Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS
Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japan
Saint. F
Saint. F 9 timmar sedan
Give this man some financial support
Ahmad Alif Hashim Rosli
Ahmad Alif Hashim Rosli 9 timmar sedan
Reimu Fumo
Reimu Fumo 9 timmar sedan
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Michael Dou
Michael Dou 9 timmar sedan
Man, they killed it! I can’t express how much I love this series and I’m so glad the series is still ongoing, I had a huge smile on my face the entire time (especially at the third ad of dr jelly) and it’s not often that I comment but I felt like I just had to for this series. お疲れ様でした! prayers and much love,
Moe 10 timmar sedan
Chris: "What is that bird doing, its so loud!" Bird: "Will that human quit that incessant chatter!"
Bạc Hà
Bạc Hà 10 timmar sedan
Chris : Kazu actually lived in the UK, so you can just hear her British accent.... also Chris half a second later : Where have you lived? Ameri-
Rob Vinyl
Rob Vinyl 10 timmar sedan
Death by ping pong 🏓 would 🐝 an amazing way to go !
thesemichrist333 10 timmar sedan
I really hate how Hershey is always the default US chocolate everyone judges and then makes a blanket statement like "American chocolate is bad." based on that. Hershey is one brand of budget chocolate out of hundreds made here. And it tastes weird on purpose, because they want a sour milk flavor in it. Ghirardelli would be a more fair comparison. Maybe Dove.
Adventures Of A Traveling Don
Adventures Of A Traveling Don 10 timmar sedan
That rap was fire 🔥🔥🤣
Celine 10 timmar sedan
This is the one video in the channel I didn't watch... Until it got mentioned it Trash Taste. I'm ashamed of myself.
יחזקאל 10 timmar sedan
I believe it
Nikki 10 timmar sedan
I Love Dr.Jelly. Naski did a really good job playing the Barber. I love the reactions from Chris and Naski getting mad over empty gel to Dr. Jelly's Entrance and the whole reactions. I can tell Chris almost laughed agien when Naski said to the Camera he had no more Hair gel. HAHA!! Thanks guys. Please don't stop doing changes and gun games I love it.
יחזקאל 10 timmar sedan
Did Israel really recognize this grave?
Not Miles Prower
Not Miles Prower 11 timmar sedan
I will from now on call cobwebs by their true name, 'spider trash.'
Kayl Johnson
Kayl Johnson 11 timmar sedan
Welcome to abroad in japan where you learn chris is afraid of driving big vehicles, planes(small ones especially), all bugs, riding any living thing(sorry to future Ms.Abroad), and mostly he's afraid of Natsuki having fun! haha good fun
Tony Gee
Tony Gee 11 timmar sedan
Nagasaki Champon 🍜 6:09
Tommy Mcfalls
Tommy Mcfalls 11 timmar sedan
More like capsule houses from dragon ball
Marek Okrągły
Marek Okrągły 11 timmar sedan
Weeping angels from Doctor Who and you are just parading in front of them.
Erick Indra Tara
Erick Indra Tara 11 timmar sedan
how can you be this thin (2017) , to be that fat today..
Jim Tamim
Jim Tamim 11 timmar sedan
12:27 "The Ultimate Place to Play Hide & Seek" That sound like Mr.Beast video.
iTombz 11 timmar sedan
Did the American trust you? Seeing as you lost the revolutionary war and all.
Frankie Limonta
Frankie Limonta 12 timmar sedan
The best Dr. Jelly commercial!!! Laughed soo much! Keep up the great videos.
Priyansh Mukul
Priyansh Mukul 12 timmar sedan
eye candy
Quagmire 12 timmar sedan
The best series in the SEcycle tbh.Beautiful photography and fun content.Ill glady put some bucks in for the next journey across Japan series.Cant wait until then
Jaime Torres
Jaime Torres 12 timmar sedan
duozero00 12 timmar sedan
i really enjoyed this series
Evie Robertson
Evie Robertson 12 timmar sedan
Wait 2 million yen per month?
Angelbaby 12 timmar sedan
Damn, Norm is hot
Zammy Baby Vlog
Zammy Baby Vlog 12 timmar sedan
Wakarumasen ! ; Natsuki is Japanese ; why not like the bee lava ! lol
P H 12 timmar sedan
I am starting to think that maybe this is the editor of this magazines’ crush?
Sean Wanlass
Sean Wanlass 13 timmar sedan
couple of cry babies
Wichysteria 13 timmar sedan
When I went to Japan I had my phone stolen at the train station (partly my fault as I did put it down on top of the pay phone) but when I went to report it at the station I was told "it must have been a foreigner that took it, there are a lot of foreigners who come through this station". I mean.. I don't necessarily think he was wrong, certainly I'd seen people just leave bikes on the street without chaining them up, which we would never do in Australia. But I think there is a negative image of foreigners in Japan.
Whim Sical
Whim Sical 13 timmar sedan
Love it 😍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love it all ❤️❤️❤️
Colby Hill
Colby Hill 13 timmar sedan
Breaking news: Natsuki hospitalized for 3 days straight after carrying famous SEcycler Abroad in Japan’s newest series of videos “Journey Across Japan”. In all seriousness, fantastic work, Chris, Joey, Natsuki, and the filming crew! Was great to watch and tag along for the fun! Great production quality as well! Just wanted to show my appreciation for bringing Natsuki along with that joke. :]
Bob Rod
Bob Rod 13 timmar sedan
This has been really cool my favorite was the horse one🙂
The Rikkest
The Rikkest 13 timmar sedan
Joey's a monster on that burger... ravenous.
