TEASER - Croatia Rally 2021
Tyree 4 timmar sedan
Loeb: The Man, The Myth, The Legend. He makes it look so easy... 🤣👍
STAVROS/ Σταύρος Σιδέρης
STAVROS/ Σταύρος Σιδέρης 8 timmar sedan
Welcome back my lovely rally stage. now we need The Rally Cyprus now.i really like those 2 rally stages back before.🇬🇷🇨🇾.
The Intruder
The Intruder 8 timmar sedan
That Toyota is crazy...
Franz R
Franz R 9 timmar sedan
Seconds before microsleep
MrMartons 10 timmar sedan
COLIN McRAE 2 The beste Game EVER :)
Philip Wächter
Philip Wächter 11 timmar sedan
That simulation comparing Sainz and McRae was hilarious watching back from 2021... But definitely not back then.
Simone Tondelloni
Simone Tondelloni 12 timmar sedan
Red Bull TV is free
Deathum 16 timmar sedan
when france wont let you race on their roads so you settle for the bicycle paths
Giorgos Glinis
Giorgos Glinis 17 timmar sedan
The Rally of Gods is back in September!!!
FichDich InDemArsch
FichDich InDemArsch 17 timmar sedan
Loeb the GOAT.
Jesse Young
Jesse Young 20 timmar sedan
kinda hope Craig Breen brings a huge upset and just wins out of nowhere
Janusz Nosacz
Janusz Nosacz 21 timme sedan
SixthyGTi 21 timme sedan
Croatia! <3
Tinyx Pulyx
Tinyx Pulyx 21 timme sedan
Some PURE ralley🤘🏽
Love the Rally
Love the Rally 22 timmar sedan
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 23 timmar sedan
l Alsacien play seat
Taillandier Jp
Taillandier Jp 23 timmar sedan
à gauche c est plus facile
_AKIO _ Dag sedan
nice to meet you again
James R
James R Dag sedan
Why do people constantly complain about WRC+ costing money? The mentality of "How dare they charge for quality content - it's my given right that this should be free." Wow.
James R
James R 22 timmar sedan
@metziih agreed on past years not matching their recent excellence (since CC), but in past years it was cheaper too... In the grand scheme of things, rally coverage isn't like circuit racing. The nature of stages mean you need high cost overheads (e.g. helicopters) to get great content. Either people pay the money to fund this (compared to sky sports/other media outlets is it really that much??) or just accept that there will be zero coverage. Either way, a completely free option isn't viable or realistic.
metziih 22 timmar sedan
Because year after year they keep upping the price, and events and rallies get cancelled or stream just messes the bed so to speak. And until before when Mads Ostberg got involved in casting, the casting/journalist work had gotten too clinical and outright bit boring after Colin Clark left. Therefore it's extremely hard to justify paying almost 100€ for that.
Relaxing2605 Dag sedan
What's the difference between wrc 9 and wrc 10??
Keiphton27 Dag sedan
This is Nirvana for me personally...the elegance of driving style coupled with sheer bravery... 🐐
catfightfriday Dag sedan
Nice landscape
Gordon Shumway
Gordon Shumway Dag sedan
There are more reasons to see Argentina comeback in calendar...
Miguel Barrero
Miguel Barrero Dag sedan
You forgot the 6th reason. Will the Msport Ford Fiesta with the upgraded engine perform much better ???
Miguel Barrero
Miguel Barrero 12 timmar sedan
@Santino Martinez yes they did, can't wait to see how it will perform 😀😀
Santino Martinez
Santino Martinez 13 timmar sedan
they upgraded their engine? nice
lunar quickstrike
lunar quickstrike Dag sedan
i'll only drive the iconic subaru impreza, that's all
ZurRka :]
ZurRka :] Dag sedan
Gdje je ovo
drzlatko Dag sedan
Mrkykun Dag sedan
oko Zagreba
Equinox79 Dag sedan
Not bad in crotia, 👍 next in portugal? 🤔
Alex Oliveira
Alex Oliveira Dag sedan
I was a subscriber to wrc + but over time I've been getting unwilling to see the races on the official website due to the small amount of external videos of the race, the amount of videos on board on the wrc + website has become tedious
Cgeory Geo
Cgeory Geo Dag sedan
epiiiiiccccc we will be there
Dhaos620 Dag sedan
The host is so annoying
1874 Andrew
1874 Andrew Dag sedan
Should be a cracking weekend of rallying
Skrrt Dag sedan
Will there be a way to watch it free from home
Ed Flowers
Ed Flowers Dag sedan
The WRC app is pretty cheap. It has worked well for me
Kaspizzle Dag sedan
I'm sure reddit can find you a stream
Baldo Borris
Baldo Borris Dag sedan
Marc Willis
Marc Willis 2 dagar sedan
can’t wait for this rally but theses are the most basic bitch reasons to watch the rally 😂🙏
Dylan Wagemans
Dylan Wagemans 2 dagar sedan
Yeah but how do we watch?
