Adhiraj Singh Shekhawat
Adhiraj Singh Shekhawat 18 timmar sedan
Some sikhs will always remember 1984 and won't forget it but actually what you people should also remember is killings of Nirankaris and Hindus before 1984 from 1977 to 1983 by your Idol Jarnail singh sant(Khalistani) but I am assure of my sikh brothers that they are part of India and will remain so anyhow. Wmk Jai hind Jai shree Ram🚩
Basit Mojid
Basit Mojid 18 timmar sedan
Last year we had Australia now Turkey. Hope they get it under control.
mark t
mark t 18 timmar sedan
Great something else we have to pay for!!
khawar hussain
khawar hussain 18 timmar sedan
*Why news not report afghan government using Indian helicopters to bomb civilian hospital today*
Sabrula Khans
Sabrula Khans 18 timmar sedan
How is supporting the Taliban🦴... I will tell you the truth BBC. UK and USA and Pakistan.
andreas Irakleous
andreas Irakleous 18 timmar sedan
American and it allies cant defeat taliban in 20 yearss how this shitty incompetent afghan army beat them sooner or later taliban will make the govt thats the bitter truth thats why all the world powers try to negotitate wid them cause they know in future they have to deal with taliban usa and nato lost this war lol
Franklin Payero
Franklin Payero 18 timmar sedan
To save your own life, they have to pay? Oh my God.
VAgirl F.
VAgirl F. 18 timmar sedan
Keep your dirty money ! 🤢 Americans are done with your crap 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Tota khail
Tota khail 18 timmar sedan
🇦🇫😥😥How shame 🇺🇸🇺🇸 #ManzoorPashteen the #suicidebomb & #Terrorist producer #waziristan drone them, whole nation r Terrorrists. 🇦🇫🇦🇫problem solve
stoufer2000 18 timmar sedan
Have any of the conceptions been immaculate yet?
Chicken C.D.C. Little
Chicken C.D.C. Little 18 timmar sedan
15 Reasons to Decline The Vaccine: * Logical Deduction * Knowledge of History * Mistrust of Government * Maker Immunity * Side Effects * Breakthrough Cases * CDC’s failure to track/reveal breakthrough data * Bill of Rights * Healthy Immune System * MSM’s Peddling of Propaganda * Booster Shot(s) * Wuhan “Connection” w/ W.H.O., Fauci, etc… * 98% Survival Rate * Liberal Government’s Marxist Trojan Horse * Number of health workers not vaccinated
Jamal Rashid
Jamal Rashid 18 timmar sedan
No news about Afghanistan situation can be considered authentic until Afghan Mujahedeen also give their statement that why and what they want to do? Without Afghan Mujahedeen statement news must be considered as propaganda against Taliban. The reason for this is, America surrendered unconditionally back in February 2020 to Afghan Mujahedeen not Afghan government. Now America running full media campaign against Afghan Taliban around the world. If Afghan Taliban was that bad why America surrendered to them in the first place. If America was sincere to leave Afghanistan, why America did not call Afghan government in the talks in Doha? America used most sophisticated advance weapons against Afghan people and killed 2.5 million Afghani civilians, but couldn't get victory. How America and Europe expect that Afghan government can fight and win with Americans leftovers. This is how media make people fool. This is how media inject their thoughts into our minds. This is how hero become zero in one blink of eye.
stoufer2000 18 timmar sedan
Never mind. I'm certain the government can borrow the money from the federal reserve or somewhere. To pay idiots. None of these people have watched Spock on star trek thinking of the many, not the few.
finster909 18 timmar sedan
Proven fact that the election was STOLEN so puppet Biden could transform USA into a socialist third world country. Trump 2024.
Tristan Leigh
Tristan Leigh 18 timmar sedan
Western media wants us to depose Russia , Chechnya and any other country that doesn’t think like America
Dee Mcclelland
Dee Mcclelland 18 timmar sedan
I’m just home for turkey it is crazy
Redwan Sarker
Redwan Sarker 18 timmar sedan
They were protesting for water you dont need to kill them!!
