What Color Is My Hoodie?
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Meatwad Baggins
Meatwad Baggins 10 timmar sedan
When the paranoia hits
ted choi
ted choi 10 timmar sedan
woah a miracle
Samuel S
Samuel S 10 timmar sedan
Mom: Hey son what are you watching Me: garlic bread…. In space
khatdubell 10 timmar sedan
Fizzbuzz is not a good coding test. Its too cliché at this point, so it loses all value.
MadVisiON 10 timmar sedan
It’s all fun but could you imagine a language that would use a kissing sound. 😂😂
noah turner
noah turner 10 timmar sedan
So true bestie
SirPotatorito 10 timmar sedan
HA! it's inaccurate this time, kill me
lity fity
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Fractus Productions
Fractus Productions 10 timmar sedan
Sourish Streams
Sourish Streams 10 timmar sedan
it’s actually right
Mr. Reggy
Mr. Reggy 10 timmar sedan
its spot on
Kye White
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Yasindu Ponnamperuma
Yasindu Ponnamperuma 10 timmar sedan
Oooooooookay Me.exe does not work properly now
Logan Weston
Logan Weston 10 timmar sedan
If you couldn’t tell, he’s got 2 wires on him.
Swoon Drones
Swoon Drones 10 timmar sedan
Money always wins. Nothing is going to change while we support corporations, and govt, to use usury currency. BUXXB
Clydd Brodie
Clydd Brodie 10 timmar sedan
Usually running with grass in view in video games Diminishes the quality
Lmayo 10 timmar sedan
How is it still on spot
Tope de Lara
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Samantha Golden
Samantha Golden 10 timmar sedan
spot on for me :)
Crucifix 10 timmar sedan
This water taste like old pennies
John Weber
John Weber 10 timmar sedan
This really scared me... until I saw I was 6 years late
JakoborRazor 10 timmar sedan
You could probably figure out his shutter speed for this video just by watching the video. Hey his speed in dollar/heights per second and match it with a car next to him whose rims rpm match his shutter, cross reference speed to that model of car’s expected rpm for that speed and you have the shutter speed...
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Broke for me on my second time round, video is at 34,306,300 but title is at 34,306,050
lity fity
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Bruhh true
Chiral Anomalous
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Why pay $3 when League of Legends is free
Mau Castillo
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Insufficiently Basic
Insufficiently Basic 10 timmar sedan
100% exactly right
Advaith Ramakrishnan Iyer
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Mau Castillo
Mau Castillo 10 timmar sedan
Mau Castillo
Mau Castillo 11 timmar sedan
No, it's fine
Ross Kugman
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Still 100% spot on
Aaryan Singh
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this is like the next level of when the DVD square finally goes into a corner
Die In October
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JFEntertainment 11 timmar sedan
I mostly know the Barnacle Boy version
SkrautZe -
SkrautZe - 11 timmar sedan
the anxiety this gives me whenever the camera tilts as if it's about to fall is just 🤌
Hyper Sonic Rush
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302 views off
Raxlyz 11 timmar sedan
It's probably at 100 million by now
lity fity
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CatInSoup 11 timmar sedan
“In music videos” *cough cough Wilbur soot*
owoforbois 11 timmar sedan
I know this is 3 years later, but was anyone else staring at the compass like :I
deiniellvino 11 timmar sedan
I didnt know garcello has a yt channel
Joseph_Jinx 11 timmar sedan
Damn this was a year ago times flown
Ceviche Grace
Ceviche Grace 11 timmar sedan
Holy cow I was *not* ready for Jeremy Clarkson's Lottery of Death
UnkoonKootz 554
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He’s 300 views off for me
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michael rodrigues
michael rodrigues 11 timmar sedan
Still 100%
Neel Manoj
Neel Manoj 11 timmar sedan
no one: me : "...G-I-F"
Ramash440 11 timmar sedan
When the local Lord conscripts you to go liberate Neo Jerusalem from the Space Moors and all you have is a trusty rover, a walking stick and a suit of plate you've inherited from your parents.