Simone Tondelloni
Simone Tondelloni 12 timmar sedan
Red bull TV is free
gab rallye
gab rallye Dag sedan
@John Ekstig I'm pretty sure that the interview were covering the whole screen in Monte and I don't remember there was a box to show the stage. Anyway if they're a minimum coherent they would have put the stage in the whole screen and the interview in the little box
John Ekstig
John Ekstig Dag sedan
@gab rallye they showed it in a little box in the corner in Monte 2021. They changed from having the interview covering the whole screen.
Baldo Borris
Baldo Borris Dag sedan
@Bhavesh BK it is on btsport extra
gab rallye
gab rallye Dag sedan
@John Ekstig Simply because during Monte Carlo Rally the coverage was absolutely ridiculous they showed us the post stage interview instead of the stage action during the whole live
Fan Thierry Neuville
Fan Thierry Neuville 2 dagar sedan
Very good 👍
Winford Voetberg
Winford Voetberg 2 dagar sedan
0:38 vol.wtf
Mateo Grdanjski
Mateo Grdanjski 2 dagar sedan
One of special stage is name by my surname 😎 I am prouding 💪 welcome Wrc in Croatia. I wish a lot of fun a lucky for every teams
Mateo Grdanjski
Mateo Grdanjski 18 timmar sedan
@Pete P naucit cu nema veze 😎
Pete P
Pete P 20 timmar sedan
Ubio engleski
Kristijan Pavlovic
Kristijan Pavlovic 2 dagar sedan
I was hoping I'd be able to go, as I live relatively near (herzegovina), but sadly i have covid so thats not happening.
Florian B
Florian B 2 dagar sedan
Bin mal gespannt wie die Physik sein wird WRC 8 hat mir im Vergleich zu WRC7 besser gefallen. Ich habe irgendwie auch drauf gewartet dass mal die alten Rallye Legenden zum Vorschein kommen wie den Focus Grönholm etc.
Peugeot eSport
Peugeot eSport 2 dagar sedan
We can't have WRC10 without the epic Peugeot 205 Evo 1 👌
Canuck59NHL 15 timmar sedan
Other cars will be available on WRC 11.
Clapped by eg
Clapped by eg 2 dagar sedan
Hes my Little brother godfather
Bajan FlyDude
Bajan FlyDude 2 dagar sedan
This should be a cracking event
Ondra Spendlik
Ondra Spendlik 2 dagar sedan
It's strange to hear Ogier will have his tarmac debut with the Yaris when he won the title last year with that car. Apparently, all full tarmac rallies (I guess Monte and Monza don't count because of snow) were cancelled last season.
Emil Magallón
Emil Magallón 2 dagar sedan
So you are saying you made Dirt Rally 2.0? Hmm..
Rally Kim
Rally Kim 2 dagar sedan
i'm gonna stay with RBR, DR2.0. WRC should support VR and good pacenote.
InstallShield Wizard
InstallShield Wizard 2 dagar sedan
Group N4 cars. When?
slimfatmemes 2 dagar sedan
How do you get into rally? Are there any requirements
Christof Bernstein
Christof Bernstein 2 dagar sedan
Looks like in Switzerland
Christof Bernstein
Christof Bernstein 2 dagar sedan
@Ninoo__ in Switzerland traffic would come to a standstill at this event .. Greetings from Switzerland 😀
Ninoo__ 2 dagar sedan
Sadly not😔
Arctic Knight
Arctic Knight 2 dagar sedan
I hope i will be able to play with a mitsubishi <3
Sakamoto 2 dagar sedan
looks like car
M&M 123
M&M 123 2 dagar sedan
Ed AK Dag sedan
Quatar: human rights ????????
M&M 123
M&M 123 2 dagar sedan
Ed AK Dag sedan
Quatar : HUMAN RIGHTS !!!!!!!!!!!