Sandip Kharade
Sandip Kharade 18 timmar sedan
If you look closely her shadow it will cut into half. Its a fake video. Stupid BBC.
Risha Moni
Risha Moni 18 timmar sedan
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Risha Moni
Risha Moni 18 timmar sedan
Since the day I started dealing with 247extratech🪐COM site I know have change a lot that really help me to become financial stable inside and out.... you have bee n my life saver:) thank you so much *247extratech🪐COM* I will always recommend you to all my mate in USA.
T Nunn
T Nunn 18 timmar sedan
WTF is a "Disease Chief"???!!?!?!?
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 18 timmar sedan
1🇯🇲 2🇯🇲 3🇯🇲
Eugene Hicks
Eugene Hicks 18 timmar sedan
Should I get vaccinated, so my Vaccinated Neighbors can Feel more safe.. or should I Not vaccinate myself and my family so that We feel more Safe..... Decisions, decisions, decisions. 🤔😱😳
ǝoǝ 18 timmar sedan
I hate being white. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my roots but not being able to stick up for myself is really affecting me. I’m not allowed to state my opinion. I’m not allowed to stick up for myself. I’m not allowed support what I want. I’m not allowed to wear what I want. I didn’t choose to be white… why do I have to follow all of these silly liberal rules. I genuinely want to kill myself because of it. I don’t want my life if I can’t even stick up for myself. Apparently black people are the only ones that receive discrimination. So all of the discrimination I receive as a Polish person living in the UK doesn’t count? All of the xenophobia? I’ve actually received so much more xenophobia from black people living in Britain than actual British people. I’m not allowed to stick up for myself because if I did, I’d get called a racist. I hate this life.
Kay Moh
Kay Moh 18 timmar sedan
Rowan Atkinson lookalike.
Raven Rav
Raven Rav 18 timmar sedan
i'm waiting for the incentive ( you won't be able to buy or sell without the mark )
Neha Kulkarni
Neha Kulkarni 18 timmar sedan
smiler 18 timmar sedan
"there's a heated debate". Dude....
Jordan pongos
Jordan pongos 18 timmar sedan
Mans desperate to get America vaccinated
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle 18 timmar sedan
Thoughts and prayers to Turkey and chickens... ... right I’ve done my bit!
meatpie Manchester
meatpie Manchester 18 timmar sedan
so who care
BASHIR SAMAILA 18 timmar sedan
Kudos to *Neiltools* at Instagram for helping resolve my sextortion issues he's amazing fast and reliable
christoph paessler
christoph paessler 18 timmar sedan
pacta sunt servanda! IMHO 15-20M is already a big, big payment, but on the other hand, if disney promised a theatrical release and participation with Box office and and they didn t negotiated this w ms Johansson; this would be not oke.
Robert Marks
Robert Marks 18 timmar sedan
exactly this was the race everybody was waiting for i was jumping and screaming for Elaine Thompson, love you . Elaine Thompson our crew back in Trinidad and Tobago are so happy we bet big on you . I know u were going to retain you crown.
Kobinho 18 timmar sedan
"It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism"
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
ตำแหน่งเดิม ทำไป
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
คาดโทษ ลาติน ทำจนกว่าสำเร็จ หลายร้อยปีแล้ว
teroshki 18 timmar sedan
"This is Myanmar, don't catch you slippin now"
Ahmad Maulana I
Ahmad Maulana I 18 timmar sedan
When people at eu and usa bitching about vaccine here we at asia and africa dying waiting for it.
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
ฮาพบวค สเปน
Omar Castro1313
Omar Castro1313 18 timmar sedan
I'll take free money.😁🤠
Joe John
Joe John 18 timmar sedan
Shut up Joe !! Do something off the border now !!! U Fraud
Health-Agri-Movie-KH 18 timmar sedan
After Covid is flood, oh God.
Malalay Rahmanzai
Malalay Rahmanzai 18 timmar sedan
The people got rid of him because they were paid by Arab countries and Israel and America to overthrow Mohammad Morsi.
