Hate Won’t Win
2 månader sedan
Jack Devlin
Jack Devlin 13 timmar sedan
That was the most dissapointing and akward sigh ive ever heard like bro just wanted to end it all. He just got blocked.
Vapey McVape
Vapey McVape 13 timmar sedan
If I were in his position, I'd love getting booed too. The slowest drivers are the ones that recieve no reaction.
t8365 13 timmar sedan
Christian 'backtracking' Horner
Ákos Vincze
Ákos Vincze 14 timmar sedan
His car
A2J 14 timmar sedan
Lewis was much slower on his first outlap... there i was thinking all these millions of dollars worth of media mogul technology and the press get it wrong to drive more tension in the grand stands. F1 reporting is becoming a joke, not a show... I miss MURRY WALKER and the old MARTIN BRUNDLE... no time wasting on trivial matters more on the sport... these guys are urning Millions...for there job... to bring the championships home...
Faizal 14 timmar sedan
Lewis 4 the win!!!! come on!!!
Christian Christianson
Christian Christianson 14 timmar sedan
That's all sky sports do is antagonise people
Aaron 14 timmar sedan
Amazing how far carrying a camera will get you into places, like wearing a high-visibility or holding a clipboard 🤣
Dyl501st 14 timmar sedan
Well said max like last thing Lewis and max needs are the media hounding them about the crash all max and Lewis wants is to move on from sliverstone snd focus on Sunday race
mark taylor
mark taylor 15 timmar sedan
Max is angry because he can't answer that question how he wants to.
Jon 15 timmar sedan
You can't not respect the man. Even lewis had no words for that.
Roger Prior
Roger Prior 15 timmar sedan
Horner can't help himself with keep wanting to have a snide comment on Lewis and fuel more hate towards him. I bet when those sad non F1 fans were booing Lewis, Horner was probably grinning while rubbing his grubby hands together like a bond villain.
Dani Walmsley
Dani Walmsley 15 timmar sedan
Can you imagine the red flag restart with Gasly P1 Norris P2 Leclerc behind in P3. As much as we shouldn't hope for a big crash lap 1, so long as everybody was okay that'd be a hell of a race. Having 3 drivers from 3 different teams each without teamates to support them then having the two alpines clipping at their heels ready to have 'em kf they make a mistake
Jeevesosiris 15 timmar sedan
Ted is the best
Todd Brown
Todd Brown 15 timmar sedan
Max, Daniel, and Christian would’ve been a dangerous combination if they did this a few years ago lol
5thPlatoon 15 timmar sedan
Red Bull: Let's do everything possible to drag this out and be as big a drama queens as we possibly can Also Red Bull: omg why are you guys still talking about this what is wrong with you?!?!?!?!?!?
MrINSOMNIA24 15 timmar sedan
The Subtitles are the funniest of features sometimes. Half of it isn't what they said 🤣 a good read.
DubSun33 15 timmar sedan
It was well said, but ironic seeing as he and Red Bull dragged out the negative comments and objections for 10 days after the crash.
Paul Rowlinson
Paul Rowlinson 15 timmar sedan
Well done max
thatgoldsupra 15 timmar sedan
Well said Max so, Sky Sports, are ya gonna stop now? We're all bored of it.
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 15 timmar sedan
Drives 10kph down the pit lane… “I wasent blocking” Embarrassment to sport
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 15 timmar sedan
@paul menard smooth brain… if he wasent driving so slow we would t be having this conversation would we? 🐑
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 15 timmar sedan
@paul menard he was so much obviously slower 😂😂😂😂
paul menard
paul menard 15 timmar sedan
i think the other cars where rolling slowly down the pits too? whats not in frame, isnt in frame...
Godfrey Kigs bhp
Godfrey Kigs bhp 15 timmar sedan
Lewis forget the noise it's all meant to distract you.
aceezes 15 timmar sedan
Hah! You prayed for the rain, now deal with the mud!
krick_mufc 15 timmar sedan
How can you not like this man?
John O'Grady
John O'Grady 16 timmar sedan
Finally the young buck realises that words are cheap and that the real work happens on raceday. About bloody time.
balf1111117373 16 timmar sedan
He’s right Sky Sports and everybody has been using it as a cheap way to promote the next race. F1 fans are sick of hearing this too
Govna C
Govna C 16 timmar sedan
hes rattled, hamilton has absolutely done him
Pandawafffel 16 timmar sedan
This is why I chose to be a red bull fan we all love u max
Adam Higgins
Adam Higgins 16 timmar sedan
Sounds like Lewis is living rent free in Max’s head.
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood 13 timmar sedan
Sounds like that line is living in your head free
HAL 16 timmar sedan
This feels so orchestrated and cringe.