Jared Janhsen
Jared Janhsen 11 timmar sedan
Am American, can confirm our plugs are terrible. We also don't put fuses on any cords except for Christmas lights. Also, rather than forcing extension cord manufacturers to integrate a fuse, we updated our electrical code to require plugs every 6 feet along a wall. To further prove our plugs are rubbish, try using the American prongs on an airplane power outlet or in an American hotel. They won't hold onto your device at all.
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Willow 11 timmar sedan
I'm going to be chaotic and pronounce gif by just pronouncing the letters seperately.
Arfi Gamer
Arfi Gamer 11 timmar sedan
Now, I bet this is in your recommendation...
Navi 11 timmar sedan
Urna no grau e os inglês chora kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Akuma Ch.
Akuma Ch. 11 timmar sedan
It just broke for me
Uryen Atienza
Uryen Atienza 11 timmar sedan
It'll probably fix later on
McKinley Lynn
McKinley Lynn 11 timmar sedan
100% correct 07/26/21
Nigel Marvin
Nigel Marvin 11 timmar sedan
Even though I’m not British, I’m sad that the phone box is going in disrepair. But, I’m happy that they are being revitalised into something good and important.
Jagotiberan21 11 timmar sedan
I cant imagine a PlayStation 1 loading screen firing off in that bad boy
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf E
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I Ausf E 11 timmar sedan
If mr. burns told me to, Yes!
caleb j. miller
caleb j. miller 11 timmar sedan
still 100% spot on
Logan Soedt
Logan Soedt 11 timmar sedan
Still 100% spot on
Michael Corrente
Michael Corrente 11 timmar sedan
Every child watching this video their mother thanks you.
Ceviche Grace
Ceviche Grace 11 timmar sedan
I like calling capitalization for effect a Proper Verb or a Proper Adjective. Its Important and Different
Bread 11 timmar sedan
wow so the movie idiocracy had some scientific backing.
Edward Collard
Edward Collard 11 timmar sedan
Me :Well....I never...but sir!!! Also me: This was amazing to me as a layperson who is into words and meaning. But to breakdown the places in our bodies that make sounds used to communicate and all possible and even theoretical sounds possible is something I had never thought about.
CG Sports Podcast
CG Sports Podcast 11 timmar sedan
Update bruh I just viewed it
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie 11 timmar sedan
still spot on. plus let’s just talk about how now you can actually be on the internet loterally on your fridge
Alex 11 timmar sedan
Good lord, you are the most pretentious SEcycler I have ever seen. Truly a tourist posing as a methodologist.
end3rguy 11 timmar sedan
The problem is that you can’t post memes in either
PoisonBass 11 timmar sedan
Still 100% spot on
Buncy The Frog
Buncy The Frog 11 timmar sedan
You could have delivered this to a live crowd. Just saying.
Lucas Qualls
Lucas Qualls 11 timmar sedan
literally the rarest food on earth
Jerome espíritu
Jerome espíritu 11 timmar sedan
Gonkzu 11 timmar sedan
Aliens are real😐 This video a big proof😐✌️
Dead 209
Dead 209 11 timmar sedan
Just the media scaring everyone to death from doing anything out doors, one activity at a time.
Skyler Paulson
Skyler Paulson 11 timmar sedan
How is it still correct
Mel Mac
Mel Mac 11 timmar sedan
Kiki is Baba is You
Lo�k Pinard
Lo�k Pinard 11 timmar sedan
Called JERK
August Osani
August Osani 11 timmar sedan
It’s been a year Tom. Admit it. It works.
ASH 69 FF 11 timmar sedan
No , It Doesn’t !!
dalesql 11 timmar sedan
Is this the same railcar that sat underneath Grand Central Station in NYC all those years?