t w
t w 6 timmar sedan
so this guy is to be celebrated because he can explain this? huh?
invinciblenoman 6 timmar sedan
who else like me in 3 sec checked his/her phone charging slot if it is dirty.
andrew moonmandrew
andrew moonmandrew 6 timmar sedan
why isn't Good Time in here?
keiser sose
keiser sose 6 timmar sedan
Even the original Jaws was a robot
Lil _glock_live
Lil _glock_live 6 timmar sedan
Came here just to say she ain’t no damm gunslinger
Arvid Köppel
Arvid Köppel 6 timmar sedan
3700th comment
ParagonFury 6 timmar sedan
"We could CGI the fire, but that is hella expensive. So we just set real people on fire instead - much cheaper!"
F G 6 timmar sedan
The tuning fork is super interesting. Even with the wires I reckon it still takes a massive amount of athleticism on the actor’s behalf. Would love to see Monique Ganderton on a “How Real Is It” episode.
George Mendoza
George Mendoza 6 timmar sedan
Damm! Age is just a number! She’s so pretty! I wouldn’t being with someone who’s older than me as long there’re well taken care of!
gooshnpupp 6 timmar sedan
From reading the title I thought it'd be the same stunt 8 times I a row🤭
Bandboi 6 timmar sedan
Fire one is most terrifying
RJ Rajat Minhas
RJ Rajat Minhas 6 timmar sedan
What why they use plastic for packing
Kees004 6 timmar sedan
I'm pretty fine with graphic scenes and movies but somehow this made me a little nauseous.
Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry 6 timmar sedan
12:22 sweeps the barrel of the gun at the camera as he’s putting it away 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Joshua Covey
Joshua Covey 6 timmar sedan
I would say From Dusk till Dawn helped the tribal trend too, Clooneys tat was amazing
Gul Pathfinder
Gul Pathfinder 6 timmar sedan
And then there is Jackie Chan.
Thomas Torres
Thomas Torres 6 timmar sedan
They should have done hell or high water
Dara Mm
Dara Mm 6 timmar sedan
Well, I guess it's not secret service any more
Overlord Streamz
Overlord Streamz 6 timmar sedan
Bro he was just standing there with a sign. I saw the whole video. The fact that y’all defend this is crazy.
Dimitrios Desmos
Dimitrios Desmos 6 timmar sedan
omg mine is scared of everything, ...water, snow, rain, people......sigh.....
Robert Pirlot
Robert Pirlot 6 timmar sedan
Let's not forget the Wire rigs can give you a concussion like Football because the brain is like Jell-O in that skull. And you'd be amazed how bouncy glass is after you wake up.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 6 timmar sedan
I hate Taylor now I didn't have a problem with her until I realize she had a problem with Katy team Katy Perry
Infedius 6 timmar sedan
When i read the title i laughed for 7 minutes straight.
Vishalakshi Kodla
Vishalakshi Kodla 6 timmar sedan
This is stupid
TnT404 6 timmar sedan
Nr 7: ...or, you can be Tom Cruise and actually drive yourself
LeBaeuh 6 timmar sedan
Early !
micuuhhtoon 6 timmar sedan
wearing my airpods yall
Dakota Martinez
Dakota Martinez 6 timmar sedan
He is a good artist.
Moviesnerds outpost
Moviesnerds outpost 6 timmar sedan
stop motion animator should get one these
Β9L μόνο !
Β9L μόνο ! 6 timmar sedan
Good evening, do you know how to do hacking?
Russian duckling 0w0
Russian duckling 0w0 6 timmar sedan
Dakota Martinez
Dakota Martinez 6 timmar sedan
I hope the prices make sense.
noodleTHEraccoon 6 timmar sedan
Honestly I love this movie it's so beautiful and just and overall heartwarming movie it really deserves any awards it has won, even if you've already watched it watch it again it's worth it
Elaiho ikponmwosa
Elaiho ikponmwosa 6 timmar sedan
I enjoyed this.
Nate Davison
Nate Davison 6 timmar sedan
Stunt doubles should be able to get oscars
CheshireCat 6 timmar sedan
Really cool video, if you could put in the metric system (like km/h) values as well somewhere under that would be super cool
OutBack 6 timmar sedan
well aint that something
BOT Bob 6 timmar sedan
"the sound when 2 autobots fight" how can you not realise that that's not how that works
OscarWhiskeyFoxtrot 6 timmar sedan
I'm going to read books from now on.
