How Many Languages Are There?
Why The Web Is Such A Mess
It’s pronounced GIF.
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Jemsurfer 53 minuter sedan
This made me look at windows in a different way. It is indeed, the operating system of bodging, it's DOS with a desktop environment *bodged* on
MajinHurricane 53 minuter sedan
harbour air! we have 2 of them. one next to yvr and one in coal harbour.
Cal Tissue
Cal Tissue 54 minuter sedan
big brain move: never update the code that checks numbers and adds words. instead, pass a dictionary to a loop.
Lenard Ekko
Lenard Ekko 55 minuter sedan
nice cannon definitely not edited
Official_jr14 57 minuter sedan
Who is here from tiktok 😂😂
Darth Malgus
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It's a miracle
TFTF 59 minuter sedan
Nicely done.
Andrei 2011
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Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Am i a joke to you?
Thorfinn Matthews-Gill
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Personally I would really enjoy a video on the new river👍🏼
The_Boring_Edward Timme sedan
Why isn't it called "Chornobyl"?
GingerLBC Timme sedan
Wigan Pier, the west midlands?
4eyesinthecorner Timme sedan
‘We looked different back then’ - well, perhaps all except for Tom who seems unaffected by the laws of time
Cyjax Timme sedan
Wooh how did you make the subtitles blue at 7:34
Rex Baird
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sounds like it's reading movie memes? but wait what did the CIA DO???
The Verdicts
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The Green Death actually is an episode of Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who hahahaha
12many4you Timme sedan
2:00 someone had lots of fun in that lot
James P
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US citizen living in the Netherlands here. I don't get to vote on anything, except for my water board! It's not about citizenship but being protected by the waterworks, which I find super interesting!
Account Timme sedan
How many people were sticking things in outlets that you needed to change the entire system?
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Dude went to Denmark just to film a 2 minute video
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The script was ahed by a few this time. 42 actually. so I guess that confirms that the answer to everything is 42. My life is compleate and my death can occur when it so sees fit.
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4:56 is the best part
Jack Collier
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I can’t trust you, so I am trusting you that I don’t trust you
The fellas in Paris
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Albert Brown
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Actually Tom, you probly wouldn't have a job anymore
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It DOES work though!
Глеб Степанов
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Actually, the only purpose for goluboy(light-blue) in Russian is to be an ephemism for a gays.(no)
John Leiman
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2:35 while the Panopticon's legacy does live on strongly through "We" that inspired an entire generation of utopic/dystopic sci-fi, I think that Bentham ought to be better know for all his, really, radically progressive thoughts for his time and even the 1950's on welfare, LGBT rights, suffragette, animal rights etc reforms
Kyle S
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It’s ⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️.com
Jax Jax
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You said all the words about AI in the right way. Its a shame that all the people won't gain their understanding about AI from you :(
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I'm getting a headache from the left driving xD
Sky Leonidas
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dude who cares just dont buy anything
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Noooo its finally out of sync D,:
Random gooy
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Nvm its fixed now :D
Arthur Kerr-Sheppard
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What about doctors and Big Pharma?
Mega Man
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I instantly recognized the url at the beginning. I don't know if i should be proud
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ooo my god
Jeff Sadowski
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Yall should do that again sometime.
fresh lemon water
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The best VPN is the one you Host yourself
Henry Barber
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2:37 legend says he’s still there to this day
DALEK_77 YT Timme sedan
6:19 Nintendo: Strike that down, Strike that down!!
Chaos Corner
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I think some of those "not real" ones may be realer than you think. The Russian Utopia might be a progressive commune, for example.
pastapants420 Timme sedan
looks like a graffiti museum. I'd pay to go to an exhibition.
Space Slop Gaming
Space Slop Gaming Timme sedan
6:15 Here in the future. That happened.
Chris M
Chris M Timme sedan
The strange white cube at the end of the world would be an awesome project. Try and get OpenAI + SEcycle to sponsor an arctic expedition to build a giant cube (and let me come too).
