Chainsaw Man is Great, BUT...
This Manga Destroyed Me.
this manga is just... WOW.
MAV ItsyoboiBrentブレント
MAV ItsyoboiBrentブレント 4 timmar sedan
It seems Dr. Jelly has some R18 products as well
Maximilian Gorelik
Maximilian Gorelik 5 timmar sedan
He looks pretty scary not gonna lie. I have tattoos from head to toe but even he scares me
ehe uwo
ehe uwo 5 timmar sedan
i want to have a convesation with a native
Rojava 161
Rojava 161 5 timmar sedan
Dressing as an anime character to meet yakuza so lame
Rojava 161
Rojava 161 5 timmar sedan
This was a terrible interview it’s like watching a teenage boy whose scared afraid anxious and not prepared meeting a bad boy yakuza asking basic and some ridiculously dumb questions. No delivery in his Japanese just mumbling under his breath not bold or brave approach in interviewing
nimay13 5 timmar sedan
TBF the number 4 "allergy" came from China.
Shazbot19 5 timmar sedan
Review "Link Click" plox
EngenesKookieBlinkArmy 5 timmar sedan
I was wondering throughout the whole video about the familiar accent that Joey has. I then checked his youtube profile and it was Australian...I knew it! My Australianness can pick up an accent anyway 😂😂
AV Cuber
AV Cuber 5 timmar sedan
Goku was raised by Gohan though, great video 🙂
Mitko Mikov
Mitko Mikov 5 timmar sedan
I don't think if he is an "ex-member" he will be still alive !!!!!!
Angela An
Angela An 5 timmar sedan
bro the way he speaks is just intimidating I would definitely be crapping my pants if I was Joey
milky 5 timmar sedan
they deserved the death penalty
floralcansas 5 timmar sedan
Kaho is such a sweetheart
BTC SATOSHI 5 timmar sedan
Jbarr20 6 timmar sedan
The way he started the interview... I'm a little scared for his life. There's a level of respect and style of speaking, as well as a lot of body language rules when speaking with someone involved with Mafia activity anywhere in the world. I don't know whether or not to see it as balls of steel joking about or the product of a posh life.
Lestibournes 6 timmar sedan
Here's another one that got away with murder, only in Israel: Some teenager took his dad's rifle and murdered his entire family. He then set down the rifle on the table and waited for the police. He claimed a demon made him do it. A few years later he got out and is now married, maybe with children (I don't remember), has a normal job, and his wife and I think boss know what he's done.
Ozzy adventures
Ozzy adventures 6 timmar sedan
Still sub million views
Dennis Andersson
Dennis Andersson 6 timmar sedan
Rave of the Fireflies
Hacksayama Did Nothing Wrong
Hacksayama Did Nothing Wrong 6 timmar sedan
I'm the King of the Manga/Anime the leader of Gaming movement 100% Fact Spitter You don't donate you don't matter Lol
Brass Tax
Brass Tax 6 timmar sedan
epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge, not thinking.. but hey, you tried!
Cris Tortion
Cris Tortion 6 timmar sedan
Hey Joey, would you allow me to make a synchronized version in German of this video? Your interview is so interesting :)
Kaguya 6 timmar sedan
I don't know if there's a vagina festival, but there is a vagina shrine only a kilometer or two from the penis shrine in Inuyama. You could have also gone with "9" when it comes to evil numbers because a pronunciation of that sounds the same as "pain."
Seaweed Banana
Seaweed Banana 6 timmar sedan
kinda wanna buy those chocolate
Ghosted 6 timmar sedan
"no one in Australia talks like this" That's so fucking wrong I live out in the middle of Woop Woop and everyone I know out here talks like this
Chris Playz
Chris Playz 6 timmar sedan
yep because they hve to match the speaking of the mouth animation yessssss. dubb is one of the worse
Chris Playz
Chris Playz 6 timmar sedan
but i dont know why im loving the dubbed anime in our country lol
Jeremy Ng
Jeremy Ng 6 timmar sedan
i have never seen such a positive thumbs up ratio in any youtube video. ur life is worth putting on the line, bro! :D
DenLim123 6 timmar sedan
When the dude literally told joey that he should have introduce himself, I legit could feel the tension, damn this dude scary as hell 😳
Mystic Gohan
Mystic Gohan 6 timmar sedan
Sao season 1 was decent i'd give it a 5 or 6 out of 10 But season 2... Nah its a waste of time
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 6 timmar sedan
If you separate SAO 2 from SAO 1 like a new anime i personally think SAO 2 is better than that piece of motherfucking-walmart-berserk SAO1
verdida mark
verdida mark 6 timmar sedan
Ahhm well i thought Yakuza would have huge muscle buddy and face with scar but all he had was tattoo and it does not look intimidating at all I'm so sorry
Maegoss 7 timmar sedan
I find it a bit disrespectful to think that the only reason why others haven't finished their work for the day is because they are incompetent..a far more possible reason could be that they received too much work or their work depends on the work of others and they are waiting for the other person to finish?
Phantoma Fenrir
Phantoma Fenrir 7 timmar sedan
Kizuna Ai is a vtuber? I thought she was a vocal synthesizer cause the only exposer to her I've had was from Cytus 2.