Fodzy Miah
Fodzy Miah 16 timmar sedan
Media really trying to create stir and put hate on Hamilton the camera was focused on Hamilton they didn't show how bottas was in front of him Hamilton was just trying to make room for himself obviously slowed him down and the redbull behind him then again the laps were even good on both sides
Kieran Richardson
Kieran Richardson 16 timmar sedan
I love Ted soooooooooooooo much! Great videos
Christian Lakin Dick
Christian Lakin Dick 16 timmar sedan
Max’s response is solid gold
Josey November
Josey November 16 timmar sedan
Very artistic Pete. 🤣
NM-1-M 16 timmar sedan
Oh boy it's like the orange tinted sunglasses are glued on
One Royal Priest
One Royal Priest 16 timmar sedan
The half wits who booed Lewis need to get a life
Rob Thorpe
Rob Thorpe 16 timmar sedan
The media.... Exactly what they do with all the ridiculous covid updates everyday
Craig Hampson
Craig Hampson 16 timmar sedan
Clearly Romain has forgotten who’s offered him his last drive in a F1 car 🤦🏼
Craig Hampson
Craig Hampson 14 timmar sedan
@Ben Moore they offered him the chance to drive a F1 car at Paul Ricard so that he could fulfill his F1 career after the crash. The offer is still standing as far as I know but if he wants to criticise the fact Lewis was stuck behind Valtteri who was going slow then maybe Lewis answered the question in the press conference perfectly
Ben Moore
Ben Moore 15 timmar sedan
Is he merc test driver?
abdi libaax
abdi libaax 16 timmar sedan
What happened to the sprint race?
Ben Clarkson
Ben Clarkson 16 timmar sedan
Max: Throws toys out of his pram Max: Throws toys out of his pram about throwing toys out of his pram
imaner76 Simulation Gaming
imaner76 Simulation Gaming 16 timmar sedan
I am a fan of racing. Called "neutral" now, we do love our labels these days don't we. But as a fan of racing the paddock up and down has many things to get excited about. Lando quietly rocking a massive boat. Gasly maturing on track and off. Alonso, thank "insert God here" we all can still apricate the skill of that man. Kimi, pushing metal to breaking point and Russell, taking all the frustration and lack of kit onboard and still letting his skill show. Schumacher, the most focused upon of all IMO to soaking the pressure of the name and still provides a drive. Outstanding. I could go on, but... it always has a fan boy of one driver to spoil it. All of them do something none of you or I can, yes, even Mazepin. I still can't find any personal affection for the man, but he's there. You can buy a ticket to the lions cadge. Does not mean you'll not be eaten.
Chris Eze
Chris Eze 16 timmar sedan
Hahaha I like that .. shut them up fast.
Thicc Seagull
Thicc Seagull 16 timmar sedan
The interviewer in the press room (Tom Clarkson I think) sounded so sad
Big Boss
Big Boss 16 timmar sedan
Max is more mature than these grey haired journalists
Vinh Phan
Vinh Phan 17 timmar sedan
Grosjean's offer to test the Mercedes has now been rescinded
Alan maxted
Alan maxted 17 timmar sedan
My god….F1 is getting so petty and boring these days - oh for the good old days of the 70’s and 80’s.
wookieHTID 17 timmar sedan
Imagine being one of those 47 saddo's needing to downvote haha
Leonardo DiCapri-Sun
Leonardo DiCapri-Sun 17 timmar sedan
I love observing the different types of reactions when people realise they’re suddenly on camera and totally unprepared for it
Shundi12 17 timmar sedan
Why is everyone so opposed to booing now. There was nothing wrong with the booing at Hamilton today and this is coming from a Hamilton fan. Who cares if people boo, they paid there money to go and watch the race they can (within reason) do what they want. There is always booing in sport, it part of being a fan. Most people who boo are doing it in jest anyway. Everyone needs to lighten up a bit.
ProdByAdzz 17 timmar sedan
He has 7 championships those boos are doing nothing apart from boosting him lmaoo they need to save some boos for tomorrow when he wins like Nico said Hungary is a Lewis track :D
Sittha Pell
Sittha Pell 17 timmar sedan
Good answers 😅😅
Peter Labiak
Peter Labiak 17 timmar sedan
They can say what they want, fans know exactly what has happened @ Silverstone & during today's qually = LH boo'ed out.
MrReapzZ 17 timmar sedan
Can’t wait for Drive to Survive to milk 2 episodes out of the crash
Hashtag. Disguy
Hashtag. Disguy 17 timmar sedan
To be fair verstappen, horner and red bull fueled and invited this line of questioning from the press, trying to manufacture an appeal out of nothing... Should have just accepted the stewarts decission & let their car and racing do the talking on track.
onthevolleyyy 17 timmar sedan
These reporters just trying to get a controversial answer, he’s matured
John Talbot
John Talbot 17 timmar sedan
So two equally strong commited drivers... who both have a reputation for not backing off, have a racing incident where both cars could have been equally damaged, but because they weren't... one now gets loads of bad press! Yet people want to see commited racing....all stupid media hyping really.
Martin Gibbons
Martin Gibbons 17 timmar sedan
Lets hope Lewis manages to avoid taking his competitors out this time
Cameron S
Cameron S 17 timmar sedan
Max put this perfectly, shows how much he has matured and developed as a driver!
BADBOY 17 timmar sedan
Imagine being a McLaren fan and being mistaken for a scummy Max fan
Smokeybooboo0308 16 timmar sedan
I like you 👍
Thomas W
Thomas W 17 timmar sedan
Max and Lewis actually have a secret plan together to get Checo sacked
SJ Fox
SJ Fox 17 timmar sedan
Everything is abuse these days 🤣😅🤣
Alan maxted
Alan maxted 17 timmar sedan
Finally the highly annoying media being told to stop endlessly going over the same thing. This is a different week, different country and different race…..for pity’s sake MOVE ON !
Howling Mad Murdock
Howling Mad Murdock 17 timmar sedan
Max may not be keen, but F1’s owners will be LOVING it! RBR have also been amping it up, maybe they’ll finally drop it now we know their driver has had enough of it.
Land Hopper
Land Hopper 17 timmar sedan
Go ahead, boo Lewis, he thrives on it!