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith 14 timmar sedan
ahh Dr. Jelly made one last appearance! I'm sad this is over...but will cherish the memories...Now to hit up the behind the scenes!!
Julie701000 14 timmar sedan
Fantastic series, we ADORED Nagasaki, and so many people don't include it on their Japan itinerary. Beautiful city. And Dr Jelly? Amazing.
kingdomhearts 14 timmar sedan
Chris that was so mean XD but hilarious! .... how did he lose his pants?XD
Saad Ehsan
Saad Ehsan 14 timmar sedan
another awesome series of Journey Across Japan!!
RezaF 14 timmar sedan
Pete's looks and behavior reminds me of that one the A-Team member
Georgia Swann
Georgia Swann 15 timmar sedan
Japan seems great to visit because it is mono ethnic and retains it Japaneseness.
soroush kowsarian
soroush kowsarian 15 timmar sedan
" Abroad in japan " Location : japan ... Every 60 seconds a minute passes
Se7ens 15 timmar sedan
literally the most basic materials.. i could build that... any takers on 20k a month? lol
LynxenX 15 timmar sedan
The gyoza is huge but its like half dough... If it was a more reasonable dough to filling ratio it might actually be doable.
1UpMan 15 timmar sedan
The cinematography alone is so far beyond the average SEcycle channel's standards, it's ridiculous how good your videos are getting. It's been a wild journey to watch you and your channel grow from the video of you playing that flip the table game to this is mind blowing man. Proud to be along for the ride keep at it my friend.
burt bacarach
burt bacarach 15 timmar sedan
Cow IS a good animal.Yer cat looks like Hilter.
figgsmania 15 timmar sedan
DR HAIR JELLY! so good
lior yunfh
lior yunfh 16 timmar sedan
Everyone: Good journey! Natsuki: Yeh, good jelly. Journey across Japan wouldn't be the same without Natsuki <3
Saad Ehsan
Saad Ehsan 16 timmar sedan
all those postcards were actually quite good lol
Alien 16 timmar sedan
What an amazing series thx Chris for the content and keep up the good work
lior yunfh
lior yunfh 16 timmar sedan
Dr. J is out of control.. 😅
VitmnG 16 timmar sedan
20:08 said jelly across japan lol
My IT Workshop
My IT Workshop 16 timmar sedan
Lol the opening was lid!
punchtothegut 16 timmar sedan
meanwhile offscreen and cut* Joey : "actually this bee larvae is actually pretty fucking good m8"
Masaki Shiota
Masaki Shiota 16 timmar sedan
So Sad it's over again 😭😂 Chris is the best Japan vlogger in the world 🙏🙌☝️ can't wait for the next series
punchtothegut 16 timmar sedan
i hope this doesn't sound off, but does natsuki look like the japanese jack black?
Alexandra Tibbs
Alexandra Tibbs 16 timmar sedan
When did you guys film this? I'm currently melting in Gifu right now and can't wait for it to cool down, but I see you guys in sweaters? 🥵
Che1seabluesdrogba11 17 timmar sedan
Chris initially wanted to go "find himself abroad " like an American white girl 🤣
SlyHikari03 17 timmar sedan
At least it would be cool for vacations.
Scias 17 timmar sedan
Jelly across Japan pt.4, when?
Flavors 17 timmar sedan
you look So young
Yukio 17 timmar sedan
What an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. The level of quality of each episode is almost unreal.
Ruben Lopes
Ruben Lopes 17 timmar sedan
Red dead redemption 8K remaster!
BlackThomas 17 timmar sedan
Chris: "I've been given the window seat." The plane: Has only two passenger seats, both window seats.
Dunder Mifflin
Dunder Mifflin 17 timmar sedan
The same guy giving us a lecture on scary nuclear warheads was not scared when he was awoken by a North Korean missile but instead kind of mad he was rudely woken.
Leo H
Leo H 17 timmar sedan
I was robbed by jason Alexander
Josh The Man
Josh The Man 17 timmar sedan
Wow this was 8 years ago
Catalin Toma
Catalin Toma 18 timmar sedan
Why does the cat look like Hitler
John Stabot
John Stabot 18 timmar sedan
That beef looks amazing no lie
I wouldnt feel the culture shock because many of the "rules" ´shown her have been applied by me without my knowledge of them even existing, just doing them for the sake of respect for others and because i agree with many of the don´ts in public. :)
David Winfield
David Winfield 18 timmar sedan
OMG DO YOU MEAN THAT IV BEEN EATING BLACK BEAUTY Horse 🐎 Meat 🐎🐴🎠🏇🐎🐴 For the past 40 years ...Oh well it tastes Quite 😋 Good Sorry BLACK BEAUTY but a Burger 🍔 is a Burger 🍔 ..🤔 Happy Days 🙂
The Dropout Gamer
The Dropout Gamer 18 timmar sedan
Italki. Perfect, now I just need to get over my horrendous social anxiety and we're golden! XD No but for real, Imma check that out.
Paulina シ
Paulina シ 18 timmar sedan
Dr jelly is my favorite character
Raoeku 19 timmar sedan
Are you ever going to visit Yokohama?? :D
Marcin Pivo
Marcin Pivo 19 timmar sedan
Fcukin' awesome, I've loved the whole series, bring on more 👍🏻
ShiroiKage009 19 timmar sedan
The postcard names Chris came up with are so British. Awesome.
Tegan L
Tegan L 19 timmar sedan
Fantastic series, def worth the patron payments. Great transition in this one too!
এহসান মাহমুদ
এহসান মাহমুদ 19 timmar sedan
5:28 laziest drip since 2017