ミクぷらtattyun 2 dagar sedan
Yaris WRC👍👍
Fan Thierry Neuville
Fan Thierry Neuville 2 dagar sedan
i20 hyundai good luck 👍
George Balm Ghanard Junior
George Balm Ghanard Junior 2 dagar sedan
個人的にヤリスでのテストランを見て居て違和感を覚えるヤリスのラリーカーの四輪のタイヤの表面が地面と均等に接して居無い印象が強いと見える〜😅💭 ヤリスの走行中に当然起こる(車重移動)での重心移動〜特に右左折でのカーブやクランクコースでのタイヤに掛かる荷重でのグリップ力良し悪しはタイヤ自体の対応力とタイヤ自体での柔軟性に尽きる。 では其のタイヤでのコンセプトのステージは何かと言う所に突き当たる〜ズバリ=F1ステージと言う事に成る。 言い換えればWRCの様なステージは考慮に抑無いし決まったコースの同じ周回でのトップを争うと言う単純なモータースポーツとは訳が違うオンロードレースに急勾配のステージも無いしクランクコースの連続も無い只只管同じコースを走る〜タイヤメーカーにすれば計算し易くコスパの良いタイヤが作れる縦の運動に耐えられるタイヤを作れば良いだけ。 横Gの掛かるコースも無い故にタイヤメーカーにすれば横のタイヤ側面への考慮を考えずに済むしオンロードでは何処迄行ってもターマック故に縦方向の摩耗とブレーキの効きを維持すれば良い〜精々横のタイヤの側面に圧力が掛かるのは縁石に乗り上げてショートカット走行する位精々20センチの縁石を乗り上げて走行するだけだから路面と接するタイヤ表面のブレーキの効きが均等で無くてもブレーキの効きに然程影響無いと言うコンセプトで製造する。 だが其のコンセプトではラリーの世界の最高峰のWRCの世界では誤魔化しが効かずピレーリーの弱点が一気の暴露されて居る。ピレーリーにすれば新たにラリー専用タイヤの構築と其のラインを築くには莫大な予算が掛かる1工場で賄える規模では無い。 故にヤリスの様に短時間の距離で高速走行と成ると其の性能パワーにタイヤ性能が対応出来無い〜即ち欲するだけのブレーキの効きが得られ無い〜そう成れば当然タイヤの表面のブレーキの効きが均等に効か無い〜効か無いタイヤ表面の部分はラリーカーの車重に沿ってタイヤは流れる其の証がヤリスのリヤテールの横滑りするタイヤからの土埃が舞い上がるのが証拠〜👍⤴️ 其れはタイヤの表面が路面に均等に密着せず浮き上がって居る即ち柔軟性の欠如縦には耐えるがタイヤの側面に圧力には耐えられる力が無い証。 ではそのリヤタイヤの横滑りを制御して居るのはリヤタイヤ側のフロントタイヤ当然ドライヴァ〜テクニックで制御してる居ると言う事〜タイムアタックして居るのはベストラインを見極める為のテストランですが信用出来無いタイヤは大きなプレッシャーに成る〜リヤからヤリスを見て左右にフラダンスするリヤテールの挙動〜フロントテールと同じぶれる事無く流れる様なフォルムで走り抜けるのが普通此の程度のカーブは故にドライヴァーも減速せず突っ込んで行く訳です。 ピレーリーは評判倒れー未だ日本の東洋タイヤの方が性能は上と見て居る。 未だ改善の兆しも無いピレーリー〜💢⤵️👎
Last Generation-X
Last Generation-X 2 dagar sedan
Toyota Yaris Nice!!
The Last Of Matan
The Last Of Matan 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful Croatia
Equinox79 2 dagar sedan
Why tanak left the yaris? Can you give me a reason?
Rapator Rapator
Rapator Rapator 2 dagar sedan
@Jack Danger The Hyundai team is more professional. A team does not develop without a pendant desire to improve small things. Toyota mechanics complained about everything instead of just following the orders. However Mäkkinen lacked authority. Märtin was insulted by the Toyota team and so on. The team is managed from top to bottom, not the other way around. It is now clear that Hyundai has become as fast as Toyota or even faster.
RONKA Productions
RONKA Productions 2 dagar sedan
@Jack Danger Well he demanded much,but he did also his part of a job and destroyed everyone on 2019
Jack Danger
Jack Danger 2 dagar sedan
The rumour going around at the time was that Tänak was demanding increasingly more outrageous things, but I never really put stock in that. And neither did David Evans, which is good enough for me. Personally, I don’t think Tänak is earning much more money at Hyundai than he could have earned with an extension at Toyota. Rather, after continuing reliability issues, such as the embarrassing Sardegna episode, his relationship with the leadership at TMR wasn‘t very good anymore - particularly between Tänak and Tommi Mäkinen. Tänak was, entirely justifiably, openly critical of the team’s performances. And when negotiations that were supposed to be concluded in spring dragged into autumn, Tänak simply went somewhere else. I think Dani Sordo gave Tänak Andrea Adamo‘s number and a deal was agreed within a couple of weeks. It should be stressed that Toyota itself was actually very keen to keep Tänak, to the point where I wouldn‘t be surprised if Mäkinen‘s subsequent “promotion” and removal from the team he had built had something to do with Tänak‘s switch. Also, Tänak and Markko Märtin‘s RedGrey team is now involved in running Hyundai‘s WRC2 effort - that was actually something Toyota probably wouldn‘t have given him.