Aniseoul Tv
Aniseoul Tv 7 timmar sedan
Surprisingly I got 8/10. Chris and Dogen are too strong with their ultimate Japan knowledge lol
King Paulo
King Paulo 7 timmar sedan
Such a poor graphics Japanese animation will never gonna be popular in future
Peace Sucker
Peace Sucker 7 timmar sedan
nihongo jyouju desune
勇樹 7 timmar sedan
**dies from cringe**
CREEPP14YZ 7 timmar sedan
Just found out i have covid recommend me sum anime pls im bored
Mo 7 timmar sedan
Idk why I knew exactly what you where talking about as soon as I saw the thumbnail it’s truly horrible about what they did to junko I felt so bad for her may she Rest In Peace
Ava Lagrelle
Ava Lagrelle 7 timmar sedan
1,274 was my points ;-; that's $14.49 CAD ;-; what should I do with that? Should I buy someone something? Should I limit that on food or should I buy something for my dog or give the money to someone???? What do I do-
yami taichou
yami taichou 7 timmar sedan
8:03 yaoming face
Milk chemistry
Milk chemistry 7 timmar sedan
[Deleted by Moises]
Luke s.w
Luke s.w 7 timmar sedan
Local Klee Cat
Local Klee Cat 8 timmar sedan
Your lip in April 😳
Ahri Park
Ahri Park 8 timmar sedan
So sad
Ronin74 8 timmar sedan
Anastasia 8 timmar sedan
Japan is so much more than anime. I studied Japanese language and literature at uni and then i started to get annoyed at people who were just talking about anime. Like, do people know that Japan is the first country, which has the oldest huge philosophical novel written by woman? (Genji monogatari) so, so much more than anime and video games to know
samir isaacyuh
samir isaacyuh 8 timmar sedan
where can i read manga that’s a safe site without pop-ups (piracy ofc)
Xyzecher 8 timmar sedan
Nooewby The Stampede
Nooewby The Stampede 8 timmar sedan
I'd didnt know xiao knows Joey and Aki??!!
muzikology 101
muzikology 101 8 timmar sedan
5:52:26 for all you naruto fans
Hunk Wasbisyan
Hunk Wasbisyan 8 timmar sedan
The moment I first saw Tyson, I was pretty sure he’s tattoo was a Dragon 🐉.
FearingDeath 8 timmar sedan
4:36 what did she sayyyyyyyyyyy?
Ayrixelle 8 timmar sedan
6:31 sounds like finn from adventure time-
p.a.j. varma
p.a.j. varma 8 timmar sedan
The hero name in fire puch (agini) literally means fire in my language (telugu), what a coincidence
Đạt Falcon
Đạt Falcon 9 timmar sedan
14:44 is this wonder egg priority art?
RUMAH 9 timmar sedan
Wtf i dont know most of these names
Juan Christian
Juan Christian 9 timmar sedan
"That's a refreshing wank" -garnt 2021
Aída Pavón
Aída Pavón 9 timmar sedan
what a cool video
Shift 9 timmar sedan
Godddaamn lucky bastard...
The Probadger
The Probadger 9 timmar sedan
Okayyy I am adding some anime on my list to watch that never finished a single season
Kuro Kun
Kuro Kun 9 timmar sedan
It's inappropriate to wear dark glasses while having a conversation he took it off after he realised
dragon ball person
dragon ball person 9 timmar sedan
says hes a fan on one piece but doesn't now who roger is
hype dab spinners beans
hype dab spinners beans 9 timmar sedan
You've been reborn after 40 days of jojo
FireLeaf 9 timmar sedan
14:56 reddit mods getting some love in manga
JenPen 10 timmar sedan
That was such a sweet and innocent interview for a pornstar... like even her explanation for how she became a JAV actress...
Women_of_Culture 10 timmar sedan
If I was there, just remind me of Golzine and that he died so peacefully, I would annihilate everything in there thinking its all Golzine.
🖤ReikaTheReaper🖤 10 timmar sedan
Me: lol i have wanted to go to japan and has loved japan for almost my entire life this trend was made for me
Cubing Nub
Cubing Nub 10 timmar sedan
i like to think that the yakuza are the police of the night
Erick Kim
Erick Kim 10 timmar sedan
I’m surprised he didn’t talk to you about your sunglasses
da way Scoop
da way Scoop 10 timmar sedan
My top 3 favorite anime are 1: the quintessential quintuplets 2: k-on 3: Tonikawa
Mr. Crasher
Mr. Crasher 10 timmar sedan
soup store
soup store 10 timmar sedan
the ending to Uzumaki hurt :,))
Ash 10 timmar sedan
Re-zero was a show that gave me nightmares! I really really hated it with a passion but at the same loved it with a passion too!!!
JukesvG 10 timmar sedan
I can confidently say bokutachi no remake is better than re life
Ash 10 timmar sedan
Tbh I didn't really like konosuba all that much, I mean it was a really cool show but the comedy and animation didn't do it for me. Though the amount of people that liked it, I think it deserves the S rank but in my personal tier list I would put it at D
Ash 10 timmar sedan
I get that log horizon really broke down the game aspect of the show better than any other but that's what made the show boring for me, it was too much realistic world building imo The characters were unique but I wish the writers focused more on few specific characters instead of introducing tonnes of other irrelevant characters. Also the thing I found most annoying was that they showed this realistic vibe going around but the characters were no where realistic, they all acted so dramatic most of the time that it became cringey for me. IMO putting it at S rank is an insult to NGNL, Slime, Overlord, rezero and devil is a part timer. I would actually rate how not to summon a demon lord and in another world with my smarphone higher than log horizon
Fif 5t.
Fif 5t. 10 timmar sedan
I'm glad the other creators were appreciative of being a part of this, 'cause as a viewer midway I was like "Man, this is a dope video to be a part of." This was a brilliant video, Joey. Bravo.