ZenoDovahkiin Timme sedan
Can you please upload this to Deezer and Spotify? This is straight fire, the future of hip hop.
CJ Owczyk
CJ Owczyk Timme sedan
Ten years ahead of schedule
ShadowVipers Timme sedan
TBH that postal railway sounds kinda interesting to me.
Foodways Distribution
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Well similar to the Semitic Arabs, bin..bin..bin....bin means son of
Patriotic ‘Murican
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This was uploaded a month and 18 days after I was born.
Bücher Wurm
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That finally really was grand
Hedgehog Anonymous
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Still the same
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Norman Hosford
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Does that include a plot that presents a distorted view of reality to promote a political view? Showing fictional events in ways that make the rare events seem common or the extreme groups seem pervasive? Who would make that decision? Also, is rural England as portrayed by Midsomer really the murder capital of the world?
Fredrick Quimby
Fredrick Quimby 2 timmar sedan
I've been to Oxford and that light is real!
Gondamar 2 timmar sedan
so how big would the explosion be compared to beirut?
Christopher Butler
Christopher Butler 2 timmar sedan
Intentional or not, that ad playing at "is this an advert" is *chef kiss*.
Slightly Sarcastic
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Is it dead yet?
moss man
moss man 2 timmar sedan
this is terrifying
raymondscat 2 timmar sedan
AI is faintly disturbing.
Amal 2 timmar sedan
1:43 as a guy who has been learning the IPA for a long time that isnt correct the prime example is [ä]
Spooky Ghost
Spooky Ghost 2 timmar sedan
Would have been better if you just went to the salt flats in utah
Aidan Williams
Aidan Williams 2 timmar sedan
When did Wigan Pier move to West Midlands Its in the North West on Leeds Liverpool Canal
Can Kabayel
Can Kabayel 2 timmar sedan
With the amount of cookies I have accepted, I think I may be obese.
Krishna Mahesh
Krishna Mahesh 2 timmar sedan
Shouldn't we also require that, just as financial contributors have to declare any interest in any companies whose stocks they recommend (long or short), political contributors and "journalists" have to declare any financial or electoral interests in any candidate or party they support? Just for consistency.... Same idea.
Maukka 2 timmar sedan
Its exactly same for me!
HarryFullick 2 timmar sedan
Have you ever been in a conversation where someone uses back channeling so often the conversation feels uncomfortable? I have and it feels weird and disruptive even if it isn't the listeners intention
Ihraz Bhuiyan
Ihraz Bhuiyan 2 timmar sedan
Might be easier if you played rapid instead of bullet....
Sonny Parker
Sonny Parker 2 timmar sedan
🤔 quite interesting information given some of the things that happened in Nov 2020
James Cordery
James Cordery 2 timmar sedan
Wonder if the IceCube Neutrino detector in Antarctica had some bearing on the 'white cube at the end of the world' suggestion?
Yotrymp 2 timmar sedan
Is it a paid placement when news lies to foment war?
mbaxter22 2 timmar sedan
Let's be honest: “Jeremy Clarkson’a lottery of Death” is the show we all want to see.
ASMR For Dogs
ASMR For Dogs 2 timmar sedan
Materially, a film or television studio has a lot more clout for negotiating with a state compared to individuals making online content.
Timothy Madden
Timothy Madden 2 timmar sedan
Tom, please make a series of videos, the quick but thorough dives that you do so well, into British culture aimed at explaining them to Americans. Start with the meerkat, please.
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669th comment... nice
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Bouba is you
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Nature is so interesting!
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you edited the beginning to add the poll... Still, nice
Ahmes Syahda
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vicki looks a bit different on this one
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0:04 Me who remember link, nice try... But you fought the wrong ones....
Memento Mori
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Tom is a Reptilian, confirmed
CGamertag 2021
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The code broke finally! The title says that "This video has 27,611,970 views but under it says that it has 27,612,033 views. What a miracle!
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nope, for me is still the same