Robert Cheung
Robert Cheung 6 timmar sedan
3:44 “I don't play the notes any better than other pianists. But the pauses between notes-that's where the artistry lies.” - Artur Schnabel
StoicHR 6 timmar sedan
Watching this in 2021 and how they are not wearing gloves and mask and play with those marshmallow like playdough really turns me OFF from wanting one.
El Patator
El Patator 6 timmar sedan
This is so cool
NFS&P Barrister
NFS&P Barrister 6 timmar sedan
Why would p.i used expensive car? That will made him/her easy to recognize by the mark!
yakkattack 6 timmar sedan
Next up Real Perverts breakdown Law and Order SVU episodes
Hassan Beydoun
Hassan Beydoun 6 timmar sedan
Suggestion: Bill Burr tells us about [what he knows about] helicopter scenes realism/facts about helicopters/etc.
Buttertoast 07
Buttertoast 07 6 timmar sedan
Camera Cranes are interesting
Potato Face
Potato Face 7 timmar sedan
I am surprised he hasn’t divorced her yet
O - O
O - O 7 timmar sedan
Yo almost all of the cool food and desserts are at NYC
Suvigya Basnotra
Suvigya Basnotra 7 timmar sedan
The best stunt performances from last year were in TENET where the actor and their stunt performers performed all their actions both forwards and backwards for each individual take dozens of times...!
Rodney Quills Dinkins
Rodney Quills Dinkins 7 timmar sedan
I don’t know much about about holding up banks but I can tell you all you need to know about knocking off dice games.
Miheso Clinton
Miheso Clinton 7 timmar sedan
25 years experience,hell you look like you 25.I think I'm in love.😅
Julie Tillin
Julie Tillin 7 timmar sedan
Invite this speaker again he is clear, funny awesome !
I am therefore I think
I am therefore I think 7 timmar sedan
God didn’t want to torture Job, but Satan told Him to do.
Samuel Spalding
Samuel Spalding 7 timmar sedan
Um, so Will Smith lands a round in the train right before it enters the tunnel. At 3:29 he is aiming at... a train with tunnel visible. That's not a problem?
ZombiePlaysGames 7 timmar sedan
0:26 keemstar
imraw719 7 timmar sedan
Marry me
Dragobro04 7 timmar sedan
Very insightful video
Face ME
Face ME 7 timmar sedan
Left royal family to be commoners. Kept royal titles to Flaunt....
nicktube724 7 timmar sedan
Helm’s Deep 5/10 and The Long Night 5/10? Not a realistic ranking at all. At no time in history is there evidence of a ranking where something in which nothing went right was equal to something epic and mostly made sense. Idk... 3 or 4 out of 10 review for being funny and knowledgeable?
Willhelm Carson
Willhelm Carson 7 timmar sedan
Great tricks! Too bad they only were shown in all of these pieces of shite movies.
Sam India
Sam India 7 timmar sedan
Aunt May?
Arturo Campos
Arturo Campos 7 timmar sedan
In Heat they put a timer to turn off the cameras the night before. So I assume mask are used to not be recognized by people.
Enea Hyka
Enea Hyka 7 timmar sedan
Next episode, Johnny Sins reacts to hot scenes in the movies, how realistic they are
James Cooper
James Cooper 7 timmar sedan
Walt opened up to Jesse in this episode about dealing with his troubles!
Gatewave Method
Gatewave Method 7 timmar sedan
he be like that gun is as tall as me, its no fun to carry let alone run up hill with , and " I jumped out of a plane with it one time, a portion of it" this is awesome, God Bless our Veterans
fixedG 7 timmar sedan
The spanking the child received, however, left their rear beyond restoration.
Angel Miles
Angel Miles 7 timmar sedan
Vic almighty would have done a better Job
Angel Miles
Angel Miles 7 timmar sedan
Poor execution
Red Caster
Red Caster 7 timmar sedan
This editing with the central intelligence scenes was weird
Marquis Cary
Marquis Cary 7 timmar sedan
Why did you turn yourself in?
John Varghese
John Varghese 7 timmar sedan
Lesson1: Dig a DITCH
James Cooper
James Cooper 7 timmar sedan
Is This a hated episode? I loved it
Nhoyskie zen-abi
Nhoyskie zen-abi 7 timmar sedan
you want to see some Awesome tulips.. i have it.. Check it out!
Ryan LaMothe
Ryan LaMothe 7 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thought that little amount of food wasn’t enough???💁
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers 7 timmar sedan
That fire one is pretty scary
We’ll be right back
We’ll be right back 7 timmar sedan
I would have kept the drawing
Nosherwan Danyal
Nosherwan Danyal 7 timmar sedan
is he on something 😂😂😂😂