PSG vs Bayern Munich Watchalong
Bayern Munich vs PSG Watchalong
3guys1girlandfetus 15 timmar sedan
Is arsenal the English Cruz Azul?
SMOKEY 15 timmar sedan
Even at his age, Cavani is one of the best signings Man Utd have made in recent years. Only wish that they would've signed him earlier
Zed 15 timmar sedan
kante is immense. created both goals for chelsea.
Javier bara
Javier bara 15 timmar sedan
Cavani is a killer no doubt.
MMAoracle 15 timmar sedan
Mendy is an keeper
Nicholas Farmen
Nicholas Farmen 15 timmar sedan
Cavani really should have had a hat trick
Micheal Guerrero
Micheal Guerrero 15 timmar sedan
It’s crazy how they were doubt Cavani but he was the one that put them in the finals without him or De Gea they would’ve probably been knocked out of the Europa league
Elger Reyes
Elger Reyes 15 timmar sedan
Paul Amato
Paul Amato 16 timmar sedan
De Gea had some great saves
Saquon Barkley
Saquon Barkley 16 timmar sedan
Telles and Fred just shouldn't play
C L 16 timmar sedan
Mendy is insane
Eli Cherry
Eli Cherry 16 timmar sedan
Pulisic is lucky he got the assist there! I'm a big fan of his, but he really should have cut that back to Kante for an easy, open goal finish. Instead, he hesitates and just barely sneaks the ball in to mount who just barely gets there first and is lucky to get the goal. Good football, but not good enough to stand up to the truly great teams in my opinion.
Diamond Zedd
Diamond Zedd 16 timmar sedan
Keep Fred away from this team as possible.
Troy Awesomeness
Troy Awesomeness 16 timmar sedan
5:20 AY0000000
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 16 timmar sedan
Pogba.....and to think that they paid for him as much as for Messi.....classic afrikan.....much fanfare....outstanding physical specimen....but......a soap bubble....just like Mbape promises....jejejeje
Ruham Beyene
Ruham Beyene 16 timmar sedan
De Gea played sooo well
Reid Pattis
Reid Pattis 17 timmar sedan
christian pulisic did what I've been hoping for people to do against lengthy keepers. pass, feint, or dribble around them to score (if you have the time).
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker 17 timmar sedan
7:35 1 surrounded by 5. you love to see it
Jose Alejandro Quiroga
Jose Alejandro Quiroga 17 timmar sedan
Why is De Gea always screaming? I'm glad he was benched
Pedro Bessoni
Pedro Bessoni 17 timmar sedan
that penalti was so unfair
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker 17 timmar sedan
2:14 i remember watching that on revenge moments in soccer
Zachary Gerritsen
Zachary Gerritsen 17 timmar sedan
Bayern 8 TOO much and had to spit barca out😂😂😂
E 17 timmar sedan
Goes to show emery wasn’t the problem. Just the toxic environment from guys like ozil and others that got shipped out. A lot of cleaning up arteta has to do from now until next season and deliver something to get past this season. Another fa cup next season won’t even cut it.
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker 17 timmar sedan
8:10 y was he screaming
Gerçekleri Söyleyen Adam
Gerçekleri Söyleyen Adam 17 timmar sedan
Adamlar finale geldiler.Sampiyon olsalar geçmişe baktıkları zaman ilk maçlarında Sivasspor adlı takımdan 3 yemişler diyecekler
Bryan Nimesi
Bryan Nimesi 17 timmar sedan
I swear I still wonder why Fred is in the starting 11...
Evan Cooling
Evan Cooling 17 timmar sedan
BOOM Headshot 2:44
Stars News
Stars News 17 timmar sedan
Mahrez scored two goals and you put De bruyne pic Wtf !!!!!
BIG MARCOS 17 timmar sedan
English teams are starting to change their ways on how they are playing and boy aren't they finding massive success now!
A G 18 timmar sedan
Torres vs Barca Temo vs Madrid
Name is just a name right?
Name is just a name right? 18 timmar sedan
Why is the commentator not convinced nor is he motivated like drury is or some1 else.
Nico Schöntag
Nico Schöntag 18 timmar sedan
At 10:21 he should have said “superbly-stricken”
Eduardo Aguilar
Eduardo Aguilar 18 timmar sedan
Madrid fan and I'm salty but good to see a fellow American do so well at the top level. Congrats Pulisic world class.
Tom Luna
Tom Luna 18 timmar sedan
Who is the goalie for Chelsea? And where is he from?
Dinoskull1_Gaming 18 timmar sedan
Definitely think WB got the ball on his challenge. 100% don’t think it should’ve been a yellow. Along with Williams tackle at the end of the match. And the third goal was offside for Roma. But in the end none of those questionable calls meant anything to the outcome of the 2 legs. Glad to see the boys in red finally get the chance at some silverware.
