Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 13 timmar sedan
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 13 timmar sedan
That away kit is class 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ELIT`Draken 13 timmar sedan
vandijk is an unlucky defender for club and country and a trash player,,,vandijk🤮🤮🤮🤮,
ELIT`Draken 13 timmar sedan
vandijk is an unlucky defender for club and country and a trash player,,,vandijk🤮🤮🤮🤮,
ELIT`Draken 13 timmar sedan
vandijk is an unlucky defender for club and country and a trash player,,,vandijk🤮🤮🤮🤮,
Flaming Basketball Club
Flaming Basketball Club 13 timmar sedan
0:05 That thumbnail 😂😂
ELIT`Draken 13 timmar sedan
vandijk is an unlucky defender for club and country and a trash player,,,vandijk🤮🤮🤮🤮,
Eoin Coffey
Eoin Coffey 14 timmar sedan
8:59 I don’t think he meant to pass😂
blitzrule 14 timmar sedan
no Messi? lol
Ranu Podder
Ranu Podder 15 timmar sedan
Should I buy this kit or the home kit from last year
Rory 16 timmar sedan
Puyol, what a player.
Gerald girigori
Gerald girigori 16 timmar sedan
"But can van Dijk not get spun by Jovetic on a rainy night in Anfield tho?"
Star Light
Star Light 16 timmar sedan
Paul Connell
Paul Connell 16 timmar sedan
The guy could make his players run through brick walls he was the start of LFC dominant home and abroad
Brendan Kerr
Brendan Kerr 16 timmar sedan
The LFC TV commentator loves an "absolutely"
Matthew Crotts
Matthew Crotts 17 timmar sedan
The needy self separately snore because grease ethically complain as a adaptable silver. tiresome, ablaze innocent
Shaheem Jackson
Shaheem Jackson 17 timmar sedan
I'm I the only one who thinks that Virg has a caribbean accent?
Ella moran
Ella moran 17 timmar sedan
I hope he’ll be like gerrard and stay at the club all throughout his career
Joe Wainwright
Joe Wainwright 17 timmar sedan
Joel is funny without trying to be funny
Haydn Fitzpatrick
Haydn Fitzpatrick 18 timmar sedan
couldn't see Salahs goal because of the stuff they threw up. I've unsubscribed what's the point
FC BAYERN MUNICH #1 18 timmar sedan
Liverpool sponsored by Nike and Jürgen klopps sneakers from adidas that's ma men
Mus'afmuhammad Buhari
Mus'afmuhammad Buhari 18 timmar sedan
Please sign players for us🙏
Theo’s gaming show
Theo’s gaming show 18 timmar sedan
As a Man Utd fan he is definitely one of the best RB in the world
A Pan
A Pan 19 timmar sedan
Dexter 19 timmar sedan
Salah's pass was a peach of a pass
[email protected] 19 timmar sedan
8:31 Maguire does this all the time even when he is 100% fit.
Yo -
Yo - 19 timmar sedan
Andrew Shabelnik
Andrew Shabelnik 19 timmar sedan
Liverpool player: Taking a massive poop Virgil: Boom, look at these stats
OpTic Wannabe
OpTic Wannabe 20 timmar sedan
A Yousef
A Yousef 20 timmar sedan
We needs new player's
Slush Man
Slush Man 20 timmar sedan
The best centre back in the world with Gomez and van dijk playing bowling 🎳
Xlatan slayer xd
Xlatan slayer xd 20 timmar sedan
I Am van dijk and Trent's biggest fan.please I am a very big liverpool fan.Thank you Trent for what you have done to us for the titles and special moments.I love you liverpool.
Vedant Pagare
Vedant Pagare 20 timmar sedan
GLORY GLORY MAN UTD 🔴♥️ Loserpool could never be Manchester United.
Rodrick James
Rodrick James 20 timmar sedan
ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ 21 timme sedan
aysha ky
aysha ky 21 timme sedan
Salah and Naby 🔥🔥🔴❤️
Daniel Harrison
Daniel Harrison 22 timmar sedan
Absolutely love this vid. What a guy Nat is. He will always be remembered. The man saved our season. Massive respect to him.
Cyberpunk Mirai
Cyberpunk Mirai 22 timmar sedan
This makes me smile
Xxmulti_gamerxX 23 timmar sedan
its a sin not to watch this game again ... read more
Jason Wong
Jason Wong 23 timmar sedan
Base on the performance,,Taki only can score in Pre-season,, he still far away to reach premier league standard. If he nothing improve this season, I think he will be sold in Jan.