Flannel 18 timmar sedan
They're really trying, aren't they?
Jean Raphaël
Jean Raphaël 18 timmar sedan
This was bound to happen, what is astonishing, some of the Afghans men are doing nothing to save their countries
Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy
Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy 18 timmar sedan
I like mushrooms
Empty Throne
Empty Throne 18 timmar sedan
The alliance Hungary - Turkey is doing well, it's their country it's their laws, EU is forcing its messed up values on others, the Hungarian people deserve to choose their government, and it's their right to make laws that they like.
Jason Lane
Jason Lane 18 timmar sedan
I’ve seen this
BugByte 18 timmar sedan
I like how the care about the costal resort is more important than a literal ecosystem being destroyed by a natural disaster.
sadakotube 18 timmar sedan
Why hire people who are easily affected as content filtering staff? If they can't take the heat, are they really the people you want to hire for the job?
BOEING 747 FLIGHT 18 timmar sedan
Imperator Vespasian
Imperator Vespasian 18 timmar sedan
that dude needs an award for staying at his post to report when the American's have run away
Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy
Rikbud1_googlemail/moc My addy 18 timmar sedan
So wot is "R" number ?
Butthead 18 timmar sedan
Vaccines don't stop you getting the virus, and vaccinated people are being told they have wear face masks - two things Biden in the past has said wouldn't happen. So why should people that don't want to participate in a mass medical experiment participate if they're young & healthy?
Butthead 18 timmar sedan
@Got Dayum I've had both jabs, but am in an at risk group so am willing to take the chance on an experimental medicine - that's my choice. But if you're young and healthy, taking experimental medicines for a virus that poses little threat is not necessarily wise and is their choice. Sadly many people aren't even made aware the vaccines are experimental with the long-term effects totally unknown, with anybody who doesn't want to participate called 'stupid, ignorant, neanderthals'
Got Dayum
Got Dayum 18 timmar sedan
You're absolutely right. You definitely shouldn't get the vaccine.
Daemonas 18 timmar sedan
lets hope the kids don't end up looking ugly like the rest of the jonsons
LordMightyTrousers 18 timmar sedan
Hahaha! Burn, let the world BURN! In our petty squabbling, our hatred and devision, we have earned this. This age of man ends in fire, we will all BURN 🤣🤣🤣
Kobinho 18 timmar sedan
Don't know why you're laughing mate you're here too
Roy Taylor
Roy Taylor 18 timmar sedan
Wow, woman pregnant ... breaking news.
4 Raven
4 Raven 18 timmar sedan
Biden was asked by a reporter about the border. He said, and I swear this is what he said. He said “I just got my butt wiped.” That was his exact words. OMG!! 🤭
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
มันตีกันทำไม แขก
RP Mimi
RP Mimi 18 timmar sedan
#fuckrussia #fuckazerbaijan
robotron17 18 timmar sedan
$100 to not be alive in a couple of years? Pass.
Blaze Crawford
Blaze Crawford 18 timmar sedan
Do you still think your government is looking out for your best interests or do you think your government wants you dead?
Jack Cains
Jack Cains 18 timmar sedan
It’s just like what happened in Australia
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
Myles Keep-stothard
Myles Keep-stothard 18 timmar sedan
The finger pointing and scapegoating begins. The idiot Lyse Doucet: "Who is the military genius behind the Taliban's victories?". What you should be blaming is the military and political incompetence of the United States for the last 20 years to think you could just waltz into Afghanistan and recreate the country in your own arrogant image.
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
ถือครองนิวเคลียร์ ถือไป
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan
RP Mimi
RP Mimi 18 timmar sedan
Tara Kosha
Tara Kosha 18 timmar sedan
So sad, it must be heart breaking for the people of Turkey. Honestly, my heart aches for the people. However, I wonder if they can feel the pain of the Kurdish people in Afrin when Turkish troops burned thousands of olive trees in Afrin, Rojava and destroyed over 4000 Kurdish villages.
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย
สมบัติ แซ่เตีย 18 timmar sedan