Never give up!
14 dagar sedan
Letho Ndumo
Letho Ndumo 14 timmar sedan
Jermaine Jenas? A midfield maestro? Ohk.
Isaac Hilsher
Isaac Hilsher 14 timmar sedan
mecca palastain
mecca palastain 14 timmar sedan
Have you seen Mahrez Ha-ha-ha-ha? This is nothing for him
Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr 15 timmar sedan
Where's foden? He could have a compilation of amazing touches in the recent Aston villa game
Fart Nugget
Fart Nugget 15 timmar sedan
HaystackHider 15 timmar sedan
Gingerkid meets his Ken
JustcuzitsEpic 15 timmar sedan
Belmadi, current algerian national coach had a spell at Manchester city as a player as well...
Haochi Zhang
Haochi Zhang 15 timmar sedan
Do a "denied by referee" video.
Yudistiro Adi
Yudistiro Adi 15 timmar sedan
How is Gerrard assist to Sturridge not in this list?
Oath Oath
Oath Oath 15 timmar sedan
Michel Owen The Legend of Stoke
samir Samir
samir Samir 15 timmar sedan
You forgot belmadi and kerkar both played for man city
TheDoughboy1996 15 timmar sedan
No Lukaku?
Noor Abd elhade
Noor Abd elhade 15 timmar sedan
Walters was scored two own goals vs chelsea and missed a penalty 😀😀😀😂😂
Fransiskus Robi Sanjaya
Fransiskus Robi Sanjaya 16 timmar sedan
Jones the legend
Kumkum Tins
Kumkum Tins 16 timmar sedan
Its pronounced "unwankwor" Kanu, not "nuwankwu"
Palestra Italia
Palestra Italia 16 timmar sedan
Yafet Solomon
Yafet Solomon 16 timmar sedan
I think lloris is the best goal keeper, he's had a rocky defense and still pulling out masterclasses. and I am not even a Tottenham fan lol. him or de gea before ronaldo ruined him
Vertx_Ice 16 timmar sedan
This should be the next Pogchamp.
Davide Valente
Davide Valente 16 timmar sedan
Ottima annata
Djihad Gym
Djihad Gym 16 timmar sedan
thank you to the best league PL <3
Kyle Poultney
Kyle Poultney 16 timmar sedan
I never seen half of these present on a game
M U S T A R D 16 timmar sedan
The youngest pogger alive Trully a POG moment
Mr. 4ut
Mr. 4ut 16 timmar sedan🌎
Agustin Jimenez
Agustin Jimenez 17 timmar sedan
Just 22 dudes running behind a ball, fuck it
Christopher Downs
Christopher Downs 17 timmar sedan
The way Mata's foot glides over the grass with the touch it majestic
Jon Reynolds
Jon Reynolds 17 timmar sedan
Bullard what a legend.
Anas Anjam
Anas Anjam 17 timmar sedan
David de gea 2017/18 season was probably the best in the premier league history. But Nick pope is a good goalkeeper better than Pickford and Dean Henderson
ayad tariq
ayad tariq 17 timmar sedan
0:26 wait I thought this was PL not WWE
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 18 timmar sedan
Who was he standing next to?
Kyeyune Mark
Kyeyune Mark 18 timmar sedan
Jay Jay Okocha
Jatin Dangi
Jatin Dangi 18 timmar sedan
Same reaction kid
VBAHMED!! 18 timmar sedan
No Mahrez clip at all😭😭😭. He has the best touch in the world apart from Messi, but tbh Messi doesnt even count, cos he's Messi😭😭. One of the best first touches in PL history no doubt
Djihad Gym
Djihad Gym 19 timmar sedan
king mahrez
Oliver McLeod
Oliver McLeod 19 timmar sedan
The music is always utterly dreadful on these. What a shame to tarnish such class 🤦🏼‍♂️
Sam Hardy
Sam Hardy 19 timmar sedan
How is Aguero’s not on here? 😂
Bonzodogdick 19 timmar sedan
Imagine those goals being commentated by Mikey Burrows
Sane Man
Sane Man 19 timmar sedan
He learnt to play football with a basketball as a kid which is why he developed such a silky touch according to him.
OnlyKrysis 19 timmar sedan
I look the same way at my exams🤣
Jefferson Keane
Jefferson Keane 20 timmar sedan
I love the fact that the video thumbnail is actually perfectly accurate!!!
masilo moshesh
masilo moshesh 20 timmar sedan
Meanwhile Lukaku's first touch looks as if he plays football wearing Timberlands
Ginger Rabbit
Ginger Rabbit 20 timmar sedan
English footballers are so bad...
daedalus_suzuki 20 timmar sedan
5:23 looks like some kind of Harlem Globetrotters trick shot. Incredible read by both Yedlin and ASM to make that connection.
Rafael Virrueta
Rafael Virrueta 20 timmar sedan
I'd react the same way
michael Ro
michael Ro 21 timme sedan
Jay Jay Okocha.
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips 21 timme sedan
Doesn't even care about his own team just Rooney.
Ryder-Gem 21 timme sedan
This is how a predator catch its prey
2316 - Brawl Stars
2316 - Brawl Stars 21 timme sedan
Shot on iphone 🍏
Trent Hurlburt
Trent Hurlburt 21 timme sedan
Hazard is one of the best premier league players of all time what a player especially for his team
Trent Hurlburt
Trent Hurlburt 21 timme sedan
Kante is the best DM in the game
Ra_ve 21 timme sedan
Thats the next pog face emote on twitch
Logan 21 timme sedan
0:19 that is so satisfying