EZOR BLACK 11 timmar sedan
Can you do a battle between werewolf and vampire With every mythological/ original pop culture sources
Phat Pidge
Phat Pidge 11 timmar sedan
9 times out of 10, the big monster guy loses against the cute anime girl. You don't even need to know the strengths and weaknesses.
Ya Boi GamerDouji
Ya Boi GamerDouji 11 timmar sedan
See, I would bring up Central Fiction. But it didn’t even exist during this
Errant 11 timmar sedan
The music reminds me of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. Definitely a contender for best anime OST ever
Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦
Yoshihiro TPA Gamer productions 667 スーパーロボット大戦 12 timmar sedan
The thumbnail was taken from a HG Gundam Epyon Plastic Model Kit
black white
black white 12 timmar sedan
if orihime screamed "DONT DIE" in the end out loud the fight would have ended with ichigo winning for sure lmao
WhatDothLife 12 timmar sedan
Now that you're doing AoT, let's see Levi vs FMA's Wrath
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶ 12 timmar sedan
“More Waifus into the slaughter......for shame......we didn’t deserve this....they deserved better......also....not sure if this is true....if a rooster teeth owned series kills a character that is also owned by rooster teeth.....is it canon?......I will cry if that is true”
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶ 12 timmar sedan
Because if I’m right...Weiss is dead
Eli Loser
Eli Loser 12 timmar sedan
My two favorite hero’s fighting add quicksilver and I’m gonna fan girls
Darkwalkervision Dominguez
Darkwalkervision Dominguez 12 timmar sedan
Rwby for ever
kumakun17 12 timmar sedan
So we've had Blake, Yang, and Weiss is DB now...when's the Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn fight?
jonathan vilvert
jonathan vilvert 12 timmar sedan
how didi you think zoro is losing to a girl
Q 12 timmar sedan
Alucard from Hellsing ultimate vs Dante from devil may cry who would win death battle please do this one
Hudson LaFlamme
Hudson LaFlamme 12 timmar sedan
Would love to see invincible vs deku
ttrop 12 timmar sedan
rooster teeth will never let rwby girls lose lol
Danny Española
Danny Española 12 timmar sedan
I seriously thought Natsu was going to eat ace
music Studio
music Studio 12 timmar sedan
alucard izuku midorya
alucard izuku midorya 12 timmar sedan
I can't believe u guys yanged her
Zion Cinema
Zion Cinema 12 timmar sedan
I want to see a spy vs agent 47 death battle
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan 12 timmar sedan
Omni man v/s Super man
yoshipool 420
yoshipool 420 12 timmar sedan
One sided battle
Alcadior 12 timmar sedan
My new favorite quote is. "That power... its like that of a gods... Beneath me!"
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming 12 timmar sedan
Me, an AoT fan: who would win? A chick who's stronger than the average person or some chick with special powers?
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming
ZombieD3stroy3r9 Gaming 12 timmar sedan
@SirKillalot98 Guess keeping as little detail out of my comment as possible doesn't keep the hard-core fans from saying "can they do (thing) or can other person do (thing) like (generic person)". My whole point was the match wasn't really fair, which I think DB tends to do quite a bit now.
SirKillalot98 12 timmar sedan
Can an average person block bullets or carry giant steel train tracks easily? I don't think a real life athlete or soldier can compare to the Ackermans even if Blake stomped them harder.
Spreckachu 12 timmar sedan
Jk Simmons vs Gordon Ramsay
Hai Yang Dex Gamer
Hai Yang Dex Gamer 12 timmar sedan
Wonder why dio won't just rip off one of her hand
The Second
The Second 12 timmar sedan
They should make a squeal with Gen 8 mechanics and new moves they get. that would be interesting
TurtleUSA 12 timmar sedan
If they did this is 2016 doomguy it wouldn't even be a contest
soshiangel90 12 timmar sedan
hell yeah blake! Also...this song! All the props to this awesome song!
George Guess-Nelson
George Guess-Nelson 12 timmar sedan
So rwby characters have two wins and one loss in the death battle universe.
