Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS
Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japan
What NO-ONE Tells You About Japan
IMPoSter •99 years ago
IMPoSter •99 years ago 14 timmar sedan
na i would rather rent a bmw and after a long drive goto a 10 star super laxury hotel still i have left over money i will think about it later what to do with that left over money 🤑🙄😁 iam genius
Faiezi abu bakar
Faiezi abu bakar 14 timmar sedan
We got dr jelly and that beautiful bridge inland sea with charla.. that's huge 😁
Raymond 14 timmar sedan
So in conclusion Japan thinks of SEcyclers as murderers that carry cameras everywhere they go lol
cuteteahoru 14 timmar sedan
Hakodate is sister cities with the capital city of my province in Canada! It's sister city is Halifax, Nova Scotia! A lot of the buildings are similar to those at our famous port city!
The King of Antarctica
The King of Antarctica 14 timmar sedan
This is way better than most blogs I've seen in SEcycle. The British and American in you two bounce off each other in a very fun way.
Vincent Santos
Vincent Santos 14 timmar sedan
Idk, but pete has a Chris Farley vibe. That is a compliment.
Matty37 14 timmar sedan
This was actually fun and I think Pete did a good job with he acting
Sean Ernest
Sean Ernest 14 timmar sedan
He isn't worried of the health considerations of comparing fried chicken anymore
theBOREDguy 14 timmar sedan
I think natsuki wins by a landslide, babies themselves are already scary so
Liberata Di Nocera
Liberata Di Nocera 15 timmar sedan
Can't wait for the summer trip to Japan's southernmost point 🏖
Cekrom 15 timmar sedan
5:42 The snow fits perfectly =D
Smdn Snnd
Smdn Snnd 15 timmar sedan
Anyone noticed that he's only going on road trips with other men?...
vandry 15 timmar sedan
What about the other Chris, Jake n Bake, and Aki? 😢
Franklin Romero
Franklin Romero 15 timmar sedan
Reda Cherkaoui
Reda Cherkaoui 15 timmar sedan
It's a bear market.
Niels VdV
Niels VdV 15 timmar sedan
These videos make my day allot better, I pray I can travel to Japan one day myself.
Wannabeisekied 15 timmar sedan
18:08 the guy has iPhone 12 max pro fam!!🤣
Noahhkun 16 timmar sedan
I’m coming here from recommendations now :)
Gregory Chew
Gregory Chew 16 timmar sedan
22:50 best part of video where Chris goes ".... WHUT"
Just Another Number
Just Another Number 16 timmar sedan
He can do a better American accent than I can.
blankautumn 16 timmar sedan
Seemed that “Pete”s are pretty eccentric people. And this Pete is like an American version of Ryotaro. ;)
FastBoi 16 timmar sedan
I must say This type of collab is needed more for resaearch purpose
Gast 16 timmar sedan
Cycling toward the apocalypse, this would be a great song
Chidori 723
Chidori 723 16 timmar sedan
Noritosaurus 16 timmar sedan
I lost it when Chris said *RIDICULOUS* to the Stonehenge replica 😂
Casper Ko
Casper Ko 16 timmar sedan
Some of the shots and music choices make me think this is an educational video shot in the 70s for foreign students.
louis arenas
louis arenas 16 timmar sedan
Been following the series and I must say every place you've been to is a real sight!
elwingy 16 timmar sedan
this is one of your best filmed trips Chris!
Demar B.
Demar B. 16 timmar sedan
Are you guys reading from a teleprompter the whole video? The forced comedy parts are disgusting lol. otherwise great video as always.
Jason Crouse
Jason Crouse 16 timmar sedan
About halfway through the phone call I saw the joke coming. I've lived in Hokkaido for a year now, and it doesn't take that long before that play on words comes up a few times. Really enjoyed the video! Thanks for the shot of Mt. Yotei at the beginning. Very cool to see the mountain I live next to show up on your channel.
IDarkNight 16 timmar sedan
the website of Ebisu Cafe in Takayama is broken :(((
Adams42 16 timmar sedan
After seeing that "Sematary", did anybody else wonder why there was no trace of that weird "Ancient Alien" Guy (aka Giorgio A. Tsoukalos) all over that place... telling People ..."Aliens, the only explanation"
M g
M g 16 timmar sedan
ごめんね😭 日本はまだまだ外国人に優しい国ではありません。徐々にですが、英語表記も増えてきました。是非皆さん日本に遊びに来てね(^^) 分からない事があったら、近くにいる人に気軽に声をかけてね。皆んな下手な英語で頑張って説明するからねww 喋り始めた赤ちゃんと接するように優しい気持ちで下手な英語を理解してあげてください(^^)
Ryan and Isaac
Ryan and Isaac 17 timmar sedan
Having watched the Abroad channel for a couple years and knowing how much Natsuki means to Chris, it’s weirdly emotional and touching to see that he has video of their first meeting in a 5-6 year old video.
