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Nukes are the superpowers way of keeping eachother from going all out war against eachother
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kodak blackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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that is trippy.
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who is going to determine what is true or false !?
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I really want to hold that so bad.
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use gravity. so essentially at a certain altitude (calculated for earths mass) the light should circle around the earth. 1 clock at point of origin also detects after full revolution. Perhaps if this altitude is within the atmosphere (not a vacuum?) then you'll have to try same thing on say moon...and Mars - then compare all three times and compare them to the known density of each's atmosphere.
Andrew Engelhart
Andrew Engelhart 21 timme sedan
not sure of how much mass is necessary to create that light bending effect. usually hear about that when talking about a black hole so maybe Jupiter?!
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Amazing stuff!
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3:08 LOL
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Lets make Mjolnir out of it
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Robert A. Millikan sounds like a man who wanted to keep selling his coal. Also sounds akin to modern days oil issues.
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Why are the hairs reminding me of lord Voldemort?
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How does the Earth spin ? doesn't. PEACE.
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no ones gonna talk about how he broke the record
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Use entangled particles as your clock
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So to sum it up, chaos is a human concept we put in place because of our inability to input or mesure data to infinite accuracy but doesnt actually exist. Much like quantum theory imo
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Ask him how many people have died from the flu in the past 12 months. oh, I forgot, the Flu is Covid!
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Insane idea
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Bill gates is a liar, a criminal. CDC has come out and said less the 6% died from the China virus
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I am here because
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Wait, i tought it was my cat!
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well i started to watch just for a little bit and ended up watching the whole video thanks to you precise yet easy to understand question to the team. dropping you a like. Thank you for the good work
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@Veritasium I might be very dumb and missing something, but I do think there is a way to measure the one way speed of light. You have to get to a far place, let’s say Mars, with two very good cameras or other equipment that can capture light from a far away source (stars) pretty accurately. You record from 2 directions, one star that is somewhat behind earth and one somewhat in the opposite direction. You make sure to start the recordings pretty much at the same time. You do record the same stars at « around the same time » from earth. Then you bring back all the videos to Earth, you sync each video of each star together and you look at the timeshift relatively between each video. If we see mars in real-time, then we will have double the estimated time between the 2 clips. Am I missing something there?
Braulio Hernandez
Braulio Hernandez 21 timme sedan
Start both clocks in the middle, move them to opposite sides, and measure the laser beam?
Erik Laken
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Dit is er aan de hand. Sars-CoV-2 A Weaponized Prion Disorder Disquised as Respiratory Disease. Hier werken groot machten als China, Rusland en Amerika al jaren in het geheim aan en is helaas ontsnapt uit een biolab in Wohan.
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Kelvin gang!! Water freezes at 265K and boils at 365K!
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I like how he says i press the ACCELARATOR lmao
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loving this in 2021!
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1895: first airplane to take off 2021: (literally 126 years later)flying an airplane on another FRIGGIN planet !!!! let that sink in....
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Why would anyone listen to this man. Eugenicist not a doctor or scientist just a person with a lot of money who thinks he is god. Good luck plan is not working.
Spencer Baron
Spencer Baron 21 timme sedan
You need to Look up his crypto patent 060606. He legit has a patent to track body activity and the patent number is 060606. Possible mark of the beast if you are religious
kelvin nueve
kelvin nueve 21 timme sedan
Im thinking of using mechanical thing involving a stiff metal pole that's rotated to trigger both clocks on each ends. Assuming that it's stiff enough that the whole pole will rotate at the exact same time. And since the the rotational movement of the pole could just be as slight as 1mm enough to trigger the clocks would be minute enough that there wasn't much time dilation to muffle it all up? I'm not really much of an expert on this haha I just found this intriguing
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See how many likes and subs you can get without begging
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hey mr bailey
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Gates belongs in jail!
Spencer Baron
Spencer Baron 21 timme sedan
You should look up his crypto patent 060606. It’s to track human body activity with crypto and the patent number is 060606. Possible mark of the beast if you are religious. It was created around the same time as corona too
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im from czech lol pog
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It's not what you know it's what you can prove! I can prove nothing but I don't believe a word of this and no one can prove including them that they have been to Mars everyone of these great engineering people are still working on faith and what they've been told!!! Compartmentalization! !! The cost of this project is a spit in the wind out of the black budget!! It's gonna get thown in a top secret hanger they'll get some telemetry off it and no one will be any wiser!!! And they will chuck some cgi in the mix when they report it on the news !! Just like they always do!!! Sad but most likely the case!!
Stephen Page-Murray
Stephen Page-Murray 21 timme sedan
My ex co-workers out at Tidbinbilla are downloading data from this project. They certainly know what they’re doing
Federico Lucifredi
Federico Lucifredi 21 timme sedan
Ole Rømer calculated the speed of light observing the eclipses of Jupiter's moon during the years 1668-1674. before the wheel-wagon experiment of the 1800s.
Elena Ntavli
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It is certainly a crisis that Bill will assist in establishing.
John Doe
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Chaotic orbits within our solar system and interstellar objects visiting from the void demonstrate that assertion of a zero percent chance of an object >10km impacting earth in <100yrs is false. We lack the capability to know the true probability. But we can show it is >0.