Richard Sanders
Richard Sanders 2 minuter sedan
I liked DC-10-MD-11..
orbit the moon
orbit the moon Timme sedan
Japan seems (or already is) so far into the future than the rest of the world is. This invention of theirs, once finished, would probably lure in more foreigners than they already have. They've built so many things that the world has never even seen before. Systems that the rest have yet to learn. I would love to travel there someday and just admire the country's both brilliance and beauty. It isn't perfect but sure is a place to travel and see.
Ducky Timme sedan
Well united and boom supersonic are making supersonic air travel a thing again
D L Timme sedan
Trippe: the 747 is a weapon of peace! Air Force: We making a weapon today Trippe: No wait that’s not what I- Air Force: *I said we making a weapon today*
postlim Timme sedan
it looks like a thunderbird!
mohamad faizul
mohamad faizul 2 timmar sedan
Chariot Requiem
Chariot Requiem 2 timmar sedan
Phillip Garrow
Phillip Garrow 2 timmar sedan
We deal with Lockheed where I work on occasions they are a top of the line company quality is excellent they are out on the floor overseeing production and problem solving they work hand and hand with it's contractors
Camil Iamandescu
Camil Iamandescu 3 timmar sedan
Beautiful - and very instructive - video, as always from Mustard! Thank you for the effort and for all informations and also for perfect reconstructions.
tmnsoon 4 timmar sedan
Smithers, I designed a new plane, I call it the Spruce Moose!
tmnsoon 4 timmar sedan
How do propellers works at jet cruising altitudes? I thought the reason prop planes fly lower than jets is because the air is too thin for the props to be effective at high altitudes.
Jean-Pierre Le Vagabond
Jean-Pierre Le Vagabond 5 timmar sedan
Ah lalala, we are so good in France and the UK. We created the most iconic plane of History among others but most importantly we achieved in making Americans care about environmental problems
DyreFlyer 7 timmar sedan
God.. “The president might need to fly around in a FOREIGN aircraft!” … and?
realwarbeast 7 timmar sedan
Tu-144 was halted because main routes was above land, there you can't go supersonic speed due sonic boom and cities below, so it was pointless to use supersonic planes at all. About operational cost, you got twisted and bias perspective. Soviet industries was not designed to make profit. In case of flights, they can be purely non profitable, but population have access to affordable transport, so in this case they will reach destinations faster and easier, what directly or indirectly will boost efficiency of their job. I give you sample- let's imagine There is two mines, one efficiency below operational cost, other is higher. Local council planning and balancing budget, and make both mines operational, so people can maintain their jobs, wages, benefits, avoid unnecessary traveling. Btw, Miners was one of mist reputable and respectful jobs. Very high pay and a lot of social benefits.
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XD the captions said as chief not chef. LOL 😂
Denis S
Denis S 11 timmar sedan
Can't stop laughing from the anecdotal evidence and the comical appraisal of the events presented in the video!
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Safe & reliable? Don't bounce it on landing!
Si vis amari, ama.
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@2:05 You've got your Avro Tutor and Avro Tudor muddled up.
Viewer 13 timmar sedan
From an aesthetic perspective I’ve always loved tri-jet designs
BARK S63 13 timmar sedan
Ту полетел раньше конкорда,так кто у кого спиздил?
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5:18 omg this Connie landing! 💖
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the future was good till 2003 when they concordes stopped flying!! now we don't have supersonic flight!!
Guardias 17 timmar sedan
That was perhaps the worst segue I've ever seen for an advert.
Solowarrior1221 19 timmar sedan
The biggest issue with it is the superconducting magnets. We have yet to find a material that is superconductive at normal temperatures. The materials we do have we need to build expensive cooling systems for to keep them superconductive. If/when we find that wonder material though the cost of building these maglev systems will go down a lot.
K R 14 timmar sedan
Materials that maintain superconductivity at relatively high temperatures have recently been found. It can be cooled with liquid nitrogen, which is a significant cost reduction.