Fizo Nizam
Fizo Nizam 23 timmar sedan
No new signing in midfield and forward then we are set to be doomed again this season!!!.. Mid table at best!..Firmino is set to be a liability again..Very vey much disappointed with LFC transfer policy..they never learned from last season.. Same old same old!..even manu with all the squad depth they had have signed 2 quality players in varane and Sancho!. 😠👎👎👎
Xikmaawi Production1
Xikmaawi Production1 23 timmar sedan
Kats Primu
Kats Primu 23 timmar sedan
Salah shd improve on his striking skills
Luz Estela Ortega Mazo
Luz Estela Ortega Mazo 23 timmar sedan
Van dijk!!!🏋️
General Enzo
General Enzo 23 timmar sedan
Is it me or does ox always score bangers
Ahsan Afzal
Ahsan Afzal 23 timmar sedan
Entertaining, worth watching
Tom Thorpe
Tom Thorpe 23 timmar sedan
Sit down VVD 🤣
Perwira Arya 01
Perwira Arya 01 Dag sedan
After Manchester United was overthrown, the curse of Manchester United's little fans ended
I love Virgil. But jovetic FUCKED him up
ทองคํา จารัตน์
ทองคํา จารัตน์ Dag sedan
Veryy good Als..he may get annoyed so run up to play himself soooo..head hit up ..goalllll..good goalkeeper good player good job.last mins.
Twitchell Addai
Twitchell Addai Dag sedan
Minamino superb!!, need power shots from Salah!
kittikhun rungsawang
kittikhun rungsawang Dag sedan
This clip has been watched a lot. But now both of them have moved.😢
Hannntzy Dag sedan
ıpɐʎlnɯ ıpuɐ
ıpɐʎlnɯ ıpuɐ Dag sedan
Respect 👌👏👍🏻😘
Edi Tansil
Edi Tansil Dag sedan
Pin i'm please
Jacob Whittle
Jacob Whittle Dag sedan
1:40 Alison has put on a bit of weight
VIPEX Yt Dag sedan
The beat man is fihaa
Nikeel Hussain
Nikeel Hussain Dag sedan
If we get this Mane back... it’s over for the others! What a player
Modoulamin Bah
Modoulamin Bah Dag sedan
At least it was a test match
Anas Adi
Anas Adi Dag sedan
van dijk and gomez liverpool
Anas Adi
Anas Adi Dag sedan
bangkit liverpool
Ayaan Uddin
Ayaan Uddin Dag sedan
I always subscribe and watch your videos
Ayaan Uddin
Ayaan Uddin Dag sedan
I am a big fan
Ayaan Uddin
Ayaan Uddin Dag sedan
I love liverpool
Noah Ronaldo
Noah Ronaldo Dag sedan
one of the best striker in europe
Dawam Raharja
Dawam Raharja Dag sedan
So Interactive
So Interactive Dag sedan
This club is becoming banter. How is Gini still on the cover banner of this channel weeks after he's gone? Do you mean to tell me there's no one else in the squad that can go on there??? FFS!!!
Knowledge77 Dag sedan
That was intense
Ngô Quynh
Ngô Quynh Dag sedan
Có ai việt nam k nhỉ ?
SHUYES Dag sedan
This is why I wanted Nike to produce our kits! Even non LFC fans are telling me this is the nicest kit in the PL this season by far! Bought it as soon as it was out. Hope Nike keep this up!
Carlos Antony
Carlos Antony Dag sedan
No way Virgil didn’t stop him on that run 🤦🏽‍♂️
Altaf Bhai
Altaf Bhai Dag sedan
1:03 was to slow to tackle the defender. Lost his prime
Jackywacky Doodah
Jackywacky Doodah Dag sedan
3:15 LOUISE!!!!!
ZimboLimbo Dag sedan
Mohamed Abdelkader
Mohamed Abdelkader Dag sedan
ليفربـــــــــــول كبيــــــــــــر إنجلتــــــــــرا
がーまんポテト 【Saitaman】
がーまんポテト 【Saitaman】 Dag sedan
Please take care of Taki! To all Liverpool fans!
dikke vette huts
dikke vette huts Dag sedan
23Domo Dag sedan
these jerrsys are bad. I want to pull that orange strip of tape off
Thanakit Hantacha
Thanakit Hantacha Dag sedan
When will the Brazilian players come?