Harry Patston
Harry Patston 12 timmar sedan
Please do that battle it would mean a lot
Christian Capati’s Stuff review
Christian Capati’s Stuff review 12 timmar sedan
4:20 Trunks didn't just killed Link He knocked him out really hard!
Emanuel Clavijo
Emanuel Clavijo 12 timmar sedan
It was a very good animation. I wish for the next death battle an animation even better
Harry Patston
Harry Patston 12 timmar sedan
Here death battle I was thinking of a death battle maybe gecko Moria from one piece vs noob saibot from mortal kombat
Harry Patston
Harry Patston 12 timmar sedan
And please do this battle I know you probably won’t see this comment but this would make one of my dreams come true
Fishron the Shark
Fishron the Shark 12 timmar sedan
How about Omni Man vs Homelander
George Guess-Nelson
George Guess-Nelson 12 timmar sedan
Could they not get the voice actress for blake, or is that her?
SirKillalot98 12 timmar sedan
Arryn was too busy at the time so they had to use voice clips.
samuel rodriguez
samuel rodriguez 12 timmar sedan
They talked so much about the running away and didn't even mention what happened in Volume 3. They also didn't mention that humanity in Attack on Titan isn't as endangered as it first seemed. Also, I'm not sure how to feel about the outcome of this fight.
SirKillalot98 12 timmar sedan
I guess they didn't want to spoil all the juicy details.
Krash 12 timmar sedan
"Faker" -The Super Saiyen imitation, 2021 😂
AceTV 12 timmar sedan
Raven would win, he could unleash Trigon who’s a multi dimensional demon old god
Vergil 12 timmar sedan
Accurate presentation of what it feels like fighting a higher ranked player in FighterZ
Crazy Chocolate Monkey
Crazy Chocolate Monkey 12 timmar sedan
16:54 I didn’t realize until rewatching this that Deadpool was shooting Deathstroke’s eye THROUGH his own wrist, which is why he didn’t see it coming. I thought he was just pulling a fast one on him at first
Big&Loud! 12 timmar sedan
Okay now let’s see Berry’s take on a true threat in Ajimu. (I’m joking because she STOMPS hard)
Kyte Avytrius
Kyte Avytrius 13 timmar sedan
Blake was just like, "Nah, this is fine. Now both Yang and I can have vibrating arms."
George Guess-Nelson
George Guess-Nelson 13 timmar sedan
I'm already calling it next Future death battle, will be ruby rose vs maka albarn. But soul has to stay as a scythe. Although, I see a joke about being made. My scythe can change into a person. My scythe can changed into a gun.
Mrafaela Hackenberg
Mrafaela Hackenberg 13 timmar sedan
hey should like joker (persona 5 I say) vs batman mr. L vs tails stewie Griffin vs gimmy nutron
Jon Miller
Jon Miller 13 timmar sedan
Yo you should do Jinx from league of legends vs Harley Quinn from DC comics ot Anubis from smite vs Nauss from league of legends
Phenixgoku11 13 timmar sedan
Why are you using mighty morphing your acting like that’s the only version of power rangers
umber soul
umber soul 13 timmar sedan
Waifu death battle
Ziad Tariq
Ziad Tariq 13 timmar sedan
من طيلا حضك
Rey Havoc
Rey Havoc 13 timmar sedan
Please do homelander vs omniman
Ricardo Herrera
Ricardo Herrera 13 timmar sedan
man they fought over a chair lol
Little Ramsies 10,000
Little Ramsies 10,000 13 timmar sedan
Cole Macgrath(Infamous) Vs Alex Mercer(Prototype)
GenjiDragonXD 13 timmar sedan
Omni man vs superman?
Alejandro Hutchinson
Alejandro Hutchinson 13 timmar sedan
Oh you thought a rooster teeth property would lose in a rooster teeth produced fight?😂😂😂 but seriously you put a above average. Human against someone with any for of powers and do you honestly need a death battle to prove that having extrasensory abilities and actual magic on their side would win easily
SirKillalot98 12 timmar sedan
Weiss lost to Mitsuru less than two years ago. Do you have amnesia? Mikasa is not human. She can dodge bullets, lift 19000lbs train tracks and survive having her ribs crushed in a titan's hand. Either way, why don't you blame the people who requested this fight since Yang appeared or the twitter people raging like "DEATH BATTLE IS RIGGED. BLAKE SHOULDN'T HAVE WON"
Maxwell Gates
Maxwell Gates 13 timmar sedan
We all know bad box art Mega Man would beat the crap out of all of them.
