Making superconductors
9 månader sedan
Making glow toys from scratch
Making aerogel
År sedan
Making uranium glass
Making raspberry perfume
What is Fool's Gold?
Developing my own photos
kuber singh
kuber singh 12 timmar sedan
Wonderful, now I just need some ropes, tape and a van. 😂🤣
Fabian Q
Fabian Q 12 timmar sedan
Use a mexican molcajete, a kind of a superpowerfull morter for mexican chefs.
igruzu20extreme 12 timmar sedan
speedcubers: i have almost every speedcube in the world nilered: i have a 40 pound tungston cube
意颖 12 timmar sedan
Is nobody gonna talk about his editing improving? The animation was much more polished and overall video was much better
Glup Glup
Glup Glup 12 timmar sedan
reading video title: YOU EAT WHAT?! mid video: strawberry DNA me: I see how you play there
Prince Demetri
Prince Demetri 12 timmar sedan
The patience you have is impeccable
Conpanna Coffee
Conpanna Coffee 12 timmar sedan
Does it Go *BEEEP* when tested with diamond tester?
PelemusMcSoy 12 timmar sedan
If this one guy can extract strawberry genetics, imagine what heavily funded secret science labs are capable of...
Parthiv MEV
Parthiv MEV 12 timmar sedan
“Oh no I definitely have wood, it’s just transparent leave me alone”
Zachary Margala
Zachary Margala 12 timmar sedan
MMA plastic is fake. its all an act
H. Becc
H. Becc 12 timmar sedan
This wood be good for bathroom windows
H. Becc
H. Becc 12 timmar sedan
This wood be good for bathroom windows
CATZ 12 timmar sedan
Now I just need to cut open this bag of almonds and smell them but it looks like my scissors had broken from the last time I had used them so now well have to build a synthetic pare of scissors.
Iggy Tekula
Iggy Tekula 12 timmar sedan
Thanks Nail, i know what lube to buy now 😂
pinkie chan
pinkie chan 12 timmar sedan
its hammer time.
JN Nahid
JN Nahid 12 timmar sedan
Fun fact : The video is going on in 180× Me: watching on 360×
A Chef
A Chef 12 timmar sedan
W. U. H. T.
Aydan Oliveira
Aydan Oliveira 12 timmar sedan
I dunno why I watched this. But this is a really a good chanal to watch while being high.
Cass Theunissen
Cass Theunissen 12 timmar sedan
You should make a door out of this wood.
Zachary Margala
Zachary Margala 12 timmar sedan
lignin sounds like ligma (i just cant get away from thatjoke)
Gene Beidl
Gene Beidl 12 timmar sedan
18:24 -- what is the formal technical definition of "crappier particles"? I can't find that in any of my physics or chemistry books:(
Samantha Eyolfson
Samantha Eyolfson 12 timmar sedan
Can you make a tiny universe lol
Gorshkov Carl Vinson
Gorshkov Carl Vinson 12 timmar sedan
can you please explain how and when to use titration , precipitation and crystalisation please
Rafael Carneiro
Rafael Carneiro 12 timmar sedan
- I treated the wood with Lignin. - What's Lignin? - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nuxest 12 timmar sedan
Bruh those explosion looks like a nuclear bomb just got dropped
dood ?
dood ? 12 timmar sedan
what about led zepplin
truearseniiv 12 timmar sedan
Newton rings at 26:02!
çýbęř ñęø
çýbęř ñęø 12 timmar sedan
Imagine someone making a bathroom using that.
GameOfNico YT
GameOfNico YT 12 timmar sedan
Don’t you think the taste could be the Placebo effect? Like I don’t want to bring you down but I am a bit sceptical 🤨
Ram Manohar Lohia
Ram Manohar Lohia 12 timmar sedan
How durable are these processed wood pieces?
Sup Dude
Sup Dude 12 timmar sedan
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Dazai Osamu
Dazai Osamu 12 timmar sedan
Hey! Just a quick and probably dumb question: What happens if you mix blood and acid?
OswaldOriginal 12 timmar sedan
SOOOO, with your bar of gold, how do you turn it into a gold ring??
zamalek 12 timmar sedan
Congrats man.
Andrew Ziegler
Andrew Ziegler 12 timmar sedan
You are an amazing chemist you should make more of those bottles I would love to buy one
n3onjack 12 timmar sedan
Now I can finally have a girlfriend
Itz Valid
Itz Valid 13 timmar sedan
Chillin on a weekend like usual making chemicals that kill you
Ritin Kornas
Ritin Kornas 13 timmar sedan
Interesting video! So... @NileRed, I don't know if you have ever had your own blood in your mouth, like when you nose bleed for example. The blood as a very distinctive metallic flavour, and since most flavour is actually coming from the nose, is the "taste of blood" actually coming from the 1-octen-3-one too???
f f
f f 13 timmar sedan
Matthe_55 13 timmar sedan
Wait you made drugs! heroin is a drug right? WHAT THE FISH!!!
