Gingerbread Mayhem!
4 månader sedan
4 månader sedan
Xander Ruales
Xander Ruales 10 timmar sedan
The skeleton is just playing the piano
GIRIKchamp 10 timmar sedan
We were all stuck at th 10 for 3 years
Art Lover
Art Lover 10 timmar sedan
Art Lover
Art Lover 10 timmar sedan
fadi henry
fadi henry 10 timmar sedan
These walls are slicker then a minions lips
Lira Kydy
Lira Kydy 10 timmar sedan
Time to Die
D.K. BHAI ON 10 timmar sedan
Want more😭😭😭😭😭
Chepi [GD]
Chepi [GD] 11 timmar sedan
These games sound amazing! I just have one question, will clash heroes be available to play on pc/Mac? Since it’s made with unreal engine I think there’s much more diversity in the different platforms :D
zenn 11 timmar sedan
th 69: brand new! Now the settings button defends your base!
haver plays yt
haver plays yt 11 timmar sedan
i neeed spikey y:(
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 11 timmar sedan
Doing workk ana
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 11 timmar sedan
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar 11 timmar sedan
Indian yama
Manish sharma
Manish sharma 11 timmar sedan
Manish sharma
Manish sharma 11 timmar sedan
Th 14 is best
PiggyJain 12 timmar sedan
7:18 LOLOL that one miner is prolly so jealous
Jaafar The king
Jaafar The king 12 timmar sedan
تاون ١٤... TOWN 14
GB22Gav '
GB22Gav ' 12 timmar sedan
Ah yes, clapping at trees, my favorite pastime
COD_plays :
COD_plays : 12 timmar sedan
el matador 178
el matador 178 12 timmar sedan
Aww not for clash or brawl : c
Lorenzo Cantarel
Lorenzo Cantarel 12 timmar sedan
Has anyone else moved around something that is being built just to see the builder run after it? Now I feel bad
GreyDahSnek 101
GreyDahSnek 101 12 timmar sedan
Villager: mhmmmm yes tree
THE KING 12 timmar sedan
2021 ❤
fatherloafe 12 timmar sedan
pov your at a blm protest
Leslie Ann Boteger
Leslie Ann Boteger 13 timmar sedan
TYSM for this update I really like it even though i only watch this vid...
Flavio Magalhães
Flavio Magalhães 13 timmar sedan
Muito top
JetzunoTZX 13 timmar sedan
Limo Service
Limo Service 13 timmar sedan
I feel so bad for the builder he did make this now your kicking him out
Luciano Hernan Barletta
Luciano Hernan Barletta 13 timmar sedan
I only have one question Where are the camps?
YUSANTIKS xd 13 timmar sedan
Subscribanse a yusantiks
That one shadow demon
That one shadow demon 13 timmar sedan
Some reason i wanted to cry tears of joy
Gae 14 timmar sedan
The day when we have the global chat
Carrot 69
Carrot 69 14 timmar sedan
The builder now fights back
TheBest Boy1290
TheBest Boy1290 14 timmar sedan
Wow finally we get payback
Fox 14 timmar sedan
1:20 spoiled hdv 14 update lol
pupy lover
pupy lover 14 timmar sedan
00:18 where the kings pedistil
Aaron Zaccari
Aaron Zaccari 14 timmar sedan
he said it, hog rider!
SH5D0W W0Lf 14 timmar sedan
8 years now
Ai Nan
Ai Nan 14 timmar sedan
Ahah, I remember how I was addicted to the game. Now it’s just once or twice a year
Dr. Doppio
Dr. Doppio 15 timmar sedan
Pov playing engineer in tf2
عبدالمجيد الاشول
عبدالمجيد الاشول 15 timmar sedan
Cris Muñoz
Cris Muñoz 15 timmar sedan
5:13 oh thank god i have clan troops maybe now i can w- .......They are goblins ......
giorinex 33
giorinex 33 15 timmar sedan
Nussuno: SEcycle che mi mette nella home un video di clash di 8 anni fa
chinese kid
chinese kid 15 timmar sedan
0:45 the hog still has an hair net
João Gabriel
João Gabriel 15 timmar sedan
Dr. Doppio
Dr. Doppio 15 timmar sedan
This is a unspoken teasure
Colton Craig
Colton Craig 15 timmar sedan
Got recommend to me now 5 years ago where's the one for now??
Oscar Cheung
Oscar Cheung 15 timmar sedan
Con.D.Oriano 15 timmar sedan
Old nostalgic days
Egehan Ünlü
Egehan Ünlü 15 timmar sedan
the archer queen did not like it
Santi Rizz
Santi Rizz 16 timmar sedan
Why do they sound like the angry birds?
Newguy 5
Newguy 5 16 timmar sedan
DoStayclean 16 timmar sedan
Guys if you pause and move around u can see the map
Edison wu
Edison wu 16 timmar sedan
Feras Al Madani
Feras Al Madani 17 timmar sedan
Please company, why did you write on the head of the barbarian in the village of Yali? And Muhammad is the messenger of God.
Flamethrower Turtle
Flamethrower Turtle 17 timmar sedan
Imagine their prop room
Bayern LP
Bayern LP 17 timmar sedan
So basically the town hall now turns into a US Fort? Pretty nice
Dairon Mahieu
Dairon Mahieu 17 timmar sedan
MemeLord Crusader
MemeLord Crusader 17 timmar sedan
Max Banana
Max Banana 17 timmar sedan
14.000 commentttt
The Trickster
The Trickster 17 timmar sedan
Feel bad for the that had to leave
Its Ya Ma
Its Ya Ma 17 timmar sedan
If the futuristic style isn’t an eventual upgrade style in the future I’m going to be mad
I like turtels
I like turtels 17 timmar sedan
Bring the global back
I like turtels
I like turtels 17 timmar sedan
The good old days
Melon lord
Melon lord 18 timmar sedan
So many errors on 7:16 Why are giants that strong Giant isn't targeting defenses No defenses attack The cannon MAGICALLY disappeared A mortar can't shoot side ways Barbarians are just standing there
Andrea bilokapić
Andrea bilokapić 18 timmar sedan
I cant wait for clash heroes
gryphns 18 timmar sedan
yuall remember when we had to actually refill our defenses xD
Ghosty 18 timmar sedan
After 5 years, why is this now on everyone’s recommend page?
Accident Happened
Accident Happened 15 timmar sedan
Msn 83
Msn 83 17 timmar sedan
LALICUADORA3000 18 timmar sedan
Por un momento me sentí un hog rana 😎
Istic Games
Istic Games 18 timmar sedan
My recommend this to me now? But still, ima redownload this game again
TP_ justbram
TP_ justbram 18 timmar sedan
Ah yes super minions are a thing now but sure
Meme bois
Meme bois 18 timmar sedan
My friend has the healer in his waifu list
nika andriadze
nika andriadze 18 timmar sedan
The Pyro
The Pyro 18 timmar sedan
2 words, “Hog Rider!”
It's Ralix
It's Ralix 18 timmar sedan
Обнова топ
Blurred 18 timmar sedan
I mean I’m not complaining with these recommendations
Roni Dogan
Roni Dogan 19 timmar sedan