ChimsChannel 13 timmar sedan
Do Sonic vs. Aya Shameimaru
Sum Guy
Sum Guy 13 timmar sedan
Ok honestly I have a hard time remembering gokus forms so I have to ask are there any other forms after ssgss?
Sum Guy
Sum Guy 13 timmar sedan
Thomas 13 timmar sedan
_3, 4 if you include SSJB Evolution._
LAZOROZ 13 timmar sedan
"Height: 5.9 | 1.80m" wut
h0pt!k 13 timmar sedan
JED PLAYZ 13 timmar sedan
do eren (from aot s4) vs hulk
Madlad Gaming
Madlad Gaming 13 timmar sedan
I wish there was reseach and not just blood sh*t.
Nathan 13 timmar sedan
Everyone who is salty that Ryuko lost guess what it was a one sided stomp Shadow easily wins this
the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd
the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd 13 timmar sedan
Back in the good old days lol
Rin Tohsaka
Rin Tohsaka 13 timmar sedan
weirdo cortez
weirdo cortez 13 timmar sedan
yeaa yeaaa yeaaaa
ViMywaifu 13 timmar sedan
Ok another unfair DB but ok.. And a anticlimatic ending... Mikasa could literally have avoid the missile but ok DB ok.
Kevin McCaleb
Kevin McCaleb 13 timmar sedan
Only weebs and Saitamatards actually believe Saitama would beat Superman in a fight lol this sht is a bad joke
Asia Yang
Asia Yang 13 timmar sedan
Honestly. I love them both to be okay with either one of them losing or winning 😂
Darth Cerebus
Darth Cerebus 14 timmar sedan
Death Battle cast: Talks about not being worried about if the fans get upset over a result Also Death Battle cast: Picks nothing but obscenely one-sided matchups solely to please the fans
The Enlightened One
The Enlightened One 14 timmar sedan
Goku vs Superman 3.
Rolkendy Verty
Rolkendy Verty 13 timmar sedan
Sum Guy
Sum Guy 14 timmar sedan
eeeeeeeeeeeee e e eeeeeeeeeeeee e e eeeeeeeeeeeee
K𒈙𒐪I𒈙𒐪N𒈙𒐪G𒈙𒐪O𒈙F𒐪T𒈙H𒈙E𒐪D𒈙A𒐪R𒈙K𒐪N𒈙E𒐪S𒈙S𒐪B𒈙E𒐪L𒈙O𒐪W 14 timmar sedan
Thomas 14 timmar sedan
_no, no and no_
Theauditor313 corporation1317
Theauditor313 corporation1317 14 timmar sedan
Ok I have one kinda late but how about the SCP foundation vs MIB
Albedo 14 timmar sedan
Kipo (kipo and age of eonderbeast) albedo (ben 10)
Ayush Manandhar
Ayush Manandhar 14 timmar sedan
the like to dislike ratio is funny lol
deathblade 14 timmar sedan
Hears a thought wiz vs boomstick
Monarchsub 14 timmar sedan
figured as much they r a part of roosterteath
big chungus
big chungus 14 timmar sedan
I personally would to see a death battle between two character's with the ability to manipulate wind. Specifically yuno (black clover) vs sariel (seven deadly sins)
Monkey King
Monkey King 14 timmar sedan
no one in rwby is a lightning timer
K.C.D 15
K.C.D 15 14 timmar sedan
Without the fan vote thing, I wonder who would actually win if the guys from death battle analyzed the powers. Probably Saitama again, but I would like to see if there's a difference.
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose 14 timmar sedan
Lesssss goooooo
phantomχ 14 timmar sedan
I don't care about who won, I just want to see the 4 of them fight off all those Heartless 😭 it's like they were teasing at a part 2 or something
Ma. Luisa Destreza
Ma. Luisa Destreza 14 timmar sedan
Marvel should add Raiden to the MCU lol