Сэмунд Мудрый
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Чё ты несеш там.? Транспорт анти гайдин ком фляш мастер энью Сэм. 😁Не понятно.
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Imagine being able to see a jet plane break the sound barrier twice and hear a sonic boom and complaining 😂 these people didn’t realise what they were watching
Timothy Duong
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3:50 alien technology be like
stonegames sm
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i mean. if it whoud be better it whoud have flown more then once
Uthael Kileanea
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Poor guy, died before he could realize his dream. Limited by time and money. His dream wasn't a selfish one and would benefit science and technology in years to come. Truly a shame. OH, WELL! At least B2-Spirit (my profile pic) made it into reality. And was proven so successful they went and re-engineered it for an upgrade. Now imagine an all-altitude amphibious stealth VTOL plane which could use that ground effect for fuel efficiency. It doesn't even have to be a bomber (>20t of payload btw). Make it a passenger plane. Or a cruiser for tourists with pervy things like opening the stealth surface to reveal transparent top and bottom, for watching the sky and sea surface. And even open that when stationary for docking of private aircraft and submarines.
MPerlatti 22 timmar sedan
Resistance is a drag
Skystalker 22 timmar sedan
Technically the 60 min rule only applies to flying of water. Hence why ETOPS (Extended range Twin engine operations) is colloquially known and Engines Turning Or Pilots Swimming and is only taught to pilot that are assigned oceanic routes.
Vasu GPS
Vasu GPS 23 timmar sedan
So our Indian trains cannot be even comparable than Japanese 60 years old trains 😂
Vasu GPS
Vasu GPS 12 timmar sedan
@K R Like our stagnated drainage systems
K R 14 timmar sedan
Construction of the high-speed railway that Japan is constructing in India is also stagnant.
Curtis Steele
Curtis Steele 23 timmar sedan
Love how this dude says "only" 8 elephants like that's not alot. It's not AS good .. but depending on the species of elephant... The average airplane can only carry up to 175,000. The African elephant times 8 is 104,000... So again... Not as good. But you make it sound like 8 elephants only equals 800 lbs lol just saying
Mr_Avgeek Dag sedan
Co-Pilot: *Can you imagine if one of those bombs fell out of the plane.* Pilot: *Yeah, that would be terrible* Meanwhile, below them: *growing explosion sounds*
Rowan Adam
Rowan Adam Dag sedan
0:08 to skip the dashlane thing
Enlightened Patriot
Enlightened Patriot Dag sedan
Great story - thanks. Proves the best ideas do not always make it.
Now China can make these.
Chayapol (Shane) Suesatayasilp
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me : mom , can we have a soviet bomber? mom : we already have a soviet bomber soviet bomber : Tupolev Tu114
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"A labor incident" in Iowa? Parts of a fan blade came apart.
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XC 0ASK THE DISYRICT MAMMANGER TO GIVE IT BACK TO HOSH - XXX'^_-UYOU|||{^0nosayestions.please.345.o._^
Maestro SRB
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And if you want to learn even more about F-117 Nighthawk, come to serbian village of Budjanovci... Sorry, we didnt know it was invisible.
wow coolrex
wow coolrex Dag sedan
K R 14 timmar sedan
Maglev in China has not yet run at 600 km / h. Anyone can announce their goals.
Caracrainn Dag sedan
This video is beautifully made, love the retro computer graphics.
Kaspo 108
Kaspo 108 Dag sedan
Can you make a video about the X-15? Great video BTW
JustCallMeMark Dag sedan
So your telling me that it could actually succeed, just put enough resources and energy to it?
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The burly whorl unsurprisingly blush because kayak prognostically cry before a noxious volleyball. homeless, uppity door
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simple answer: can't touch this
Kenneth Kyle De Luna
Kenneth Kyle De Luna Dag sedan
If the Concorde was a Wasp, this thing would be a Hornet.
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This Mustard YT channel is simply fantastic!
Brian Posey
Brian Posey Dag sedan
@11:18 yeah i see the I-400 down the pipeline.. just dont tell apple about it.