Super Bayani
Super Bayani 17 timmar sedan
This video is so british, it might as well have a tophat and cane
Spik3s 17 timmar sedan
new kids on doburoku what an ingenious pun
dame104 17 timmar sedan
Pete seems to be the kind of guy who hypes you up in an adventure. Also quite a character, i'd love me some friend with the same excitement as Pete.
jgalla 18 timmar sedan
Hey its Yakuza 5 IRL.
time Party
time Party 18 timmar sedan
"I have a bad case of diarrhea". I don't know why, but it sounds so catchy
Mechteld G
Mechteld G 18 timmar sedan
The girls at 3:27 are the Korean girl group T-ara. The song is called bo beep bo beep.
time Party
time Party 18 timmar sedan
May Aung
May Aung 18 timmar sedan
flyingpigfarm1 18 timmar sedan
Mmmmmm.... Pork Tactics...
TheRileyss 18 timmar sedan
Pete seems like so much fun to travel with
KillerTacos 18 timmar sedan
Brilliant video Chris! Pete is such a legend. We need him in more videos!
SenseiEpu 18 timmar sedan
That mug replacement plot had to be one of the funniest anti-climaxes ever. I laughed my head off! A great video overall though. Beautiful scenery.
Ready Set Japan! [Exploring Japan’s Outback]
Ready Set Japan! [Exploring Japan’s Outback] 18 timmar sedan
Looks like everyone is going north for golden week. What an adventure of a trip!
Dan Daniel Nakamura
Dan Daniel Nakamura 19 timmar sedan
Great video as always! Thank you. That was funny when you guys called Natsuki 🤣
Zombieman4 19 timmar sedan
This Pete guy is a bigger dork than you are Chris.
MomotarouX 19 timmar sedan
I’d love to live in a Machiya. Definitely goals.
Harry's Travel Videos
Harry's Travel Videos 19 timmar sedan
The Grand Adventures Of Frankie Muniz and Marty McFly
Dri Ven
Dri Ven 19 timmar sedan
That Toyota is named "joke" in my language..
Rob_in Japan
Rob_in Japan 19 timmar sedan
This guy is just a massive tool
Nicolas Peter
Nicolas Peter 20 timmar sedan
You forgot to misspell the English words in your abroadinjapan Japanese channel.
MutantBoyCrowe 20 timmar sedan
The closed captions around 7:45-8:00 for "six and a half thousand dollars" are off a digit, reading "$65,000" rather than the should-be "$6,500".
Reid Zimmerman
Reid Zimmerman 20 timmar sedan
As a kansan, I feel attacked
Indo Cigars
Indo Cigars 20 timmar sedan
Really nice design
S Alam
S Alam 20 timmar sedan
This video was so good. I usually take my time and don't watch these videos as soon as they're uploaded and this is my best experience yet
Betsy Palmer Medium
Betsy Palmer Medium 20 timmar sedan
My fav video of yours by far! Chris wins hands down on creepy statues with his Christopher Walken's Mother -- yeeeeesh!!
sekiro 21 timme sedan
there is no need for washing machine to stuck and call onisaan
asd asd
asd asd 21 timme sedan
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 21 timme sedan
Not just any mountain, a jApAnEsE mOuNtAiN.
S Alam
S Alam 21 timme sedan
God some of the shots, like the one at 10:25 add so much charm and style to the video it's indescribable. I've just been smiling at my screen like an idiot for 10 minutes now. This is one of the best things I've seen. I never thought travel vlogs could be this much enjoyable.
Carl Neoh
Carl Neoh 21 timme sedan
Pete: *explaining why the trip will be awesome and worth it. Chris: 🗿 On a serious note though, this video is one of the best Abroad in Japan videos I've seen, definitely underrated. The highlights were the contrast between a stereotypical British and American and the way Chris closely accepts the trip, seemingly like a tsundere. Truly hilarious
crumbs 21 timme sedan
I like drunk Bradley Cooper
Jim John-un
Jim John-un 21 timme sedan
Great duo. Really funny
MoonSh0ttAlch3mist 21 timme sedan
Schnoz 21 timme sedan
Pete's a madman, those curry cup noodles are disgusting.
大切な人を守って 21 timme sedan
half of Hokkaido is already owned by the Chinese and so as Osaka. you're aforeigner,you maybe need not be careful getting infected by the corona. corona’s mission is get rid of the Japanese still living in there refusing to sell exactly like what the virus is doing in Italy,UK,America etc.
Dikshya Survi
Dikshya Survi 21 timme sedan
You do look a bit like Elon... maybe just the jaw line and forehead are similar.
MoonSh0ttAlch3mist 21 timme sedan
There is a disgusting reason why Hershey's is bitter.
Shotaro 22 timmar sedan
That's a lot of Connors.
Solomon Gater
Solomon Gater 22 timmar sedan
yeah this some pretty good mackeral..... I HAVE A PENNNNNNNN I HAVE AN APPLE uUHN APPLE PENNNNN
Jim 22 timmar sedan
more Dr. Jelly... Love the series
10Ψ 22 timmar sedan