Davy Rockett
Davy Rockett 13 timmar sedan
Looks like a Lion’s Mane mushroom😂
Phil Jermakian
Phil Jermakian 13 timmar sedan
Government: lets just release some bioweapon and kill some people. Also government:HEY NO GLOW IN THE DARK GLASS
Dusty 13 timmar sedan
Shadow Lurkers
Shadow Lurkers 13 timmar sedan
You need glass to make better glass "Furge"
Divyanshu FF
Divyanshu FF 13 timmar sedan
Your Chemistry teacher will be Proud of you If seen One of it
Kayla Janaé
Kayla Janaé 13 timmar sedan
It’s funny how I hate science but Nile is so interesting and it’s teaching me way more than what I learn in school.
skodwarde tetsicules
skodwarde tetsicules 13 timmar sedan
This dude really ate strawberry buss
Silicon Nomad
Silicon Nomad 13 timmar sedan
Nile Red - casually mentioning accidental explosions since 2015
노태균 13 timmar sedan
How much money did you use?
Alessio Pinca
Alessio Pinca 13 timmar sedan
First Company ti produce large scale wood windows?? Waiting to invest in it😂
squishyt 01
squishyt 01 13 timmar sedan
Now you gotta play with ricin
Silicon Nomad
Silicon Nomad 13 timmar sedan
Haha damn cool dad. Mysterious mom.
Da rel posty_ Malone1082
Da rel posty_ Malone1082 13 timmar sedan
I wanted to know how to make Qualudes not foot fungus medicine!!!🤬
Jani 13 timmar sedan
Great job mate. I've waited to see the transparent wood again. And now i only able to say > WOOOW thats on paper is like glass
Becky on that gang shit
Becky on that gang shit 13 timmar sedan
Teech me to cook crakk cuh
IceTea 13 timmar sedan
Mrbeast has entered the chat
Animals4life 13 timmar sedan
next mrbeast is gonna be buying this from him xD
Rainy Jade
Rainy Jade 13 timmar sedan
It’s all good till people think it’s cocaine
pi-stone 13 timmar sedan
Trop trop bieeen ! Vraiment bravo !
mason houtzer
mason houtzer 13 timmar sedan
Not sure about specifics but why not use a photo resin like in resin 3d printers and get a slow absorbtion and then low UV lights for slow curing. No idea what heat or if any gasses given off or even if it would work at all.
Silicon Nomad
Silicon Nomad 13 timmar sedan
-5 alignment points
PessimisticOptimist 13 timmar sedan
There were old videos you had to take down? Why??
Ghost 13 timmar sedan
Lignin deez nuts
Jett Gem
Jett Gem 13 timmar sedan
What is it with really intelligent people and closing/placing/doing things with such visible passive violence? I love it so much xD every time he lowkey agressively slamed that door I smiled so wide.
StormZap 13 timmar sedan
*WhAt IF YOu MEltEd nEthEritE?
Serpent Artist
Serpent Artist 13 timmar sedan
6:16 mm, vanilla milkshake
Foxboi Vr
Foxboi Vr 13 timmar sedan
Nilered: squishes strawberry Me: ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA
FaZe sways dog
FaZe sways dog 13 timmar sedan
Strawberry $emen
Kolamoose 13 timmar sedan
Could You use Pine resin or Wax instead of plastic as Filler? Not that it would be clear but just curious if it could fill the same role
Idontknowmynamelol 17
Idontknowmynamelol 17 13 timmar sedan
This guy has literally made chlorine gas and used it to make fucking table salt. HE COMMITED A WAR CRIME TO MAKE TABLE SALT
Ronan Lee
Ronan Lee 13 timmar sedan
For future me Our bio class: depression Reds bio: interesting
squidud 13 timmar sedan
I know nothing about chemistry, and probably will never pursue it, but that doesn't stop this from being so cool.
Tad Yoshi
Tad Yoshi 13 timmar sedan
11:35. “I felt like I was running a little factory”. Ya, a drug “factory.”
Splinter6662 13 timmar sedan
Nile, we need to cook Nile, I have cancer Nile
Serafina Evangeline
Serafina Evangeline 13 timmar sedan
I wanna learn this kinda things tho Weird… But i don’t want to take science school Weird…
nater308 13 timmar sedan
I know it's already a reality, but what about Transparent Aluminum? This made me think of Star Trek IV, haha!
dukeofthedance 13 timmar sedan
thats beautiful it tastes the same as cheap wino best choice brand vodka. delicious, mmm so thats why there was a toilet paper shortage during our year of the covid9 2020. amazing
Free Press Insurgency
Free Press Insurgency 13 timmar sedan
Lets all comment tons of silly stuff, to keep these F.B.I. agents busy!🤣
Kurt Schlarb
Kurt Schlarb 13 timmar sedan
Yeah, I use clear wood every I open the cellophane wrapper on a pack of smokes. Cellophane is made from celluose, which in turn is derived from plants and trees. I wonder if cellophane sheets could be bonded together to form a sheet of "glass." I also wonder why anyone would want to replace glass with wood. I mean glass is mainly sand isn't it? I know where there is a LOT of sand.
Lewis Edwards
Lewis Edwards 13 timmar sedan
10:24 man i wanna eat that