Ricky Tenderkiss
Ricky Tenderkiss Dag sedan
“[Its autopilot] could land the plane _at certain airports_ in completely blind, zero-visibility weather.” _Which_ “certain airports” and _why_ those certain airports?
S A N T A N U Dag sedan
737 Max 👉🏼
Gabriel Balon
Gabriel Balon Dag sedan
Honestly, I like Mustard's version of the Maglev than the current Japanese maglev. It looks lovely to me
Johan syah
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When America do their American things:
Doctor Whosit
Doctor Whosit Dag sedan
What few airlines have showed interest in the plane?
dollar tree lady
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I’m making my own
Jack Cares
Jack Cares Dag sedan
They should add this in gta XD but it would be useless
yancy vergara
yancy vergara Dag sedan
soivet made a ridiculous stuff but strong armor
Andrey Fateev
Andrey Fateev Dag sedan
Это конкорд - европейский Туполев!!!!!
Arch Archer
Arch Archer Dag sedan
I remember back in the day I played Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater on playstation 2 and I learned from that game what a ground effect vehicle was. I learned the concept there and then. Ah...good old times.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Dag sedan
The genius and creativity of the Russian people is unmatched. It is truely a shame their government is too corrupt and broke for any of it to become reality.
Egor Amaturova
Egor Amaturova Dag sedan
Back when Aircraft industry is creative and outside the box. Now the aircraft industry is extremely lazy, with nothing exotic anymore, just all the same boring jets. I kinda think if the Soviet union didnt fall, there would more exotic stuff for us to see.
cliff bird
cliff bird Dag sedan
flying boats were a god send during WWII. they flew out to pick up pilots that had been shot down over the sea. picked up crew of sunken ships and were the best sub hunters. Short Sunderlands based at calshot spit on southampton water and cowes Isle of wight flew out over the Atlantic looking for uboats. if they were on the surface they would drop bombs on them. if submerged they dropped depth charges on them. They could spot the uboats submerged down to 200 meters from the air without needing sonar. They told the Frigates and corvetes where the uboats were so they could join in the hunt. A lot of warships carried seaplanes to act as scouts and to guide the ships fire to its target. They would be launched from a ramp then when it was time to land they landed on the sea and were winched back onto the ship. As most ships could fire further than they could see the planes were used to extend the range the ships could see. it was coastal command flying boats and sea planes that found the Bismark and guided the Royal navy to where it was.
Creative Engineer
Creative Engineer Dag sedan
I always wondered what that thing was but I only found on image of it. This video helps alot
Callisto45 Dag sedan
United airlines is developing a new concord. It will be pretty cool
andy99ish Dag sedan
A TU-144 cargo version (3:55) ? Absurdity of communism was boundless.
FatCatGotHot Dag sedan
YES!! Just Yes! I was aware of the VVA-14 before, but never would have even hoped to find it on your channel. How cool ist that?!
hector herbert
hector herbert Dag sedan
Then came the Concorde.(hold my beer).
Mardiker Mardiker
Mardiker Mardiker Dag sedan
The reason of design and production of ekranoplanes was very simple. Our country (SU) had a huge territory. And we needed to find effective and economical ways for delivering people or cargo through the long distances. But since this territory had a lot of water spaces like rivers and lakes, it was reasonable to utilize them for achieving these purposes. Then our engineers began to work on ekranoplane like a machine able to implement all above-mentioned tasks.
Mac Dag sedan
The carrier version looks like something straight out of Command & Conquer. Very cool.
Toonses 2 dagar sedan
Of all my 62 years. I've only fly one time. That was on a DC10 flight.
Alex Ander
Alex Ander 2 dagar sedan
Over 60 years later with modern engines, composites & computing...think what is possible.
Vighnesh Kannan
Vighnesh Kannan 2 dagar sedan
this is the same concept as a gyrocopter right?
Skystalker 2 dagar sedan
14 plus the two they lost in the canadian rookies with the lost of a B36 Peacemaker
HK's flight simulations
HK's flight simulations 2 dagar sedan
Love ur content.