Raiko Pragi
Raiko Pragi 2 dagar sedan
Car broke down all the time. Mäkkinen and Tänak didnt had good relations and Adamo worked hard to get world champion to there team. Also Tänak looks like always searching new goals.
maybe not
maybe not 2 dagar sedan
That's the only reason tbh
Mickey the Driver
Mickey the Driver 2 dagar sedan
With spectators?
Mickey the Driver
Mickey the Driver 17 timmar sedan
@Thetom23 ok, that would match what I found on the rally website, thanks bro
Thetom23 18 timmar sedan
@Mickey the Driver nothing has been confirmed yet spectator-wise, but the organiser said that spectators are expected, so I guess if you just show up at the stage nobody will force you to leave.
Mickey the Driver
Mickey the Driver 19 timmar sedan
@Thetom23 is it confirmed?
Antonio Labaš
Antonio Labaš 2 dagar sedan
Vid Velkavrh
Vid Velkavrh 2 dagar sedan
i hope i will be able to come from slovenia
Foldeybyl 2 dagar sedan
Please, don't be Epic Games exclusive.
Canuck59NHL 14 timmar sedan
@Foldeybyl It will be available on September 2, 2021 on Steam (see the game's Steam page).
Foldeybyl 15 timmar sedan
@Canuck59NHL So it seems, but it doesn't say if it will be available on other stores after a year of Epic exclusivity
Canuck59NHL 15 timmar sedan
The game will also be available on Steam.
lifeschool 3 dagar sedan
Way too clean!! Will we get ruts?, stones hitting the windscreen and making cracks and chips? Proper damage modelling, proper mechanical failures? Mud physics? White-outs? Random Fog? Random accidents where other drivers have gone off? Co-driver stumbles and mistakes? Wind and dust modelling? Random lose rocks to avoid? Animals? Words of encouragement? Driver and co-driver punch ups? What a shame. Dirt rallying looks more like an arcade racer like Outrun. WRC Rally Evolved had all of this and more 16 years ago. Stages need to be MUCH longer.
CrispyBreddo 3 dagar sedan
could anyone tell me the song maybe what they used in this video?
Mar Cin
Mar Cin 3 dagar sedan
2:40 Epic moment. yes it is Kubica, young man.
Mario Kozic
Mario Kozic 3 dagar sedan
Could we see croatia rally in this new wrc 10?
Gilbert Arenasss
Gilbert Arenasss Dag sedan
Yes.Belgium,Spain,Croatia and Estonia rallies ll be in 10.
Michal Ciosmak
Michal Ciosmak 3 dagar sedan
Liczba postów na slow motion hehe :P na run
ΗΛΙΑΣ ΛΕΓΚΡΙΑΝΟΣ 3 dagar sedan
ΗΛΙΑΣ ΛΕΓΚΡΙΑΝΟΣ 3 dagar sedan
j ari
j ari 3 dagar sedan
Cool guy
Dagda Instrumentos
Dagda Instrumentos 3 dagar sedan
Why would you ever change the engine noises for this..."music"?
Benny Bianco
Benny Bianco 3 dagar sedan
You miss Gigi Galli punch the co-driver...!
Dagda Instrumentos
Dagda Instrumentos 3 dagar sedan
Is there any sport as deep and as crazy as this?
Dagda Instrumentos
Dagda Instrumentos 3 dagar sedan
Can someone explain why Rally videos have so many "dislikes" (more than average)? In the comments everyone is happy and in love with the racing/machines, it's not like other videos where people dislike and usually there's lots of complaints in the comments. There's nothing to "dislike", you might not be interested but I don't even know why you clicked in the first place. I suspect of a bot attack since it's consistent accross all rally videos.
존도우 3 dagar sedan
ㅎ 흉기가 wrc에 몰빵했구만 ㅋ
Abujas!m 3 dagar sedan
Isn't that Richard Burns Rally?
Red Apple
Red Apple 4 dagar sedan
I noticed in the end this video is 12 years old.👁️👄👁️
Gonza Benitez
Gonza Benitez 4 dagar sedan
JAAAAAA frenó en la chicana, bilardo choques desaprueba eso xd
stonekar 4 dagar sedan
He made that look easy!
thisisfrankie 4 dagar sedan
Man this stage is hard as! This guy absolutely nailed it! Well done
yellamach1 4 dagar sedan
Fan Thierry Neuville
Fan Thierry Neuville 4 dagar sedan
Wow good 👍