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker 18 timmar sedan
bruh WTF thumbnail gave it away
Roosterman 789
Roosterman 789 18 timmar sedan
man u's defense is ass
Benjie Bandz
Benjie Bandz 18 timmar sedan
Why was Zidane clapping his team jus got slapped up 😂😂
Ayjay r8
Ayjay r8 18 timmar sedan
That american boy is turning lights! mFs
Steve Dí Guevara
Steve Dí Guevara 18 timmar sedan
And here is to another burying final like Liverpool and Tottenham deliver
Jamrock Trucker
Jamrock Trucker 18 timmar sedan
United were playing to lose 🤷🏽‍♂️
Gallaghers Marrs
Gallaghers Marrs 18 timmar sedan
Timo is absolutely terrible
Craig Scott
Craig Scott 18 timmar sedan
Cavani is an absolute menace to teams backline
Colin Bruce
Colin Bruce 19 timmar sedan
Cavani and Fernandez is a great combo
Colin Bruce
Colin Bruce 19 timmar sedan
The Williams and Fred yellow cards were hilarious. Football quickly becoming a non contact sport.
R McElhaney
R McElhaney 19 timmar sedan
Two of my very favorite world clubs, Chelsea and Manchester City, are meeting in the UEFA Champions League final. It's time to pop open a couple of cold ones and celebrate!
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 19 timmar sedan
Kai Havertz is soooo good
Joel Dube
Joel Dube 19 timmar sedan
She is gorgeous
David_ Hong
David_ Hong 19 timmar sedan
de gea god mode tonight... wow
Ultimate Swagger_guy_123
Ultimate Swagger_guy_123 19 timmar sedan
Were the Roma players aiming for the goal or De Gea
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 19 timmar sedan
I’m confused, so this isn’t the champions league?
pizana09 19 timmar sedan
When all the bandwagon fans show up and want to start sharing there knowledge about Chelsea. Bet they dont even know who didier and nicolas were.
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre 19 timmar sedan
Your boy Zzz
Your boy Zzz 19 timmar sedan
Dumb ass Arsenal so much waste of money
Jaime Montes de Oca
Jaime Montes de Oca 19 timmar sedan
terrible attitude of Roma players, they didn't even believe they could win, they were just a trash team today. De Gea wasn't great at all, he just stood there and Roma players threw the ball at him every time. These teams don't deserve to play in Europe tournaments, they lack attitude!
Yiran Guo
Yiran Guo 19 timmar sedan
10:56 wasn't there an offset?
Jorge Navarrete
Jorge Navarrete 19 timmar sedan
All because of Madrid’s black socks
the hash slinging slasher
the hash slinging slasher 19 timmar sedan
some of the lamest, most boring commentary possible.
Tpndgo 20
Tpndgo 20 19 timmar sedan
I just want to know who is the interviewer . . . Anyone ?
Derpster 19 timmar sedan
Zalewski will be playing for the Polish senior team soon, and we can't wait. It's Zalewski not Zalievski you commentating muppet. Put some effort into those names there buddy. The way you pronounce names you'd think that the entire Central Europe is Russian. Gonna wait to see how you pronounce Finnish last names, maybe the Finns are also Russian since Helsinki was under Russian rule at one point in history.
AndresON777 19 timmar sedan
Stockport Iniesta ❤
Adam Lorentz
Adam Lorentz 19 timmar sedan
Dang Roma played very well, deserved at least 2 or 3 more goals
img dan1el
img dan1el 19 timmar sedan
Really hoping that man u and man city wins both competitions and it can be a Manchester derby at the ufea supercup
Queso 20 timmar sedan
400 + Goals in his career world class pure skilled striker Cavani el matador💯
Eric Zimmermann
Eric Zimmermann 20 timmar sedan
Shit refereeing. Offside goal allowed and multiple clean tackles being called fouls. Stop taking the art of tackling out of the game and turning it into a fucking pussy party
Kevin McCabe
Kevin McCabe 20 timmar sedan
I can't believe that Roma play Blink 182 after their home goals?? That would annoy the crap out of me if I was a Roma fan.
Jon Nelson
Jon Nelson 20 timmar sedan
Great job. However, what does Pulisic have to do to get more minutes? It's odd.
aman tesfaye
aman tesfaye 20 timmar sedan
Man United fashion almost blowing a huge lead
Shell Dahl
Shell Dahl 20 timmar sedan
EMBARRASSING how Arsenal is falling for the strategy of the Spaniards! - and when the manager is substituting the playmaker that could have created the space needed, they have only themselves to blame !
Chaitnay Singh
Chaitnay Singh 20 timmar sedan
Why on earth have they got to mention first american for everything. Seems like that’s all I keep hearing these days
aman tesfaye
aman tesfaye 20 timmar sedan
Why is De Gea a great keeper this game?
Justin Satiable
Justin Satiable 20 timmar sedan
I guess PSG found out what it was like to have their best player out like Bayern did. Karma is a [email protected] and she is wearing Man City britchezzzzz
Shem 20 timmar sedan
real madrid losing next year if they dont buff the team
Kayne Barker
Kayne Barker 20 timmar sedan
2:55 but it made no difference he wouldn't have gotten there. and I don't even thing it was a foul
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov 20 timmar sedan
My Dads jokes are more creative than Arsenal
Shark Girl
Shark Girl 20 timmar sedan
We made it to the final
prod. whiteboy
prod. whiteboy 20 timmar sedan
one of the worst luke shaw performances ive ever seen
Curtis Waller
Curtis Waller 20 timmar sedan
Curtis Waller
Curtis Waller 20 timmar sedan
Let's go Arsenal
JæD’M 21 timme sedan